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Tips for Growing the Pink Muhly Grass

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Pink Muhly Grass

A grass that I have found to be very unique is the pink muhly grass. This ornamental beauty is a native of North America which has an amazing color that is so inviting. When in full bloom the muhly grass produces a pink color that is showy, I remember seeing this color many years ago and was very impressed with this display. Not to be in a rush however because the muhly grass produces this color only during the colder months so be patient because this beautiful display of pink is worth the wait.

Once the colder months have passed the muhly grass will once again become light green not to worry though because before you can blink your eyes the muhly grass will once again show off its pink color which I think is pretty cool. At our international airport, many of these grasses can be seen but wintertime is the high light of these grasses with dazzling rows of pink that can get the attention of anyone.

What I also love about this grass is the style in which it grows with its puff of soft flowers as they sway so gently in the winter’s breeze. This is truly a sight to behold so get in on the action as you enjoy this beautiful display of pink by installing them in your garden and landscapes which will bring that, WOW being the admiration of both friends and neighbors.

But how can I have success with the growth and care of this grass? good question, just take a trip with me as we take a closer look at this amazing ornamental grass which is breathtaking.

Planting Location

When installing the muhly grass look for an area that gets full sunlight to partial shade. The muhly grass can get up to 3 ft or a little taller with a spread of 3 ft in diameter.

Soil Type

The soil type for this ornamental grass should be well-drained soil. The use of organic soil mix will help with drainage.

Watering  Methods

When first planted water your muhly grass once or twice a week depending on the weather. Once this grass has established they basically are drought tolerant. The muhly grass can survive on very little water.

Fertilizing Methods

Fertilizer your muhly grass every spring with a liquid feed fertilizer. Ensure that the fertilizer is half strength to avoid plant root burn.

Garden insect pest of the pink muhly grass

Garden insect pest of the muhly grass.

What’s so amazing about this grass is that it has very few issues when it comes to insect pests making the muhly grass a must for your gardens and landscapes. The only insect you might come across is mealy bugs. These garden insect pests are small insects that are covered with a white to grayish cottony mass.

To treat this problem the use of insecticidal soap or horticultural oils will bring these garden insect pests under control.

Diseases of the pink muhly grass

The good news again about this grass is that when it comes to diseases it is little to none. Remember this grass once established is drought tolerant so stay clear of overwatering this plant which can lead to root rot.

Some ideas on where to install them

Here are just a few places to install the muhly grass.

  • These grasses look great planted along a fish pond
  • Can be used as a colorful backdrop in a garden bed
  • Use them along a border
  • looks great planted alongside a building
  • What about installing them along a wall
  • Planting them along a fence is a great idea
  • A garden walking pathway makes the perfect spot
  • Can be planted on either side of a driveway giving sufficient space from the driveway as they gracefully fall
  • Install these grasses in containers and the containers can be placed on your porch or patio

Container grown muhly grass

Planting muhly grass in containers is a pretty amazing way to garden because these types of gardens provide you with the advantage of moving your grass from one location to the next in times of adverse conditions. When installing muhly grass in containers ensure that the container has drain holes to allow excess water to drain.

The soil type must be well-drained soil because muhly grass hates wet feet. Fertilize with a slow-release or liquid feed fertilizer and follow directions according to the manufacturer’s label. Keep your muhly grass somewhat on the dry side. After watering allow the soil to dry out a bit before giving your muhly grass another drink of water. Place the container in full sun-partially shaded areas.

Additional Information

1. For an eye-popping effect install muhly grasses in masses, this grouping of muhly grass works wonders. When planting muhly grasses in groups give a spacing of 2 ft for proper air circulation.

2. The seeds are eaten by wildlife including Songbirds.

3. The muhly grass is also deer resistant so no need to worry about deers making a meal out of your grass.

Grouping with other plants

1. When installing with other garden plants in a plant bed give a spacing of 2-3 feet for a more clean and polished look.

2. Because these grasses are drought tolerant once establish keep in mind not to water them as you would other plants.

3. With a sharp pruner or hedge shears keep your muhly grass nicely trimmed to maintain its natural appearance. Pruning procedures should be carried out after the bloom period.

4. When pruning the leaves should be removed from the base of the plant, take out the entire leaf for a more natural look.

The final word

The Muhly grass is an ornamental grass that I recommend. This garden beauty will surely light up your garden with its beautiful pink display. This grass has also found its way on the list of plants that can bring that much-needed flavor so why not give the muhly grass a try and see the wonders it will bring to your garden and landscape areas.


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