Plant a Cutting Garden

How to Plant a Cut and Grow Garden

Zinnia Garden Flowers

Why give your outdoor garden all of the attention when you can bring nature indoors with an array of colorful flower bloom grown with your very own hands from your home garden?

Your interior deserves just as much attention as your outdoor living space that can provide lasting memories with splashes here and there with different shades of colors creating an amazing setting that is both peaceful and inviting. If you desire such experience then continue reading as we discuss and show step by step how easy it is to plant a cut and grow garden.

Start with a plan

The first step in deciding to create a cut and grow garden is to start with a plan.

  • The planting location
  • The soil type for your garden
  • Planting your garden
  • Grouping flowers
  • Your flower cuttings

The planting location

The planting location should be an area that gets plenty of sunlight, your cut and grow garden don’t have to be limited to your backyard. The planting area can be just about anywhere that has a wide enough space with lots of sunlight. In front of the yard is an excellent spot, the side of the fence where sunlight can get through is another place to plant a cutting garden. What about the sides of your house? a huge driveway that has plenty of space on both sides will do. There is really no set rule for a planting area except if the area gets plenty of sunlight and is wide enough to install a few varieties of flowering plants.

The soil type for your garden

Good garden soil is one of the key elements at the root of having a successful garden program, your choice of soil should accommodate your plant’s needs. The soil that’s chosen should have good water absorption as well as drainage. As a rule to follow it’s best to add compost or organics to help improve the health of your garden soil. These organics will improve your soil making it ideal for your flowering plants.

Planting your garden

When planting install in rows, the rows should be wide enough for easy access to weed, water, fertilize, thin plants, and deadheading plants.

Grouping flowers

A mistake that so many persons make is grouping plants together that have different requirements when this happens one plant will suffer at the expense of the other. For example, if you group plants together that have different watering needs can become a big issue so when planting group plants with the same watering needs which will ensure the health of your plants along with making your time and money worth the investment.


Mulching is optional but it will help to suppress weeds making managing your garden easier. Sheets of wet newspaper or shredded leaves will work fine.

Harvesting your flower cuttings

You have done your job and watched your flowering plants grow into healthy beautiful bloom now it’s time to bring some of them indoors to beautify. You have an abundance of flowers at your fingertips with shades of colors, fragrances, and texture.

The best time to remove cuttings from your garden is during the coolest part of the day, take along with you a bowl of tepid water to place your cuttings in once removed from the plant. This practice will preserve your cuttings when indoors. The use of a floral preservative is additional help that will cause your cuttings to last longer indoors.

Take full advantage of your cut and grow garden you have invested the time and money so you deserve it.

Deadheading Procedures

As your flowers mature you will notice that flowers will begin to fade, this is a normal process with flowering plants.  This fading of flowers is and an indication that your plant is putting its energy into setting seeds. To correct this issue remove the faded flowers by pinching them with your fingers or with a hand pruner.  Once the faded blooms are removed your plants will shift into a new gear of becoming more thicker or full and will begin to produce new flower buds giving another set of beautiful healthy bloom.

Names of just a few flowering plants for a cut and garden


Advantages of cut and grow gardens

If you are not convinced as yet here are just a few reasons why planting cut and grow gardens are a good investment.

1. Why spend money at a floral shop when you can save that money by investing in your very own cutting and grow garden.

2. Have an abundance of flowers at your fingertips.

3. Grow a variety of flowers.

4. Studies have shown that working in a garden can benefit both physically and mentally.

5. Boost your curb appeal with an abundance of flower bloom in mass variety that will cause your property to stand out increasing its value.

6. Experiment with different arrangements on the interior.

7.  Start a part-time business selling your cuttings to local floral shops.

The final word on cut and grow gardens

From what we have discussed and from what you have seen it is clear that it’s quite easy to create a cut and grow garden. These gardens are pretty amazing and will have your garden and landscape bursting with an array of flower bloom that will get the attention of family, neighbors, and friends.

Cut and grow gardens are being enjoyed by so many homeowners and you can have the same experience to by investing in this garden type so join the many from around the country as you create a garden paradise to enjoy. With that said let’s get started on your cut and grow garden you will be so happy that you did as you reap the benefits.


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  1. Hi! I just love your website and all the knowledge you provide. I am Living in North of Norway and we have short summers with sun up all night. I have used to plant Iris, lavander and roses. What type of other plants do you advice me to combine with them? I also have canadian Bamboo plants. However they are growing and spreading fast. Do you have any suggestion to what i can do to reduce the spreading?

    • Hello so good to meet you and thanks so much for your kind words, some plants that maybe suited to your zone or region may include polar cress, yellow arctic willow grass, arctic chickweed, dwarf birch, crowberry just to name a few. 

      To reduce the spread of bamboo thin out the main clump by removing one-third of the stem, use a garden saw or pruner to cut the bamboo down to the ground or soil level, root prune by pushing a spade into the ground through the bamboos’ rhizomes, applying a herbicide that contains Glyphosate to the bamboo stamp which may be a last resort. These are just a few of the many ways to control the spread of bamboo, hope this helps.  


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