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Complete Guide to Growing the Peace Lily

Peace Lily-peace-lily-care
Peace Lily

The peace lily is a beautiful plant that has large glossy green leaves and elegant milk-white flowers that is showy. This tropical evergreen is in a genus of about 40 species. The peace lily or spathiphyllum is a monocotyledon that belongs to the Araceae family and is native to southeastern Asia and the Americas.

Peace lilies as history records were introduced to Europe in 1870, the peace lily is a common house plant and is used on the interior not only for beautification but also to purify the air making it clean for us. I have worked with the peace lily over the years on so many interior plantscape projects and have seen what they can do. These garden plants are amazing and can bring enhancement to just about any area, for more on the growth and the care of the peace lily plant continue reading.

The planting location

If installing peace lilies outdoors and directly into the ground place in a location that is shaded from the sun because the leaves will burn and become crispy very easily. When planting peace lilies give them a spacing of 2-3 feet for proper air circulation.

The soil type

The soil type should be a good garden soil that is loamy, adding peat moss will help with holding moisture.

Watering your peace lily

Peace lilies are known as a high maintenance plant which means that the soil should stay moist at all times, neglecting to do this will cause the leaves to wilt but once watered the leaves will erect again. If the condition is prolonged where your peace lily wilts and you neglect to give water your peace lily will die. So ensure that your peace lily gets the required amount of water, waterlogged soil, however, will encourage root rot.

Fertilizing your peace lily

A slow-release fertilizer like osmocote or a water-soluble fertilizer such as 20-20-20 will keep your peace lily growing healthy and vibrant.

Garden insect pests of peace lilies

Keep an eye out for these garden insect pests.

Peace Lily-peace-lily-care
Peace Lily
  • Scales
  • Mealybugs
  • Aphids
  • Spider mites


Scale insects cause yellowing and browning of the leaves if these garden pests go unchecked your peace lily will deteriorate. Scales remain motionless on garden plants sucking the plant’s fluids. The use of insecticidal soap or wiping them off your peace lily with a clean cloth dipped in soapy water will bring control.


Mealybugs are also sucking insects that do damage as scales, mealybugs are covered with a white cottony substance and if observed moves very slowly especially when disturbed. Follow the same procedure of elimination as with scales.


Aphids are pear-shaped insects and do the same damage as listed pests, eliminate them by using methods as discussed.

Spider mites

Spider mites are tiny insects that are hard to spot, to know if your peace lily is affected by these garden insect pests look for spider webs. Another test is to hold a white sheet of paper under the leaves and shake. You will notice tiny dots moving around on the sheet of paper, you may also feel them crawling around on your hand. Follow the same example of elimination as listed above.

Peace lily plant diseases

The most common issue with peace lilies is root rot, although the soil of peace lilies are to be kept moist overwatering will encourage this disease. If your peace lily shows signs of wilting because the soil is waterlogged, allow the soil to dry, if peace lily is growing in a container then remove your peace lily sterilize the container with bleach and water followed by adding fresh clean potting soil then replant your lily plant.

Where to install peace lilies?

1. Place peace lilies in containers and place the containers on the interior.

2. Place container-grown peace lily on either side of your main door entrance provided they are shaded from the sun.

3. Place container on a porch, patio, balcony, or deck in a shaded spot.

4. Install your peace lilies in a circular design around the truck of trees that has good shade to protect them ( peace lily ) from the direct sunlight.

Growing peace lilies in containers

When growing peace lilies in containers ensure that the container is large enough to house your plant. The container should have drain holes for water drainage. The soil should be loamy soil or a good potting soil mix with peat moss, place a saucer under the container to collect water once it drains after giving your peace lily a drink. The container should be placed in an area out of direct sunlight, fertilize and treat for insect pests as stated above.

Growing peace lilies indoors

Indoor grown peace lilies should be placed in an area that gets indirect bright light, exposing them to direct light whether sunlight or a well lite room will cause the leaves to burn to a crisp. The room temperature should be at least 55 degrees.

Growing peace lilies in hanging baskets

Growing peace lilies in hanging baskets is a great way to garden above the ground, when growing these lilies from a hanging basket the dwarf lilies are ideal. There are two ways this can be done, place a piece of plastic inside the bottom of the basket next place a saucer in the basket keep your peace lily in the grower’s pot and place the pot in the sauce. Fill in the sides with storiform and add Spanish moss.

Another way this can be done is to place a piece of plastic in the basket covering the entire bottom next add potting soil, filling about a quarter of the pot next remove peace lily from the grower’s pot and place it in the basket now backfill the basket with soil covering the entire root ball then cover the soil with Spanish moss or bark nugget.

Growing peace lilies in aquariums

This method of growing peace lilies from a fish tank is not new but has been around for some time. Ensure that the fish aquarium or the fishbowl is large enough for your betta fish to have room to swim.

Ensure that your bowl aquarium is clean, if not then clean the fishbowl with warm soapy water once cleaned rinse it thoroughly with fresh water. Next, add colorful rocks, marbles, or shells about an inch will do.

The peace lily that is chosen should not be large but has a root system that is well developed and can easily fit into your fishbowl aquarium. The diameter of the root ball should be smaller than the fish tank.

Remove the peace lily from the grower’s pot and shake gently to remove the soil that is attached to the root ball. Next place the root ball under running water to remove the remainder of the soil. What you want to do next is to create a plastic lid, this lid will support your peace lily.

With a sharp craft knife or scissors trim the plastic tray just enough to fit snug into the opening of the aquarium so it doesn’t fall through.

Cut a small hole in the center of the plastic, the roots of your peace lily will go through this hole as it dangles in the water. Add additional smaller holes around the plastic try for oxygen to get to your betta fish.

Next fill the bowl with water leaving a few inches of space between the top of the water and the opening for proper airflow, adding dechlorinated drops to the water will help in removing chlorine. Wait for a few minutes and then add your betta fish.

Choose a betta fish that is not too large, care for your beta fish by giving them betta fish food. Change the water in your aquarium at least once a week along with cleaning the roots.

Deadheading peace lilies

The flowers of the peace lily will bloom for about a month or a little longer after that the flower will begin to fade. Remove faded flower stock from the base with a hand pruner. General cleaning of your peace lily may be needed as well, remove leaves that have turned yellow or brown. Peace lilies bloom during the spring.

Additional Information

When installing the peace lily plant indoors ensure they are out of reach of dogs and cats because these plants are toxic to them.

Not only will the leaves drupe if the soil is too dry but the edges and tips of the leaves will also turn brown.

The final word on peace lilies

The peace lily is an amazing plant, I have worked with these garden beauties over the years and have never been disappointed with their performance. This elegant plant can work wonders for you as they display their white flower stock that is showy, the flower bloom is a show stopper if this is the plant for you then go ahead and give the peace lily a try you will be happy with the results that you get as you bring that much need flavor into your gardens and interior plantscape.


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