Peppermint Use and Benefits

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The Power of Peppermint

Mint herb-peppermint-use-and-benefits
Mint Herb

As a child growing up peppermint was used by my parents to take away gas pains. I remembered my mom or dad would bring a cup of water to boil, add about a teaspoon of peppermint, along with a few sprinkles of black pepper and sugar and give it to me to drink.

In our home, we called it peppermint tea and it really did work wonders. Peppermint has a cooling effect and a pleasant taste with a nice aroma. Well, that was my childhood days and even to this day peppermint has not lost its touch.

peppermint is still used and enjoyed by many people worldwide. Peppermint comes from the peppermint plant, I was so amazed years ago when I found this out that a plant could produce such a pleasant odor as peppermint. To learn more about how to grow a  peppermint plant follow this link.

My mother-in-law grew this plant in her yard also the five-star resort that I worked for many years ago grew this plant as part of their garden feature. At first, it was pretty strange to see a plant that had the aroma of peppermint but I was also excited at the same time.

Some products that contain peppermint

Here are a few products that contain peppermint

1. Peppermint gums and candies are a great breath freshener.

2. Peppermint tea bags can be used to relieve gas pains.

3. Peppermint is also used to make Jelly.

4. Peppermint mouthwash not only freshens your breath but also kills germs.

5. Some products that contain peppermint does not only cleanse your skin but has a cooling effect.

6. Peppermint foot treatments.

7. Peppermint hand creams.

8. Peppermint soaps.

9. Peppermint flavoring for meat.

10. Peppermint sprays.

These are just a few of the products that contain peppermint.

Peppermint benefits

l. Freshen your breath.

2. Relieves gas pain.

3. Studies have shown that the aroma of peppermint can increase memory.

4. Peppermint can help to fight diarrhea.

5. Peppermint can help to relieve headaches.

6. Inhaling peppermint can help to clear a clogged nasal passage.

7. It can help to stop the vomiting and settle the stomach.

8. Studies have shown that peppermint can help fight against herpes.

9. Peppermint can help to relieve coughs and colds.

10. Peppermint sprays can keep rodents and insects out of your house and garden areas.

11. It helps to reduce fever.

12. Peppermint has also been known as an immune booster.

These are some of the benefits of the power of peppermint.

The final word

Peppermint does not only have a beautiful aroma and taste but its healing effects are awesome, If you have never tried peppermint products before then I encourage you to try these products that have so many benefits.


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16 thoughts on “Peppermint Use and Benefits”

  1. Wow! I didn’t realize that peppermint had so many uses! The one I like the most is that it helps reduce fevers. Having been prone to fevers since a young age, I’ve always tried to use “natural” methods to reduce them, using drugs as a last resort. I will now add peppermint to that arsenal of natural methods. Thanks!

    • Hello Tony so nice to meet you and yes the power of peppermint is so awesome. I am glad that I could help. Thanks for sharing your story, all the best and have a good day.

  2. Hello,

    First of all, let me tell you that I really enjoy your domain name because it related to the most beautiful gifts that nature can offer to man! Second, your review of peppermint just amazed me because I didn’t know that it had all these properties, from physical ailments to mental well being! Truly, nature has everything we need to heal and be in shape. It makes me think that I need to learn about natural remedies again. Thank you for your very informative post.


    • Hello angelce903 it is so nice to meet you and thanks a million for those kind words. Yes nature has some of the most beautiful gifts to offer us and the best part is when we go the natural way, we don’t have to worry about any side effects. Thanks for commenting, I am glad that I could help, have a good day.

  3. Great review for peppermint benefits! I’ve used peppermint as a home remedy myself and still do to this day. Like yourself, it started with my parents giving me peppermint in water when I was sick. It always helped when I had a cold and worked wonders with indigestion. Great post!

    • Hello Joey it is so good to meet you. Peppermint has been around for a long time because of how beneficial it is and I can see that peppermint is not new to you, it is good to know that we both know the power of peppermint. Thanks for commenting, all the best to you and have a good day.

  4. Hi Norman,
    I love peppermint and have grown it in every garden at every house I’ve ever lived in. My favorite now is Chocolate Peppermint. It has dark stems, and it really does taste like candy! Makes my iced tea delish!
    The only difficulty I’ve had growing it is that it tends to spread like crazy, and it gets into everything else that’s growing around it. Sometimes I don’t mind because I get the scent when I’m weeding, but it pops up in the weirdest places. Any suggestions on how to keep it contained besides putting it in a pot?

    • Hello Suzi, so good to meet you and thanks for commenting. Peppermint is a unique herb that works wonders. It is a know fact sad to say that this plant is and aggressive plant that can take over your garden area. A suggestion would be to place a barrier around them to contain them. The barrier is know as edging. Dig a shallow trench around area where mint plant are an place edging in trench, cover the bottom or sides with soil. Leave about an inch or two above soil surface

      To keep mint confined to this planting area. you can find this barrier at you garden center or plant nursery. Hope this help and please let me know how it goes. Have a good day.

  5. Hey Norman

    It is a pleasure to read your articles as I am a huge fan of natural remedies and try to use them whenever possible. So it is great to learn new things as I was not aware of so many benefits of peppermint. What amazed me the most is that peppermint can be used to fight herpes. Would it be possible to get some more information on this? I have been fighting herpes as long as I remember myself but haven’t tried peppermint so far. What are the instructions? Perhaps this is the right remedy for me.

    • Hello Arta peppermint I so amazing and can work wonders. Sorry to hear about your issue. I will send you and email on how to go about this. Thanks for sharing and I am glad that I could help. Have a good day.

  6. Hey Norman,

    A few months ago my family was living with my aunt and uncle, and on their property we found a patch of wild mint. I don’t know if it was peppermint, but it was some kind of mint, perhaps spearmint.

    Anyway, I and my brother made a cup of tea from that mint almost every night just by plucking a leaf or two off the plants (which were right outside our door) and putting them into hot water. Just as easy as making tea from a bag, except way healthier. We didn’t have any health problems of course so we didn’t notice any of the mint’s potential healing properties, but the tea was definitely very soothing.

    Do you think other mints have similar healing properties to peppermint?

    • Hello Holden it is so good to hear from you, That is an amazing story of wild mint. Peppermint has such healing benefits that it is so amazing, There are different brands of peppermint tea that has its set of benefits even though it comes from the mint family.

      So you can get benefit from them all. Hope this helps, all the best to you.

  7. My Mom always grew peppermint and I remember walking by it and the fresh minty scent.
    I love peppermint tea and also use a foot cream with some in it. I find it soothing as it cools my feet.

    I didn’t realize all the products that contain peppermint, or the benefits. I followed your link on how to grow it and was impressed with the information on the whole page.

    This is a very informative read with lots of great ways to use it. Thank you.

    • Hello Pasty it is so good to meet you, Peppermint is pretty amazing and has so many benefits. Thanks a million for sharing your story with me, I am glad that I could help. All the best to you and have a good day.

  8. Wow! What an informative, jam-packed full of information site! I really enjoyed your articles and ideas on gardening, Xeriscaping is fascinating! Who knew! Fresh content, ideas and information. I also didn’t know there was so many uses for peppermint! We as a society have lost the ability to utilize all of our food for perfect health and vitality, so your articles teach us a lot! Keep up the great work!

    • Hello T & C it is so good to meet you, I am so happy that I could help and thanks a million you made my day with your kiind words. I am glad that I could help, all the best to you and have a good day.


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