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Before planting a garden it is always important to map out where the garden is going to be.  The perfect location is

crucial because that will determine if your Garden will be successful or not. Be mindful to choose an area that is in a sunny location because plants need a considerable amount of sunlight in order to grow and survive. With good watering practices, the plant will be able to photosynthesize (the process of plants making food).

Start clearing away debris

After finding the perfect spot, you can begin clearing away any debris such as bottles, cans, big rocks at the soil’s surface, tree branches and so on. It will also be great to get a soil test done to ensure that your soil meets your plants’ requirements.

Clear away weeds

When weeding always be sure to pull up the entire weed especially the roots because if the top part of the weed is taken out but the bottom is allowed to remain in the ground the weeds will spring back much faster. So make sure to remove the entire weed.

There are many ways to remove weeds. You can remove weeds by hand pulling, you can use a cutlass, you can use a garden hoe or you can apply chemicals. Applying chemicals is a bit more dangerous and caution must be taken. Be sure to wear the right clothing i.e. chemical suit, gloves,  goggles, and respirator.

Read label or direction and follow carefully because the label is law.

N.B. Chemicals should not be used close to water bodies.

Tilling the soil

After removing all weeds, the time has come to till the soil. Tilling the soil loosens it up making planting easier but more importantly the roots of the plants will establish more quickly. Also, water and fertilizer will be able to travel much easier to the root zone where they are needed.

Amend the soil

It will also be a good idea to amend the soil with organic matter or you can start a compost pile.

To learn more about how to create a compost pile click this link compost pile.

This will further condition the soil to ensure your plants’ overall health and survival. Once you have added compost then grade (level) the soil. You want to get it as even as possible so that when you begin planting there are no uneven surfaces within your garden site.

Garden tools

These are some tools that you will need to start:

1.Pick Ax.

2. Hard rake.

3. Cutlass.

4. Hoe.

5. Spade shovel.

6. Square mouth shovel.

7. Wheelbarrow.

8. Hard gloves.

9. Eye goggles.

10. Grass rake.

If the area requires a lot of work you may need to take it in stages or get some persons to help out. Make sure to drink plenty water and take breaks. Take it one step at a time and before you know it, your garden area will be ready for planting.

All that hard work including the exercise that you will get, will pay off. So by giving nature a helping hand, you will reap the benefits BIG TIME.

And remember happy gardening!

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