Plants That Eat Insects

Plants that eat garden insects

Venus fly trap-plants-that-eats-insects
Venus flytrap

What I find so fascinating about the plant world is its diversity. For centuries plants have benefited us in so many ways. From being used as food for creating medicines, skincare products, shampoos, fuel, to beautifying, purifying the air that we breathe and so many other things.

The list seems to be endless. But what is also awesome is there are plants that eat garden insects, who would ever think these kinds of plants existed?

As far as we know plants produce their foods through a process known as photosynthesis by using sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide turning these into sugars but to have insect-eating plants is really awesome. We will also be looking at a cool video of these carnivorous plants in action.

Insect-eating plants

Nepenthes Plants

Wouldn’t it be great to have some of these plants in your garden and landscape design to help with the control of certain pests besides flies and mosquitoes that carry disease and germs?

Care of plants

If you have decided to use some of these plants in your garden and landscapes that are really great, it is all a matter of knowing their requirements or understanding what condition they will thrive in best.

To begin with, you will have to locate an area in the garden that gets bright indirect sunlight and acidic soil, the soil should also be able to hold moisture along with high humidity.

Create these conditions and you will be well on your way to garden success. Here is a tip that will work, Install some of these plants in pots and place them in certain parts of the garden that meets their requirements. This is a Photo of a Venus Flytrap. 

If installing directly in the ground, place these plants near other plants that will provide them with some shade from direct sunlight, doing this will keep them from getting burnt.

Water requirements

Rainwater or purified water is best to use because tap water may be too harsh on these types of plants.

Names of insect-eating plants

Here are names of some insect-eating plants that may do well in your landscapes and home garden.

1.Venus flytrap                     6. Utricularia.

2. Drosera.                              7. Nepenthes.

3. Cactus.                                8. Sarracenia.

4. Aldrovanda.                       9. Utricularia.

5. Drosophyllum.                  10. Nepenthes.

The list of plants can get longer, there are so many it is just mind-blowing. Some of them are very colorful and beautiful.

The final word

Adding some of these plants to your landscapes and gardens is a cool way to help bring some garden pests under control. So why not install some of these carnivorous plants in your garden and get the help that you need. A little help can sure go a long way.


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