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Great ideas for portable gardens

Wheel Wagon With Garden Plants

Portable gardens are great because with these garden types you can have the garden that you always wanted so if you have limited space or no space at all, all is not lost because you can still connect with nature in such an awesome way by constructing a portable garden.

These gardens come in many forms and sizes to meet your every need, you will be amazed how easy it is to install a garden of this type and the many benefits they have so if it is your desire to know how this is done then stick around it will be worth your while.

The advantage of a portable garden

Here are some examples of how beneficial these gardens are. When the weather is unfavorable for your garden plants they can be carried to a more secure area to protect them from the elements such as the extreme cold, high windy conditions, etc.. what I also love about these gardens is you can take advantage of the sunlight by moving your plants around to where the sun is shining mostly.

These garden types are great for people who are traveling and always on the go or you may be renting an apartment in the city but whatever the reason was stopping you from having your garden you have come to the right place to get the help that you need so, keep on reading as we look at some amazing but yet simply cool ways to garden.

You have a gold mine around your home

You’re rich and don’t even know it

What if I told you that you have a gold mine around your home would you believe me, it’s true you have a gold mine and don’t even know it how do I know well the average person have stuff lying around that is either broken or they have no interest in using it any longer.

But if that discarded item can save you some money then guess what, that is your gold mine or piece of gold nugget. It is amazing how a person can have stuff around their house or apartment just lying there taking up space gathering dust along with spider webs when it can be put to good use. In my last article, I wrote, gardening ideas on a budget we look at some ways to save money, well in this article we will be touching a bit on some of those items and other gold nuggets laying around the home which could be made useful.

Barbecue Grills

Barbecue, we all love barbecues or at least I think we all do, hey who doesn’t love barbecues especially during those wonderful times which we spend with family and friends, or it may be with the boys as we watch our favorite football or basketball team play.

The smell of that meat on the grill mixed with the smell of smoke man what an awesome experience, ok I know we are not talking about food this is not the food network so we will get back to what we were discussing but you must admit there is nothing like the smell and taste of barbecue yum yum.

Out with the old and in with the new

A tale of the barbecue grill

That old barbecue grill that you are no longer using because you got a new one for Christmas or fathers day have you all excited and walking on clouds as you begin to imagine or see your self working this baby right, well what about that old grill you can still make good use out of it all is not lost there is still hope.

Why not turn that old barbecue grill into a portable garden, especially if it has wheels you can grow beautiful flowers and other garden plants, or how about this go down to the hardware store and buy a couple of cans of spray paint and give that grill a fresh new look.

With a drill, drill several holes at the bottom these holes will be for water drainage as you water your plants, after you have placed your soil in the grill plant herbs such as chives, rosemary, basil, garlic, and so on guess what when you are having a function why not roll your portable herb garden ( your old grill ) right up next to your new grill that way you will have fresh herbs at your fingertips while looking so professional man I tell you, you are a winner!

A wheelbarrow’s story

In my post on gardening on a budget, I make mention of the use of a wheelbarrow, these garden tools can make life very easy by caring around supplies. I remembered my father who is now deceased would wheel my brother and me along with my sister around when we were kids in a wheelbarrow that he worked with which was so much fun, my how time flies those memories will stay with me for as long as I live.

Now with a wheelbarrow, you can wheel your portable garden around from place to place just lift and push so whether you are protecting your portable garden from unfavorable conditions or taking them to a new location where their growing requirements are being met this type of garden is also a winner.

Ensure that the wheels are working, drill a few holes in the bottom of your wheelbarrow for water drainage, add your soil and then your plants it is that simple, and guess what it didn’t cause you much, or better yet it did not cause you a dime but your time I like that it did not cause you a dime but your time it has a certain ring.

A raised bed adventure

Raised beds are pretty cool, I wrote an article on these type of gardens sometime back, What I love about the use of raised bed gardens and also portable raised beds is that growing your plants from these gardens will give you the upper hand because your garden is constructed in a way where it is not making contact with the soil surface so if the soil in your garden is hard to work with and also drains poorly then a raised bed will work, just referred to this post on raised bed garden.

These gardens can be constructed in so many shapes and sizes, the portable rise beds comes constructed with wheels which means you guessed it you have the advantage of wheeling your garden around from one area of your yard to the other area. Just use good garden soil and add your plants guess what you have just raised the bar on your garden project taking it to the next level, now that is smarting gardening.

A beautiful red wagon

A toy wagon makes a great portable garden, now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that you should take little junior’s wagon to make a garden unless little junior isn’t little anymore nor have any need for that wagon or maybe there was a new one waiting for him under the Christmas tree and he doesn’t remember the old one.

A wagon has four wheels as we know and the carrier is great for carrying toys and other items. Wagons can also be used to construct a portable garden why leave this gold mine lying around when you can start a herb garden. Drill a few holes in the bottom add your soil then your herbs talk about an ingenious idea you are on your game and will be flavoring your dishes with herbs grown from this wagon.

A project with a shopping cart

I know this one may be a bit tricky but a shopping cart makes a great portable garden why because besides these carts having four wheels the carriage area is deep and can hold so many things. It’s just a matter of lining the cart with landscaping or gardening fabric, use tie straps to secure the edges to the shopping cart then add the soil and your plants.

Because the carriage area is so deep you can start your very own vegetable garden, plant some potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, sweet pepper, and so forth. With a portable vegetable garden, you can’t lose but have everything to win. Who would have ever thought, if we fill our shopping carts with grocery items including vegetables produce why not grow them from a shopping cart how brilliant?

Container gardens a great way to contain your garden

This one is not new but has been around for quite some time, these gardens have proven to be very effective. Growing your garden from containers makes a great portable garden. Containers come in so many shapes, forms, and sizes for example.

The use of growers pots makes a great choice, what about the use of a bucket, how about that cup with holes don’t throw it away instead use it to plant herbs such as chives or garlic, etc.. then there is that old pot which you use to cook with but since you have gotten a new pot set as a gift you have no more use for the old one.

Do you know what you have in your hands despite this pot may be worn, you have a piece of gold? Let me tell you what to do, just turn the pot upside down drill a few holes flip it back over the right side up add your soil and your plants now you are cooking with gas with your portable pot garden.

The final word

Portable gardens are so amazing this is what I call thinking outside the box out with the old and in with the new. A new day has dawned in the life of the weekend warrior as he moves away from the old paths being a trailblazer sorry for being so dramatic but these garden tips and tricks are pretty cool what do you think? Go for it construct your portable garden and enjoy the benefits they bring.


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6 thoughts on “Portable Gardens”

  1. I love portable gardens. I actually have one small portable garden on my backyard just like the one in the picture you’ve included.

    It’s more like a herb garden with oregano, basil, thyme, and other herbs that I usually use in my kitchen. It’s actually impressive how much abundance nature could offer you just by devoting some and effort into cultivating what you require don’t you agree?

    • Yes, it is so amazing what a little time and effort can do in our gardens. The efforts do really payoff, all the best to you as you continue to work with nature in your garden.

  2. What a great way to think outside the box when it comes to gardening.  Many have limited space so many of your suggestions can really maximize that space and beautify it at the same time.  I can’t believe how many times I have seen someone throw out an old barbecue but with your simple tips it can be repurposed into something both beautiful and useful.

    I especially like the pictures and ideas of old wagons of varying types and of wheelbarrows.  I have a small farm and you just gave me a ton of ideas for things I have hanging about in the barn that could make perfect container gardens and would really beautify the property.

    Thank you for this truly different perspective on gardening on a budget and for beauty!

  3. Hello,Now space not a problem
    for gardening. Anyone can say how It’s possible for the portable garden.
    I have a small house with a very short ground where gardening is almost
    impossible. Then my sister suggests a portable garden to me. Now I have
    a very beautiful garden too.l personally thanks to the portable garden
    to give me such a great idea. I would like to invite everyone to know
    about a portable garden.

    • These gardens are truly amazing and do work wonders, so happy to hear that you are benefiting from them have a good day.


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