Propagating Magnolia Seeds

Growing Magnolia Tree From Seeds

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Tulip magnolia

Magnolias are deciduous plants that can be grown as a tree or shrub these garden beauties are evergreen, belonging to the flowering plant family the “magnolia family, in the order Magnoliales consisting of two subfamilies. Magnolioideae, of which Magnolia is the best-known genus, and Liriodendroidae, a monogeneric subfamily, of which Liriododendroidea, is the only genus”.

These flowering plants produce flowers that range in colors of yellow, red, purple, white, and pink. There are about 240 species of magnolias. Magnolias are native to North and South America, East Asia, and the Himalayas. These tropical evergreens have been said to have existed “over 100 million years ago”. There are many ways to grow magnolia however, in this article we will be discussing how to propagate magnolia from seeds.

Propagating Magnolia Seeds Tips

When harvesting the seeds of magnolia from the parent plant or the seed pods the berries should be bright red and fully ripe, remove the fleshy berry from the seeds. The seeds should then be soaked with water that’s lukewarm overnight, the following day with a wire screen or hardware cloth remove the outer coating of the seeds by rubbing the seeds against anyone of these materials.

Once this is done place the seeds in a container of moist sand and mix thoroughly, the seeds need to be cooled so take the container and place it in the refrigerator and leave it undisturbed for at least 3 months or until you’re ready to plant your magnolia seeds.

When to Plant Magnolia Seeds

The ideal time of the year to plant magnolia seeds is during spring, there are 2 ways to plant the seeds of magnolia either in pots or directly into the ground.  The seeds can be covered with 1/4 inches of soil, the soil should be kept moist until it germinates.

Magnolia Seeds Germination Time

The seeds of magnolia will germanate in about 30 t0 40 days.

Growing Heights of Magnolia Trees

Before installing magnolia trees in their permanent spots knowing their heights are maturity will help in the proper placement of them. Southern magnolia trees (Magnolia grandiflora), hardy and every green In U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 10 and can reach heights of up to 60 t0 80 feet with a 40 feet width span.

Cucumber tree magnolia (M. acuminata) can grow 60 t0 70 feet tall and with 35 to 50 feet spread, Growing in USD zones 5 through 8. Houpu magnolia trees (M. offcinalis var. biloba) grow to around 60 t0 70 feet in height, with a 35 t0 50 feet spread, and grow best in USDA zones 5 through 8.

These are just some examples of magnolia growing heights along with their proper growing zones, so whatever species of magnolia you decide to grow follow as directed for properly installing and growth. For more on the care of magnolias, you can also take a look at growing magnolia trees in containers, and magnolia trees will not bloom.

The final word on growing magnolia from seeds

There are many species of magnolia trees with their individual growing heights, these garden beauties produce beautiful flower bloom that will bring that added touch. Following this guide will give you good success as you connect with nature outdoors, so go for it and give it a try you will be so happy with the results as your garden and landscapes are painted with the many colorful flower blooms.


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  1. I have been planning on planting some magnolia in my garden.  I am new to gardening and every plant I put in my garden is a learning experience for me.  I have to search for all the info online on how to get the plant growing.  I bought some magnolia seeds and have been hanging on to them until I could find a tutorial I understood.  That is how I found this website!  You lay out the steps simply enough for me to understand.  I feel very confident now that I can propagate my magnolia seeds after readying your step-by-step instructions.  One other note, it sure does take patients to be a gardener!  But the beauty of magnolia growing in my backyard is worth it!  Thanks again!

    • These trees are so amazing, I am so happy to help and thanks for your kind words. Wishing you the best of success and please let me know how your gardening project goes and remember Happy gardening.


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