Pruning A Hibiscus Tree

How to Prune Red Hot Hibiscus

Pruning A Hibiscus Tree-red-hot-hibiscus-plant
Red hot hibiscus plant

The hibiscus plant rosa-Sinensis origin is unknown, but experts believe that these garden beauties were first cultivated in China, the pacific islands, and India. There are said to be more than 200 species of hibiscus worldwide, Each hibiscus plant varies in shape, size, and color. These tropical to sub-tropical perennial plants can be grown as a tree, shrubs, and even a hedge.

Hibiscus will give your garden that color pop bringing that much-needed flavor and the looks of the topics but to keep these garden beauties growing their best requires annual pruning to increase their spread and flower production which we will be discussing. If you’re interested in making the hibiscus a part of your garden or you might have and hibiscus plant or two that needs some pruning then following this guide will give you success.

When and How to Prune Red Hot Hibiscus

Depending on where you live will determine when to prune your red hot hibiscus, most hibiscus pruning however occurs during the spring months. During the late summer or early fall, hibiscus can be lightly pruned, avoid pruning hibiscus in late fall or during the winter season. Pruning your red hot hibiscus plant in the spring by cutting it back completely will rejuvenate this garden beauty giving you a plant that is very bushy with more bloom.

Waiting too late in the season to prune your red hot hibiscus  (late fall or during the winter season) may produce fewer flowers and branches. Throughout the season, however, selectively pruning or pinching back the branch tips will encourage a bushier and healthy-looking plant.

How to Prune Your red Hot Hibiscus

Before pruning operation ensure your pruner is sharp, sterilized, and in good repair, when making the cut prune your red hot hibiscus a third of the way back. For new growth to emerge leave at least 2 or 3 nodes on the branches, a node looks like a small bump, nodes are the area on the steam where the buds, leaves, and branching twigs originate.

Each cut should be made just above each node leaving about a quarter of an inch, do not cut into the node which will prevent new growth from emerging. Branches that are growing towards the center of the red hot hibiscus should be removed, also removed any growth that’s diseased, weak, or dead.

Why prune hibiscus?

There are several reasons to prune hibiscus and while it’s good to selective prune your hibiscus year round it’s good to give them an annual pruning for a fuller healthier plant. Here are 11 reasons why you should prune your red hot hibiscus.

  • Prune to control red hibiscus height, a hibiscus/ red hibiscus can get up to 3-10 feet
  • Hibiscus can have a width of 5 t0 8 feet in spread so keep the spread to the desired width.
  • Pruning will control the direction of your red hot hibiscus as it grows
  • Pruning will improve tree structure
  • Prune red hot hibiscus to reduce the size
  • Pruning will rejuvenate an old red hibiscus tree
  • Pruning red hot hibiscus will encourage new growth
  • Prune dead or broken branch which can be hazardous especially during windy days
  • Pruning will increase the production of flowers and foliage (leaves)
  • Pruning will improve the aesthetics of the red hot hibiscus
  • Prune red hot hibiscus to control serve disease and insect infestation
  • Prune red hot hibiscus for security purposes such as branches blocking window view (providing clearance)

The final word on pruning a red hot hibiscus tree

Pruning has so many benefits from the list which we discussed, this operation procedure will keep your red hot hibiscus growing healthy and bushy with more flower production. By following these simple steps of pruning your red hot hibiscus will give good results as this tropical beauty goes to work for you giving your garden and landscape that color pop.



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