Planting A Moringa Tree

Steps to Planting a Moringa Tree

Hello, friends, it has been a while since I wrote about planting a tree. In this article, we will be looking at planting a moringa tree and how to care for it. The moringa tree is very popular here where I live in the Bahamas and is widely used for its health benefits.

Leaves of the moringa tree-planting-a-moringa-tree
Moringa tree budding

I first learned about this plant a few years ago because of how excited the natives were in talking about it. In my upcoming article, we will be looking at the health benefits of the moringa plant, however, in this article as stated earlier we will be looking at how to plant and care for the moringa tree.

Planting a moringa tree from seeds

You can if you prefer, plant your Moringa tree from seeds. When planting from seeds it is good to plant seeds in trays that can be purchased from your garden center or plant nursery. The potting medium should be good garden soil, also add sand to this mixture. When planting seeds in seed trays, try not to press seeds too deeply into the soil, water thoroughly, and keep seed trays in a warm area to ensure seed germination.

Check periodontally and don’t allow the soil to dry out completely. After seeds germinate wait until the plant reaches about a foot or two and then transplant in an area that gets about 5-6hours of sunlight a day. Keep soil somewhat dry because the moringa plant does not do well when over watered. Moringa tree can grow over 2o feet tall so give moringa tree plenty room to grow.

You can also fertilize your tree at this time with a good organic fertilizer. Make sure and follow as directed because the label is the law. I prefer to use organic instead of a chemical-based fertilizer to ensure that my moringa tree remains chemical-free. To learn more about organic gardening you can follow this link.

Pest problems of the Moringa tree

Moringa is resistant to most pests but keep a watchful eye for spider mites and a few other pests that may decide to pay a visit. To learn more about garden pests follow this link garden pest and pest control.

Also, an organic insecticide is best because of the moringa being used for health purposes.

Planting a moringa tree

Planting a moringa tree that is 3 feet or taller requires the same as the above mention, the only difference is that the planting hole should be twice the size of the root ball, for example. If the root ball is 2 feet in width the planting hole should be 4 feet in width to not allow only for the comfortable placing of the plant but using this method would give the roots room to spread which in turn will cause your plant to establish more quickly.

Only the root ball should be below the ground, the base of the plant that is attached to the plant root ball should be above ground because if you plant your tree too deeply your plant will begin to suffocate and be depleted of nutrients.

Make sure and add a good organic-rich base soil to the planting hole and firm soil gently around the plant, this will go a long way in the overall health of your moringa tree. For more on the moringa follow this link. Health benefits moringa tree.

The final word

The moringa tree is a great plant to add to your garden and landscape area because of the many benefits that it has so let’s get started. You will be glad that you did.


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6 thoughts on “Planting A Moringa Tree”

  1. nice detail article about trees. i’m thinking of growing a tree in my back yard. i don’t know much of taking care of tree but its good to know and be better aware. there alot of things that i didn’t know. i learn a few thing just from reading your article. thanks i certainty appreciated the information. are these your personal picture of your tree?

    • Hello Karlene it is so nice to meet you and thanks for commenting. Taking care of a tree is easy it is a matter of learning like everything else in life. Just follow the direction that is in my post and you will be fine. The pictures I used I got from google advance image. So give it a try and please do let me know how it goes. All the best to you and have a good evening.

  2. We have a garden that we take great care with, but we have yet to plant a tree. We do make sure than we use organic fertilizer and we are eager to try planting trees this year. Thank you for the information on starting the tree from a seed. My husband wants to try this. What other plants or trees are good to plant near this tree?

    • Hello Lucy Bowman it is so good to meet you and I am glad that I could help. There are so many that you can choose from, from creating herb gardens to planting vegetables. Here is my website can have a look around. I have written articles on how to go about this, hope this helps, all the best to you and please let me know how it goes.

  3. I am always looking for new and exotic trees and shrubs to plant in my garden and allotment.

    I note that you are from a country with a hot climate. But, do you know if these trees will survive in the colder climate that we experience in the UK or not?

    • Hello Kristian it is so good to hear from you again, the moringa tree is pretty amazing and is a warm season plant, but you may still have a bit of luck with growing in the cold climate. What you can do is plan your tree in a large pot and keep in a greenhouse.

      The key is to ensure your plant always has the right climate. Many persons grow crops during the winter months in these type of house. I will be writing an article on theses specialize house in short order God’s willing. Hope this helps, have a good day.


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