Raisins Health Benefits

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A Delicious that’s Healthy Snack

I love raisin because they can be added to pancakes, bread, cookies vegetable and fruit salads, chocolates, pies, etc… or you can eat them just as they are. As a child, this was one of my favorite snacks that I really enjoyed.

But the flip side of the coin is that raisins are really healthy and have some great benefits. So a diet of raisins will give you the best of both worlds the great taste and the healthy side of it.

Kids worldwide enjoy this healthy treat, as I am writing this post I am remembering the many childhood days of eating and enjoying this wonderful snack.

Fun Facts about Raisins

Here are some fun facts about raisins that I know you will enjoy.

1. Raisins are dried grapes.

2. Some Raisins are seedless like the Thompsons seedless.

3. Half of the world’s raisins are grown in California.

4. It is believed that raisins have been around 1490BC.

5. It takes more than 4 tons of grapes to produce 1 ton of raisins.

6. Raisins can be yellow, blue, green, purple, or black.

7. In ancient times the Romans used raisins on a wide scale to fight sickness.

Vitamins that are found in raisins

Raisins are a good source of vitamins, these vitamins are Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B2 and B3, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, dietary fiber, antioxidants, proteins, flavonoids, polyphenols.

Raisins health benefits

Raisins health benefits are as followed

1. Promotes strong bones.

2. Aid is eye health.

3. It helps to fight cancers.

4. Aids in a good bowel movement.

5. It helps to promote good digestion.

6. Believe it or not but raisins can help with weight gain in a good way.

7. Raisins can help fight infections.

8. Promotes healthy skin.

9. It can be used as a quick energy booster.

10. Promotes healthy hair.

11. Raisins are good for your heart.

12. It lowers blood pressure.

13. Promotes healthy kidneys.

I can go on with a number of benefits that raisins are good for but I think that you can see now why this dried fruit is a superfood.

The final word

Raisins can and do work wonders this is is a superfood that is out there and is doing a whole lot of good to help to ensure that we maintain good health. So including raisins in your diet will be of great benefit.


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14 thoughts on “Raisins Health Benefits”

  1. Very sleek and nice design with just the right and appropriate amount of color. My only suggestion is to have better, high quality images. I know that at times this is a tough go especially when relying on picture websites. I think you taking a picture of grapes and raisins with your phone for example would have been better than the ones you provided. Wish you the best!

  2. Great blog about raisins and the many, many health benefits. One of my favorite things as a kid was to be handed that little red box of raisins to munch on as I played. Today I add them to a bowl of Grape Nuts cereal and make oatmeal raisin cookies. I did not know how many colors they come in so I learned something new today. Than you

    • Hello. Karen so good to hear from you again and thanks a million for those kind words and commenting, raisins are really beneficial and do our bodies a whole lot of good all the best to you and have a good day.

  3. Thanks for your site! I love raisins too!!! Golden raisins are my favorite, though I love Thompson raisins as well. I only consume organic raisins though, because, as you mentioned that most raisins are grown in the US – California, and therefore the grapes are heavily sprayed with pesticides. Grapes are on the Dirty Dozen List according to the Environmental Working Group, they have among the highest pesticide contaminants. Keep shining!

    • Hello Millie so nice to hear from you again, it is good to see that you went organic, thanks for commenting. Raisins are really delicious with all of its awesome benefits.All the best to you and have a good day.

  4. I think you have a very nice page here!
    I just learned some things about raisins that I never knew 🙂

    You have a very nice variety of posts for people with different interests. I also enjoyed the “Foods That Promote Healthy Skin” post.

    I would definitely visit this site again!

    • Hello Amie so good to meet you and thanks a million for those kind words, you really made my day, thanks for commenting I am glad I could help, have a good day.

  5. Hi Norman
    Feels great to read one of your informative articles again. Raisins, I’ve learnt from this post, are a super food indeed. I know they taste so nice and are a sort of snack that one keeps on going back for more, but I didn’t know that they have numerous health benefits like this. Especially that vitamin B series part. I also have learnt about California being the world’s biggest producer.
    Are they native to California from 1490 BC or they were introduced?

    – SmileAfresh H.I.S.

    • Hello my friend so good to hear from you, raisins are pretty amazing and have so many benefits. 1490 BC is when raisins were first discovered after putting grapes in the sun and allowing them to dry. Hope this helps all the best to you, my friend.

  6. Very interesting! Raisins are really a super food. I’ve never knew that half of the world’s raisins are grown in California. I also love them, and I’m unable to stop eating. They are great substituent of sugar and sweets, and are healthy. Your article is very informative but I want to know with what types of food should I combine with raisins?

    • Hello GeorgeS, it is so good to meet you. Raisins are of great benefit and do our bodies good. You can add raisins to your garden salads, to your cereal, to fruit salads, ice creams etc… Just get creative and think outside the box. Hope this helps all the best to you and have a good day.

  7. Hi Norman,

    Great article!

    I love raisins, and I eat them almost every day because they are delicious:) But I didn’t know that they offer so many benefits, which is excellent! My children also love the taste of raisins. I am lucky:) What I am a bit afraid of is that eating raisin every day may make me put some weight on. I’ve heard that raisins contain a lot of sugar. Is that true? What would be the portion to eat every day?

    Thank you for this excellent post!

    • Hello Daniella so good to see you, hope all is well. Raisins are really great and the benefits are just awesome. I would probably have1serving a week just to play it safe. Hope this helps. Have a wonderful Sunday. 


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