Pruning Hibiscus In Summer

Tips For Hibiscus Summer Pruning

Pruning Hibiscus In Summer-yellow-hibiscus-flower
Yellow hibiscus flower

In our last article, we discussed how to prune hibiscus in the spring, if you have not read it yet then you can find out how by clicking the link that has been provided. But what we will now be turning our attention to is how to prune hibiscus in the summer, although you prepared your hibiscus for the summer by giving them a spring cleaning or pruning these garden beauties can and should also be pruned in the summer to continue to perform

and look their best the only thing I would advise is a summer pruning only needs to be selective. Don’t cut back hibiscus hard because the goal is to have a bushy plant with an abundance of flower blooms throughout the summer months. So we don’t want to defeat the purpose of why we prune in the spring.

Your Hand Pruner

Before starting the pruning procedure ensure that your hand pruner is sterilized especially if the pruner was used previously on disease plants. To sterilize your hand pruner mix the disinfected solution, add about 2 tbsp of bleach to 2-3 cups of water, now stir this solution thoroughly to blend. Next, soak part of a clean piece of cloth in the solution.

Remove the cloth from the cleaning solution and with the part that was soaked begin to move up and down the blade in a very slow but gentle way. Add a little pressure as you wipe the blade, however, be very careful not to cut your hand.

If you discover that your hand pruner is a bit rusted and somewhat difficult to use then oil the spring area and the joints with WD-40, the blades can also get a little dab of spray. If the pruner blade is a bit dull the use of a diamond file can help with giving your hand pruner that sharp clean edge.

Place the diamond file up against the blade, next add a little pressure and begin to move the file in a downward motion. Keep this motion stopping every few seconds, by feeling the edge of the blad with your figure to see if it got sharper, again be careful not to cut your finger.

Pruning Hibiscus In Summer-hibiscus-flowers
Hibiscus Flowers

Why Prune Hibiscus?

You may be asking the question why prune my hibiscus during the summer months? the goal anyway is to keep my hibiscus plant fluffy and bushy. But here is why you should consider pruning your hibiscus during this time of the year.

  • Because hibiscus is growing during the summer months what you want is to selective prune any branch that is growing too long, the goal is for your hibiscus to keep its natural form to retain its beauty
  • Branches that’s disease should be removed because what you don’t want is for the disease to spread
  • Remove any dead wood at this time also to keep your hibiscus healthy looking
  • Any branch that is insect infested should be removed and properly discard to stop the spread of insect pests to healthy growth
  • If hibiscus is spreading too wide prune those branches that are spreading this will bring your hibiscus in a bit
  • Branches that are growing at odd angles or crossing should be removed for proper air circulation and to allow sunlight to reach the center of the plant so that these areas can full out or get bushy.

Bonus Tips For Pruning Hibiscus

1. When pruning hibiscus make the cuts close to a group of 2-3 nodes at a downward angle, the nodes resemble small lumps or bumps on the stems. Leaves emerge from these areas.

2. Although hibiscus can be trimmed to desired height an ideal height is 5-6 ft or a little taller is ideal.

Where to use Hibiscus?

Here are just a few places to install hibiscus.

1. Hibiscus can be grouped in a mass planting and grown as a hedge or a privacy wall.

2. They can be container grown, the containers can be placed on either side of a house’s main entrance, on a porch, patio, deck, around a pool area, etc…

3. Hibiscus can be used as a backdrop in a plant bed.

4. Install hibiscus alongside a fenced area.

5. Growing a 5 ft hedge will look great alongside a wall.

6. Planting hibiscus in the front of a porch railing will bring that wow.

7. Install hibiscus alongside a garden path walkway.

These are just a few places to install hibiscus, what ideas can you come up with where these tropical beauties will look great?

The final word on hibiscus summer pruning

Giving your hibiscus a summer pruning will keep these garden beauties in tip-top shape, as we looked at earlier this type of pruning doesn’t have to be to where you cut back hard but rather prune selectively. The hibiscus plant is a tropical beauty that will fill your garden and landscapes with an abundance of beautiful flower blooms. I have worked and am continuing to work with hibiscus for many years now so I know what they can do. You owe it to yourself to get a taste of the tropics with the beautiful hibiscus plant.


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