Relaxing With Gardening

Creating a Garden Oasis

Colorful flowering garden-relaxing-with-gardening
Rainbow flower garden

There are so many benefits to the construction of a garden. For example, a garden can be constructed for food production, beauty, increasing property value and so on. In this article, however, we will be looking at the positive mental effect that a garden can bring.

Billions of dollars are spent every year in the plant and gardening industry because of the value garden plants bring. I can personally say that because I have been in this field now for more than 22 years. Gardening

can have such a positive effect on a person, both mentally, physically and emotionally. I read an article many years ago where an experiment was done in a hospital with two patients to see the mental effect of what a garden can do.

Patient A was placed in a room where there was no garden view just the walls to look at while Patient B was also placed in a room the only differences were this Patients room had a window that overlooked a beautiful garden.

What the experiment proved was that Patient B recovered much faster than Patient A because of the positive effect that Patient B experience by connecting with nature.

Nature’s way

This is why so many persons love to go on nature walks or taking a hike it is to connect with nature because if the  truth could be told there are many people that are living stressful lives

and then there are some who just need to take a break from all that which goes on in their everyday lives, a different scenery for a change.

Nature brings healing

Nature has a way of bringing healing by impacting our minds in a positive way. What is so awesome is as we take in all of that good stuff our stress level drops causing us to feel much better.

We then have a new burst of energy that makes us feel like we can take on the world.

What does nature have to offer?

Nature has so much to offer when we look at the beautiful colourful plants and trees that are so diverse but yet work as one, the beautiful flowers, the birds singing, the butterflies and the bees that move about their daily activities without a care in the world.

You may come across a deer or two or perhaps a squirrel or some other animal about their business. All of a sudden you are caught up in a different world forgetting that situation you are facing

and with much excitement reach for your camera or video recorder and start recording. This has a positive impact on our minds as we experience inner peace and healing.

Modelling nature

How can we model nature? we can model nature by creating a garden oasis, maybe you may have that extra space if not no matter how limited, with some creativity you can have that garden oasis.

Creating your garden paradise

Before creating your garden paradise start with a plan. You will be amazed by the creative ideas you come up with. Here are some basics you can apply before preparing your garden for planting.

This is the building blocks of a successful garden. Also having some knowledge about the plants you will be using will also add to your garden success. Having some knowledge of plants include

water requirements, size of the plant at maturity, light tolerant, soil type whether the plant loves acidic, alkaline or neutral soil is the basic. When it comes to disease and insect problems you can always acquire this information.

A good source of information can always be to talk to your nurseryman at your garden centre.

Limited space

Flowering plants in plant pots on balcony-relaxing-with-gardening
Container Garden

Limited space no problem, with some thought and creativity you can create your garden paradise. Here is a link that you can follow for small garden spaces.

Benefits of having a garden paradise

Here are some cool facts about having a garden oasis

1. A garden can relieve stress.

2. Can give you such a calm.

3. Help you to get much-needed exercise.

4. Working together in your garden with family is a good family time.

5. Having a garden can help you refocus.

6. By creating a garden you will be providing a home for wildlife.

7. Save $$$ by growing your own food if it is an eatable garden.

8. Plants help to clean the air.

I am sure you are able to add to this list

The Final word

Creating a garden paradise is not that hard, all it takes is some thought and you will be well on your way. This is a good investment will pay off in so many ways so why not give it a try and reap the benefits. You will be glad that you did.


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