Rooftop Gardens

 Gardening Above the Ground

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Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop gardening or gardening above the ground is a great way to connect with nature. Rooftop gardening is really great because with these types of gardens you create your paradise or private oasis where you can get away from it all as you relax in a garden that is tailored made just for you. Rooftop gardens are not new but have been around for some time. You can make your rooftop garden as simple or as complex I would much rather keep it simple which I think you would also.

When Planning your rooftop garden keep it nice and open not clutter. Allowing some space will not only create interest as far as beauty is concerned but will contribute to proper air circulation that is of great benefit in order for your garden plants to grow healthy.

These gardens are great especially for persons that are living in crowded cities with no place to plant a garden, rooftop gardens are grown worldwide and is enjoyed by many. Persons that are living in residential as well as commercial areas are taking advantage of these gardens, rooftop gardens can be designed with the use of containers or constructing raised beds.  Going green from the rooftop also offers many benefits which we will be looking at a bit later but for now, how do we go about installing and caring for a rooftop garden.

Planning a rooftop garden

Here are a few things to consider before investing in a rooftop garden

Getting permission

Sure you would love a rooftop garden because it offers so many benefits but before installing ensure that you are not violating any building codes or regulations that your city or state has put in place.

Building soundness

Another factor is the soundness of your building roof. How much weight can your roof withstand, can it support the weight of this garden type. What will be the size of the plants at maturity, what about the size and weight of the container or raised beds. These should be considered and given special attention.

Size of space

How much space do you have to work with will determine the size of both the containers and the plants to be used. One important thing to keep in mind as mentioned earlier is the size of the plants at maturity. What you don’t want is to install plants that will overpower a small area once they are fully grown.

At maturity, your garden plant should complement the amount of space that is available. Sure you will be working in your garden watering, pruning, and doing all that other good stuff but what you don’t want is a garden where you are constantly having to prune your plants so they won’t be overpowering because of the size 0f the area.


Having a budget is so important, how much are you willing to spend?


How will you get to install your garden on the rooftop how easy is it to get your garden plants, soils, tools, and materials up there?

Water source

Sure during the rainy weather, your rooftop garden can take full advantage of the rain during this time of the year. But what happens when comes summertime how will you get water to your plants?

Heat exposure

Working from your rooftop means you will be exposed to the heat, ensure at all times that you are fully protected from the sun’s ray. Too much exposure can lead to heatstroke and also skin cancer. In the category section of this website under garden safety, you will find helpful tips on making your garden experience a safe and enjoyable one.

The benefits of a rooftop garden

There are so many benefits to having a rooftop garden so if you are still considering whether you should go this way or not these tips may help to encourage you to invest in this type of garden.

1. With a rooftop top garden, you are above the ground in your garden paradise.

2. You have your privacy.

3. A garden of this sort will help to attract wildlife. How wonderful for your garden to be visited by birds especially if they decide to build a home in your garden.

4. These gardens can help to improve the air quality by pulling toxins out of the air.

5. During extreme heat conditions like the summer months rooftop gardens helps to reflex or protects the building from the heat.

6. Having a rooftop garden can improve your mental state that contributes to good health.

7. With a rooftop garden, there is less noise which means a more peaceful and restful time for you.

8. The maintenance procedures are much easier.

9. A rooftop garden can help to reduce stormwater runoff which slows the water to drains that can cause flooding.

Types of rooftop gardens

Here are just a few ideas for a rooftop garden.

1. Flower Gardens

2. Vegetable Gardens

3. Herb Gardens

4. Fruit Trees.

5. Low maintenance gardens such as a rock garden.

6. Butterfly Gardens, installing plants which attract butterflies

7. Hummingbird gardens, installing plants that attract hummingbirds.

For more on how to grow flower, fruit and vegetable gardens along with the benefits of herbs continue to the category section of this website.

The final word

Constructing and maintaining a rooftop garden can be really amazing, these gardens have so much to offer as you are in plant heaven enjoying the many wildlife which these gardens attract. So if you have a lot of roof space that is just sitting there why not turn it into a rooftop garden transforming that area into a thing of beauty. You can have the garden you also want, don’t let that limited yard space stop you invest in a rooftop garden and join the thousands from around the world that are reaping the benefits of these gardens.


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6 thoughts on “Rooftop Gardens”

  1. Green spaces are always a YES YES. It one of the key element of living a healthy life, rooftop gardens are great ideas for people living in big cities, I advise going into vegetable and fruits gardens, there are the healthiest.  there is no greater satisfaction in eating what you planted, that the real BIO!

    • Hello again, these gardens are really great and I encourage anyone who has the space to invest in this type of garden. Vegetables, herbs, and fruits are a great choice for these kinds of gardens. So happy to help, have a good day.

  2. Awesome article, Norman. Roof top gardens is a completely a new idea for me. Never thought or heard of it before. But I’m very much impressed with this idea, it looks to attractive to have a garden in our roof tops. 

    Your analysis is detailed and complete. I’m surprised to see that we can have any type of plant at our roof. Probably I’ll consider only flower garden. I’m sure all people in my building will be happy with this idea. 

    Thanks a lot for sharing this article. I’m further going to share out now. 

    • Hello, akshaysaxena so happy to see you. These gardens are pretty amazing as we connect with nature in a most wonderful way. So happy that I could help and thanks a million for sharing this information with the people in your building.  Again glad that I could help and please let me know how it goes. Have a good day.

  3. Hi Norman, 

    What an interesting article I accidentally come across when I was searching for some architectural ideas for our 3 story house in Melbourne. The local council does not allow living on the 3rd level so we will have to use it for outdoor living and entertainment.
    Your article provides some great ideas including best plants and a checklist. 
    Getting water to the rooftop is something I would like to know more. Do you think we could go with a rainwater tank for watering? Or we must pump water to the garden? 
    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us.
    Best wishes in writing more for us.

    • So sorry to hear that but the good news is that space can be used for these type gardens. There is nothing like connecting with nature in the great outdoors. Getting water up there can become a challenge. A rainwater tank sounds good or what you may consider is to install plants which are low maintenance or doesn’t require much water that way you’re job will be made easier.

      Just visit your plant nursery or garden center and talk to the rep. about low maintenance plants that don’t require much water and make it a desert garden design. Just an idea to think about. So happy to help and please let me know how it goes.


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