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Grass Clippings A Gold Mine


Manicure Lawn

You have just mowed your lawn and everything looks great, for weeks you have been meaning to take on this task but could not find the time, but finally, you were able to squeeze in some time and the lawn looks awesome.

But wait what are you going to do with all of that grass clipping that is left there laying on the lawn, will you throw it away I mean it’s just grass clippings no big deal or is it?

Don’t Trash The Gold

On a daily basis lawns no matter what type is being cut, thousands of lawns and if the truth could be told tons and tons of clippings are disposed of when it can be used to maintain your lawn keeping it healthy and beautiful.

Grass clippings is a natural organic that has and is being used by so many because of its value and role it plays within the landscapes. Grass clippings when left on the lawn is recycled or filtered back into the lawn where it is broken down by soil microbes adding nutrients to the soil that is taken up by grass and other plant life.

This process is really awesome because it is all natural because you don’t have to worry about the grass being burned when using synthetic fertilizers and you get to save a few extra $$$$ because it is all free.

Excess Clippings

While it is true you may not be able to recycle all that clipping back into the lawn because of potential harm like an insect haven and disease, yet that excess clipping can be blown or raked and used for other purposes.

Recycling grass clippings

Other Benefits of Grass Clippings

Lawn mower-recycling-grass-clippings

Lawn Mower

Here are some cool facts about grass clippings that are really great

1. Grass clippings can help to suppress weeds.

2. Recycling grass clippings adds nutrients to the soil.

3. Grass clippings can save you $$$$$.

4. Can be used to feed cattle.

5. Can be used as mulch.

6. Can be used in composting.

7. Clippings help to retain moisture.

It so so great to get on the great outdoors and connect with nature as you beautify your garden lawn, and collect all that grass clippings that can work wonders not only for your lawn but the rest of your garden and landscape projects.

The final word

Grass clipping is very beneficial and is a safe and effective way to add nutrients to your lawn and you get to save some money also. So the next time you think about disposing of your lawn clippings remember you are trashing Gold that can serve you in so many ways.

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