Plants That Remove Toxins From Soils

Moving Toxins The Natural Way

Sago Palm-plants-that-removes-toxins-from-the-soil
Sago Palm

The world of plants is so amazing in that plants can be used for so many things and in so many ways. Some examples include plants that can be used for food, medicine, for shelter, beautifying, etc…

Plants can also be used to clean the air that we breathe by pulling toxins out of the air. But what scientists have discovered is that plants can also be used to remove impurities from the soil trapping them in their cells or breaking them down causing them to be least toxic.

Plants are so beneficial therefore we should do all that we can to preserve them by protecting and also planting them to ensure their continued survival as they serve us.

A fact that we can’t deny that has impacted our environment in a negative way is that of forests and other vegetative areas which are being cut down to construct roadways, buildings and other infrastructures which have brought such an imbalance in nature.

I understand the need to secure extra space because the rate in which the population is growing, we need to do what is necessary but let’s help nature by that which was mentioned above by preserving what we can preserve and also by installing or replacing plants and trees that have been removed.

I think it would be great if there were laws that were put in place that encouraged persons no matter what city or county to have a plant a tree day I believe this would greatly help not only use but nature and the many wildlife that depends both on trees and plants to survive.

It is so good to know that there are countries that prohibit the removal of trees unless you have a permit to do so. But there are also many places that allow the removal of trees without a permit.

Because of this, this has also encouraged persons to remove trees without a legitimate reason I believe this is not good because many wildlife is suffering and being robbed of food and shelter both for them (adults) and they’re young.

Mandevilla vin-plants-that-removes-toxins-from-the-soil
Mandevilla Vine

Plants that remove toxins from the soil

Growing food crops whether in our backyards or on large aches is a great way to feed not only our selves and family but the world. But what happens when its discovered that the soil you are so dependent on is contaminated?

This can be really discouraging when you are trying to grow the healthiest food crops ever. It has been discovered that in many areas the soils are filled with contaminants such as lead, arsenic, radioactive uranium, mercury, petroleum contaminants, nickel, cadmium, etc…

Its no wonder why the groundwater is contaminated and persons are getting sick. Persons drinking this water, growing and consuming crops grown in these type soils and also consuming meat products for example cows, chickens, goats, etc.. which come in contact with these contaminants by grazing or feeding also have serious health-related issues.

The good news is all is not lost. These contaminants can be removed not by pouring or adding more chemicals to the ground but going the natural way which is using plants.

Since discovered and used much success has come from these methods being applied. Let’s look at some plants that can be used to accomplish this goal.

Plants that remove toxins from the soil

Healing the soil with plants

Healing the soil with plants, as strange as this may sound this method really works which gives good results.

  1. Sunflowers.
  2. Blue sheep ficus.
  3. Duckweed.
  4. Ragweed.
  5. Sea pink thrift.
  6. Mustard plants
  7. Poplar trees

These are just a few names of plants that have been used with much success. Once these plants have absorbed and stored toxins in their cells these plants are then removed and disposed of in a safe way.

It is so good to know that we can take this safe and effective approach to remove toxins from the soil.

Garden Plants-plants-that-remove-toxins-from-the-soil
Garden Plants

Weed killers

Weed killers are a great alternative when seeking to eliminate weeds BUT weed killers should be handled with care because and overuse or misuse of weed killers can contaminate the soil therefore reading and following the manufacturer’s label when applying weed killers is so important.

Pesticides and their use

Pesticides have their place and are effective in eliminating garden pests. I have used them over the years and have had much success, there are many types of pesticides from those that are considered to be environmentally friendly to many that are considered toxic and should be handled with care.

Soils can become contaminated if pesticides are mishandled. Read and follow the manufactures direction when applying pesticides because doing this will ensure that you are applying these chemicals in the right way.

Fertilizers and how to use them

Fertilizers are planted nutrients. Just as we need nutrients to help in maintaining good health. There are many types of fertilizers from organic to inorganic or synthetics. Organic fertilizers such as horse, chicken and cow manure are great to add to your garden area

But when it comes to synthetics the game changes because these fertilizers are made from chemicals that can be hazardous to our health and also the health of garden plants including wildlife.

Again handle these fertilizers with care by following the manufactures direction because the label is the law.

The final word

Just like water soils are one of our most precious resources, therefore, we should do all that we can to ensure that our soils are free of contaminants as we seek to grow healthy crops, meat products and provide clean drinking water that is fit for a king.

So let’s do our part by investing in these plants which will give us a good return on our investment because we cannot and should not put a price on our health which is also one of our greatest investments.


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8 thoughts on “Plants That Remove Toxins From Soils”

  1. Hello Norman,

    There has definitely been an increased focus on organic alternatives to commercially produces chemicals in the area of horticulture. Whether is the plants we eat, the insects that impact on the food chain or the birds that hunt the pests, organic and environmentally friendly alternatives are becoming a focused movement for anyone concerned for the sustainability of our planet. 

    In terms of pesticides and weed killers, are there any organic or natural products on the markets that are suitable to the conventional ones offered by mainstream nurseries or supermarkets?

    Thanks for some great advice and I look forward to your advice on the question above.


  2. Hi

    First I must thank you for this really valuable, helpful and useful article.

    I must say that I really didn’t give it a second thought about certain plants removing toxins from the soil, in my ignorance I thought that this happen automatically with all plants.

    Well I have learned something new again so I thank you for that.

    Thank you also for giving a list of the plants that will do the job.  I have also loved sunflowers so will be investing in a few more of them now I know how powerful they are.

    You are right in say that we all need to do our part in looking after our environment, thank you for the reminder.


    • Hello again my dear lady, the world of plants is truly amazing as we benefit from them in so many ways. So happy that I could help. Will keep in touch.Have a wonderful day.

  3. Interesting!! I already know that plants are so important in our daily life because we get food from them, we get medicine from them, we get timbers and some electrical poles but i didn’t know that there are plant which can heal the soil from contagious elements.Maybe biologists knew it but it is new for me. If it is the case , such plant could be useful when we invest in planting them . The new business is coming.

    • Yes plants are really amazing and so beneficial. Happy that I could help and yes the new business is coming God’s willing. Have as wonderful day.

  4. This is a wonderful article! Any article that is promoting the preservation of our environment is worth reading!!

    I have another plant that is beneficial to the soil, Industrial Hemp. This plant is also beautiful in nature, and has a lot of uses for our society, and will help our environment as well. And it requires no pesticides, and unpon harvest it can be sold to companies that utilize the fibers, flowers, and seeds. It is a win, win to grow in your garden.

    Thats just my food for thought!


    • Hello and thank so much for your kind word and the insight into this plant, first time I have heard about this plant. This just my be my next keyword search for my next post. Thanks so much and wishing you the best of success.


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