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Roses are in my opinion the ‘queen of flowers’. It’s amazing how roses are used so widely especially on valentine’s day when we see roses in great abundance as lovers express their love for each other by either buying a single rose or a rose arrangement. But whatever the occasion, these exotic flowers are loved by millions around the world. The story is told of a farmer’s wife who grew roses because of her love for them and the story goes on to say when asked about pruning her rose bushes she exclaimed that she would “rather chop off one of her chicken’s head than to cut a flower from her rose bush”. That is rose love to the highest extremity.

These wonders of nature come in an array of colors. I have seen so many roses in my lifetime and the colors are just out of this world. Just to behold such beauty that nature has to offer. Even though we admire these exotic plants like other plants Rose also needs their share of tender loving care to be able to produce the kinds of flowers that they can produce and in such great quantity.

So then we will be looking at how to grow and care for roses in order to reap the benefits from them.

Growing Roses

When planting roses it is best to use good garden soil. Plant your rose bush in a good sunny location and be sure to give your rose bush lots of space to grow. Make sure that when you dig the hole, it is two times that of the root ball in width. The reason for this to make sure the roots have space to run. This will assist the rose bush in becoming established more easily and faster.

Roses don’t like wet feet so if the plant is planted in poor soil that excess water does not drain out of, the roots of the plant will begin to rot because of fungus, so it’s a good idea to place some stones in the planting hole first (about one to two inches will do) then add your good garden soil about two to three inches, then you are clear to add your plant to the hole and backfill with more of that good garden soil.

Watering Methods

Make sure that when you water you give the rose plant a good soaking, shallow watering will not do. Especially during summer months, you may have to water more often to keep your rose bush growing nice and healthy.

Powdery mildew

Powdery mildew on roses looks like white powder on the rose leaves. This is a fungal disease that attacks the rose plant. This disease may also spread to the stems of the plant. This fungal disease has been known to deform the leaves of rose bushes. One of the common causes of powdery mildew is planting the plants too close to each other. Because of this there is poor air circulation so make sure that each rose bush is planted at least 4 feet apart.

Another reason why powdery mildew forms are when the days are warm and dry and night time is cool and humid. Also due to watering plants at the wrong time of day. It is advisable to water in the morning and not in the evening. Water at ground level and not from the top of the plant because watering too late in the evening and from the top of the plant can cause water to settle on the leaves of the plant and not dry out in time.


These are just a few of the treatments that you can use to bring about the desired results. Read the labels to see how to apply, remembering to follow direction to the letter. Or you can make your own homemade remedy.

You will need a spray bottle and Ivory liquid soap. Add 2 teaspoons of baking soda along with 1/2 teaspoon of liquid soap in two quarts of water then pour mixture into your spray bottle and shake thoroughly. Apply to rose bush making sure that the spray comes out fine and misty. Wait for about seven days. If you have to repeat another application then do so until you get your desired result.

And remember if you follow these steps your rose bush will continue to bloom for years to come.

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