Propagating Blue Daze

Propagating Blue Daze the Right Way

Propagating Blue Daze-blue-daze-flowering-plant
Blue daze flowering plant

The blue daze (Evolvulus glomeratus) is a beauty that produces stunning blue flowers and narrow silvery-green leaves which is a bonus complementing flower beds and is also great for container gardening. This heat- sun-loving plant that is a herbaceous perennial is widely used in home gardens as a summer annual in tropical regions.

Blue daze can also withstand some afternoon shade and can reach heights of 12 inches with a width of 2-3 ft and grows well in zones 8-11. What I found so amazing about blue daze is new flowers are consistently produced each morning. This flowering beauty is a must for your summer garden however in this article we will be taking a closer look at how to successfully propagate blue daze so you can have an abundance of these flowering plants grown and cared for with your very own hands. For more on how this is done continue reading.

Steps to Successfully Propagate Blue Daze

1. The ideal or best time to propagate blue daze is from late spring to mid-summer.

2. Before making the cut to successfully propagate blue daze ensure that the piece or pieces that are to be propagated are healthy.

3. The stem that’s chosen should not be too woody and hard to bend, but rather snaps when a bit of pressure is applied to it.

4. The stem that’s cut can be anywhere from 4 t0 6 inches with 2 to 3 leaves.

5. The starter container or pot can be anywhere from 6inchs to about 1 gallon with drain holes for drainage.

6. Fill the container with a good potting mix along with perlite or vermiculite, a soil of this type will hold the right amount of water but will allow excess moisture to drain.

7. Wet the potting mixture thoroughly before inserting it into the soil.

8. Once the cutting/cuttings are moistened dip the bottom 1 inch of the stem in water and then in a powder rooting hormone.

9. Gently press the stem with the end that’s powdered into the soil and firm the soil around it.

10. If you are propagating several stems then each stem should be placed in individual containers or the seem container if preferred giving proper spacing.

11. The container/containers should be placed in indirect bright sunlight.

12. The soil should be kept moist at all times but no waterlogged because this moisture will allow or help in root formation.

13. After a month or thereabout check the roots to see if it has grown 1/2 to1 inch long.

14. Once this is done and if you have planted several cuttings together remove and give them their individual container.

15. Continue to moisten the soil, after a few months as the plants grow becoming bushy move to your garden.

The final word on propagating blue daze

Propagating blue daze is a great way to have an abundance of these plants growing in the home garden while saving your hard-earned dollars. The method of propagation is not new but has been around for some time and has proven to be very beneficial when seeking to fill your garden with beautiful plants without having to spend extra. Following these simple but effective steps will give you success as you increase your plant numbers in your home garden which is a win-win for you.




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14 thoughts on “Propagating Blue Daze”

  1. Hello Norman, I keep coming back to your website as you are incredibly helpful when it comes to a natural and healthy life and gardening options. And today I am amazed at a beauty of a Blue daze flower. Thanks for the steps to successfully propagate blue daze! I am definitely going to look for this beauty in the stores here 

    • Hello, Sunny so happy to see you again, and thanks so much for your support. Blue daze is a tropical beauty providing your summer garden with lots of flowers. I am so happy to help, wishing you the best of garden success. Have a good day.

  2. Good day, I’m pleased to meet you. I did not know about Blue Daze before nor how to propagate it. I love gardening so, I’m thrilled by how you outlined the steps to follow in order to successfully propagate Blue Daze. Though it’s a sun-loving plant, I love how this Blue Daze can withstand the afternoon shade and the heights and width it can reach. It’s amazing, thanks for sharing.

    • Hello so happy to help, the blue daze is very beautiful providing lots of flowers for your summer garden. All the best to you and have a good day.

  3. Hello Norman, Blue Daze is a beautiful flower. It has a nice blue color that will make my balcony seems lovely. I have a sunny balcony, and I will try to follow your propagate steps to have this flower and enjoy its blue flourish during the summer. I sign up to your site to have your best gardening tips and news from you.

    Thank you for sharing



    • Hello, Alketa I am so happy to help, blue daze is really amazing providing you with beautiful flower bloom. Thanks so much for signing up and for your support. We will continue to provide you with the best garden tips and news. All the best to you and have a good day.

  4. Hi Norman I thought that I was being taught by a Master Gardnener or Florist while reading this blog. It reads with Authooirty which gives me the confidence that I am in good hands in my understanding of Blue Haze. Being from the Caribbean I was wondering if this type of plant is also grown here? We have the powdered rooting hormone, soil and best of all hot sun. I also wanted to find out if Blue Haze attracts any bugs and if so what remedies would you suggest to deal with. Thank you for a very informative article

    • Hello and thanks so much for your kind words, it is much appreciated. Blue daze is a heat-sun-loving flowering plant that thrives in tropical climates. There are no serious pests issues with this garden beauty, blue daze is easy to care for. Hopes this helps and thanks again.

  5. HI Norman & ntmu. I’ve just opened your website and a nice feeling invade me. I start browsing and I was amased. 

    Really love it. Looking and reading through your article, regarding the Blue Daze I have to admit I really couldn’t stop reading. because I not a fan of gardening flowers and just since I’ve been grown up with different conceptions about what to seed in the garden. For instance, we seed and grow vegetables in the garden, fruits, animals…

    But, your article is really well done and I have no idea what you have to do when you want to start to grow a plant, a flower. Blue Daze are so amazing flower, lovely. Unfortunately I have no experience in this.

    Thank you for sharing and teach us this.

    My question as you have very much experience in gardening, when do you think is the best time to start growing vegetable. For instance, if someone wants to spread aubergine or been seed when do you know is the best time in the year to do this, which months?

    • Hello and thanks so much for stopping by, the best time to sow aubergine seeds indoors are 8 to 10 weeks before your last spring frost date. Bean seeds can be sowed directly into the soil once the soil warms up after the last spring frost. Hopes this helps and all the best to you. 

  6. Thanks for bringing us this great information on how to propagate these beautiful Blue Daze flowers.

    I love that they are not too tall but great ground cover plants.  Their flowers last so long and provide such a blaze of colour in the garden.

    You have certainly given very detailed instructions on how to propagate them.  They are so easily followed, no one could get it wrong.

  7. Hi Norman. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with gardening and posts like this are extremely helpful. To be fair I haven’t heard before about Blue Daze but they look absolutely stunning. It also seems that they are not to difficult to growth and Im looking forward to try it in my house. Thank you for your advices and recommendations.

    • Blue daze plants are just simply amazing filling your garden with beautiful colors. I am so happy, wishing you much garden success.


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