Seaside Gardening

Seaside Gardening, Riding The Waves Of Garden  Success


living in a coastal area can be an awesome experience as we connect and take in all that the coastline has to offer with the sound of the waves as they move so softly towards the seashore

The sweet gentle breeze greets us each morning as the sun rises or in the cool and stillness of the evening as we stand in awe as it sets. It’s no wonder why so many people are attracted to coastal homes.

I have had a wonderful experience and have taken advantage of spending many mornings and evenings on the coast and the experience has always been so amazing.

But living in a coastal area can also be a challenge for those who desire a home garden. Over the years I have worked on many garden projects and one thing for sure is coming up with creative ideas of giving the homeowner a garden paradise that both they and their families can enjoy for years to come.

Salt Sprays

Seaside garden design-seaside-gardening
Ornamental grasses

Salt sprays from the ocean can really be a challenge but the good news is with proper planning and the proper plant selection you can be on your way to much garden success.

Salt Tolerant Plants

Salt tolerant plants are plants that can take or handle the salt sprays which come from the ocean. I have worked with many of these plants and their performance in this kind of condition is pretty amazing.

There are so many salt-tolerant plants to chose from. Follow this link salt-tolerant plants for a list of plants that can be added to your garden paradise making living along the coastline so much more beautiful and exciting.

High winds

High winds also play a major factor and can also determine whether your coastline garden will be a success. Living on the coastline can and does expose the homeowner to high winds that can really (windburn) damage plants.


Creating windbreakers are also a great way to protect our garden plants. We will be looking at how to go about creating windbreakers in the garden tips section.

Sandy soils

While some plants are drought tolerant it is always best to add some type of soil amendment to ensure the overall health and survival of your plants. Adding amends such as compost and organics can really help.

Conditioning your soil with these amendments will allow plants not only to retain fertilizers but also the right amount of water.

Tips on coastal gardening success

Here are some tips on coastal planting garden success

1. A great way to garden successfully on the coast is to plant in containers known as container gardening. With this type of gardening, you can always shift plants around by removing them out of areas under heavy salt sprays and returning them once the winds dissipate

2. Under heavy salt sprays, a great idea is to rinse plants with fresh water which will help them to survive the salt sprays.

3. Salt tolerant plants that are dense are great to add to your garden paradise.

4. Always know your plant’s requirements such as water, fertilizer, lighting, pruning, and height at maturity.

5. Compost and Organics are a great way to keep your plants happy.

6. Using native plants is also a great way to ensure coastline garden success. Chose plants that are not only salt-tolerant but can grow well in that type of climate.

7. Windbreakers can not only add to the overall design of your garden but can also protect plants. Investing in fences, retaining walls, creating a hedge, or even installing plants around structures can help to protect garden plants from strong winds.

8. Your nurserymen or garden salespersons can give advice also on the care of coastal plants.

The final word

Seaside gardening is so great because you can create your very own garden paradise while connecting with nature and enjoying the full benefits of what a coastline garden has to offer so investing in these gardens

are really amazing as you enjoy the rising and setting of the sun in your garden paradise. Now that is something to get excited about.


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4 thoughts on “Seaside Gardening”

  1. I don’t live directly on the water, but the air is moist and some say salty. I know that we can also get some high winds here. So I am curious as to which plants would grow best here? I am new to Florida and was thinking that I can’t go wrong with desert plants such as cactus, palms, and sagos. Any other plants that do well in our climate? My yard is less than to be desired, as the previous owners did not really do anything with the yard. I love to have a nice yard, and at the moment it seems a bit overwhelming.

    • Hello my good friend so good to hear from you again hope all is well with both you and your family. Here is a list of plants  that you can have  a look at. Hope this help and wishing you the best of garden success. Have a good day and please do let me know how it goes.  https//staging-gardenofedengardencenter.siterubix.coms salt tolerant plants.

  2. Hi! This was an easy to read site indeed! I learned so much about seaside gardening that I never knew before.

    One day I will be living back on a beach and remember theses coastal gardening tips.

    I am from southern California here in the good ole USA and miss all the beautiful trees and plants that you can’t see and enjoy when you are living inland or clean across the country in Alabama. It’s so hot and humid here anything will grow 🙂

    P. S. What is the favorite fruit grown there in the Bahamas?

    • Hello Allen so nice to meet you thanks for responding and for sharing. Hopefully one day God’s willing you will get to live back on the beach once again.. There are so many but I would say that a favorite is Dilly, Guavas and Juju. Thanks thanks again for your kind words, I am so happy that I could help. Have a good day.


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