Plumbago Plant Care

Tips for Growing Plumbago Successfully

Plumbago Flowers-plumbago-plant-care
Plumbago Flowers

Plumbagos are shrubs that produce a beautiful blue flower which causes this plant to stand out in many commercial and urban garden designs. This shrub thrives well in the tropics and can be seen in many home gardens so if you are looking for a plant that will add some color to your spring garden then this may be the right plant for you.

The plumbago shrub is a native of South Africa but can also be found in Florida and Texas. These shrubs can reach a height of over 6 ft and can act as a screen plant or can be kept at a height of your preferences by keeping them nicely pruned. But how do I grow and care for this plant in my home garden? I am so happy that you asked. Here is how it is done.

Things you must know to grow this plant successfully

  • Plant Location
  • Soil Type
  • Watering Methods
  • Fertilizing methods
  • Garden insect pest of plumbagos
  • Disease  of plumbagos

Plant Location

Because plumbagos are a native of South Africa the location to install this shrub should be an area that gets full sunlight but this plant can also tolerate partial shade.

Soil Type

The soil preference is a well-drained soil that is slightly acidic.

Watering Methods

When first installing your plant during the spring or summer time it is best to water your plumbagos at least twice a week. What I love about these plants is once they are established they can withstand moderate drought. But a rule to follow is to keep soil somewhat moist. Do not overwater because this will encourage root rot.

Fertilizing your plumbago

Plumbago Shrub-plumbago-plant-care
Plumbago Shrub

The best time to fertilize your plumbagos is during the growing seasons which are from spring through summer. When using fertilizers read and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

Garden insect pest of plumbagos

There are few insect pests of plumbagos, these insects are not a threat but treating them will help your plant to stay in good health. These garden insect pests include whiteflies, spider mites, and aphids. The use of insecticidal soap will offer some help. Before using any chemicals read and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

Diseases of plumbagos

When it comes to diseases of plumbagos the disease problem is like zero but a word of caution here, do not overwater your plumbagos because if overwatered your plant can suffer from root rot so meeting your plant’s water requirements is a must. Also when watering don’t water plant late in the evening, watering too late in the evening will encourage disease because of nighttime quickly setting in and the soil not having sufficient time to dry.

When applying water ensure that the water is making contact with the soil and not the foliage (leaves) because if the water makes contact with the leaves while your plant is in the scorching heat the leaves will turn brown it is best to water early in the morning while it is still cool also watering this early will give your plumbagos time to dry.

Container grown plumbagos

Plumbagos can also be grown in containers. What I love about container-grown plants is you have the advantage or upper hand of moving your plant around for many reasons such as if condition changes plants can always be moved to a more suitable area where they will thrive or maybe you may want to give a different look by shifting just remember in the shifting process always meet your plumbagos requirements and your plant will do just fine.

Ensure that your containers have a drain hole to allow excess water to drain through, also provide fertilizer for plumbagos. Fertilizer your plant during the growing season which is in the spring and summer and application once per month is sufficient to keep your plants growing healthy and happy.

Pruning methods

Keep your plumbagos looking great by selective pruning. The benefit of pruning is that it will allow your plant to go through a rejuvenating or rest period which is good for the health of your plant. Pruning will also cause your plant to keep its natural form also plumbagos will produce more flowers with fuller foliage (leaves).

Here are a few tips on where plumbagos can be installed.

  • These garden plants can be installed in plant beds
  • Can be used as a border plant
  • Along along fences
  • Placing as undergrowth around trees and palms which are bare around the trunk area

Plumbago Facts

  • Plumbagos also produce or shoots a white flower
  • Plumbagos are known for their ability to climb
  • Plumbagos belongs to the Plumbaginaceae family and is a genus of 10-20 species
  • Thinking of installing a wildlife garden, planting plumbagos will attract butterflies

The Final word

Plumbagos are garden beauties that are so easy to install and care for so make this garden plant a part of your design as you introduce this plant into your landscape that can really give that WOW.


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4 thoughts on “Plumbago Plant Care”

  1. I unfortunately live in apartments and landscaping is out of the question. I was happy to see that I can grow these in a planter however, I love the blooms of this particular flower. While I wouldn’t be upset if it bloomed white, I would still prefer the lavender color, not sure exactly how to describe that color. 

    Thank you for this article and reminding me that some outdoor plants do well in planters. I can have beauty of my choice surrounding my apartment.


    • Hello Stacie so good to hear from you, The good news is with the help of container gardening we can still grow beautiful garden plants here is a post that will further help you.   https://gardenofedengardencent…  Plumbagos are really beautiful it is good to know that you like these plants. So happy that I can help, all the best to you an have a good day.

  2. Marshall, this is also a great post! I have bookmarked your site to continue visiting it! There is so much useful content here that I will need to visit frequently to continue improving my garden.

    I’ll be vigilant of fertilizing my plumbagos between spring and summer. And I’ll also follow your selective pruning advice.

    I really enjoy the fact that plumbagos are so easy to install! And I love how they enhance the view. Thank you very much!

    • Hello Henry so happy to hear from you again, it is so good to know that the information I have provided is a great help to you. Wishing you all the best with your garden project and you are very welcome my friend. Have a good day.


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