Propagate Ixora Cuttings

Simple Methods to Propagate Ixora Plants

Propagate Ixora Cuttings-white-ixora-flowers
White ixora plants

We have discussed in previous articles how to care for and how to prune ixoras to keep them growing healthy with a good spread but if your desire is to populate your garden and landscapes with this tropical (ixora plant) beauty without having to break your piggy bank then this proven method is sure to help you in achieving your goal while saving those extra bucks.

How to Grow Ixoras from Cuttings

  • The container
  • The potting medium
  • The time of year to propagate ixoras
  • Taking Ixora cuttings
  • Using a rooting hormone
  • Where to Place your cuttings
  • Watering methods
  • Signs that cuttings have rooted

The container

Before repotting your ixora cuttings look for plastic containers 6-8 inches that have drain holes, the drain holes will allow excess water to escape to prevent root rot.

The potting medium

Fill each container with equally mixed coarse sand, milled peat, and perlite. Once this mixture is blended or mixed together proceed to moisten it. Your plant nursery or garden center should also carry a quality potting mix.

The time of year to propagate ixoras

The ideal time to propagate ixoras is during the spring and summer months when the plant is actively growing, during this time of the plant’s growing season it will produce many tender strips.

Taking Ixora cuttings

Propagate Ixora Cuttings-ixoras-plant-flowers
Ixoras plant flowering

Before taking ixora cuttings ensure your hand pruner is sharp and disease-free, to ensure your pruner is sterilized, soak a small piece of cloth in a solution of water and bleach. Rinse the cloth out allowing some moisture to remain and proceed to wipe the blade, as you wipe the blade being careful not to cut or injure your hand.

The cuttings that are chosen should be healthy, branches or cuttings that are disease infested will make it harder for ixora cuttings to root and may even die so ensure that the cuttings are healthy. Located branches that are new, these branches or stems should have a node, a node is a small bump that can be found along the branch or stem where a leaf or flower bud attaches. Each branch should be 14cm in length and 3mm in diameter.

Using a rooting hormone

A rooting hormone such as root tone is used to stimulate root growth, once you have placed the potting mixture in the containers add sufficient water to moisten the soil. Next, the cuttings that were taken from the parent plant dip each end that was cut in water and then dip that seem section in the rooting hormone.

Then that seem side with the root hormone press gently into the soil, now firm the soil around that portion of the stem that’s planted in the potting mixture. There are 3 types of root hormone, powder, gel, and liquid, only when using the powder type should the end of the stem be moistened in water first so the powder can cling to the stem.

Where to Place your cuttings

Now take your ixora plant cuttings and place them in a dry area that gets indirect bright sunlight.

Watering methods

The soil should be kept equally moist, waterlogged soil or soils that are water-saturated will lead to rot and death of cuttings.

Signs that cuttings have rooted

It may take anywhere from 1 month or a bit longer before cuttings take roots and are established, signs that your cuttings have taken roots and are established are when new growth emerges. Another sign that your cuttings have been established is by a slight resistance when the stem is tugged gently.

The final word on propagating ixora cuttings

Increasing the ixora population in your garden and landscape is that simple, this method of cultivating plants will give a good saving on those hard-earned dollars. Propagating is a method that is used on a wide scale so join those who are having much success and watch as your garden grows.



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  1. Thanks, Norman, for your discussion on propagating Ixora from cuttings. I am wondering if the same method would work for other plants as well? Would they need to be woody plants? I remember my grandmother starting roses from cuttings. I would like to brush up on my gardening skills. Thanks!

    • Hello, It all depends because as you know there are hardwood and soft wood cuttings that can be propagated, Once you know the plant/plants you are dealing with. The good news however is that you can always experiment and see the results that you get. Hope this helps and all the best to you.

  2. I have always loved gardening and producing different flowers for my own garden. My green thumb got the attention of local greenhouse nurseries that started by smalling plants from me. Growing plants from seeds takes dedication and patience that not everyone has. I’m going to bookmark your guide for easy access to help me grow Propagate from cuttings instead of seeds. 

    • Hello, so good to meet you and thanks so much for sharing your success story, gardening is so amazing and rewarding with so many benefits. All the best to you, I am so happy that I could help. Have a good day!


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