Signs That Plants Are Being Underwater

How to ensure that your garden plants and lawn is getting sufficient water

Container Gardening
Container Gardening

Every living thing needs water in order to survive even the smallest microscopic organism. Garden plants are no exception and must receive water according to their needs but the decline of many garden plants can be attributed to a lack of water.

Water plays an important part in the overall health of garden plants because water is one of the elements that is needed for garden plants to manufacture their food. But one thing which needs to be kept in mind is though water plays an important part in the life of a garden plant a lack of water or overwatering can be detrimental so how do we know how much water our garden plants should receive?

Signs that plants are being underwater

Here are signs to look for when garden plants are underwater.

1. If the soil is completely dry, test this by scooping up some soil if the soil is extremely loose to the touch or if when you gently blow it and the soil easily disperses then this is a sure sign that your plants need a drink of water.

2. Plant Wilting is another sign that your garden plants are getting more than their share of water, but don’t be fool by this because underwatering will also cause garden plants to wilt. A good rule to follow is to know your garden plant’s water requirements and give them the right amount this way you will be sure of the amount of water that your garden plants are getting.

Also what you can do to ensure whether your plants are getting too much water or being underwater is by checking the leaves. If the leaves are brittle or crisp this is a sure sign that water is lacking on the other hand if the leaves are limp this is a sign that your garden plants may be overwatered.

3. Discolored leaves is another clue that your garden plant lacks water, the lower leaves will turn yellow and curl along with the edges becoming brown.

4. Leaf drop is another indication that your garden plants may be lacking or getting too much water. This has been my experience on many occasions, it is a matter of checking your garden soil to see if overwatering or underwatering is the reason.

Note: A lack of nitrogen also shows signs of leaves turning yellow but the only difference is with a lack of nitrogen the leaves although yellow will remain attached to your garden plant.

5. Another sign to keep an eye on is if your garden plant is really growing slow. Again garden plants need the right amount of water to keep them growing healthy so a lack of water can also have a negative effect on the growth of plants.

6. When it comes to a garden lawn a lack of water would show up as the grass blades folding, making a crunching sound when stepped on and footprints being visible in the grass. Another sign may include the grassroots becoming weak and can be easily pulled from the soil. Too much water may also have the same effect, again it is a matter of knowing about the watering needs of your grass type and inspecting the soil thoroughly.

7. Flower drop, the last thing that we want to see is garden plants prematurely dropping flowers which is a sign of under as well as overwatering. Again it comes back to knowing your garden plant’s watering needs.

8. Fail to flower, in some cases garden plants may not completely flower because of a lack of water.

Additional information to keep your plant healthy

1. Ensure that your garden plant is installed in the right soil type.

2. Ensure that your plant is getting the right amount of sunlight.

3. Fertilizers play an important part in the overall health of garden plants so ensure you are giving your plants the required amount.

4. Keep an eye out for garden insect pests and treat them with an insecticide that is environmentally safe and follow the manufactures direction when applying.

5. Keep your plant nicely trimmed and groomed with a hand pruner.

Signs that your plants are being overwatered

Here are some signs that your garden plants are getting too much water, as we discussed earlier some of these signs may show up also in plants that are underwatered.

1. Too much water will cause the leaves of your garden plants to become limp and droop.

2. The leaves will also turn yellow.

3. Leaf drop is also a common thing among plants that are getting too much water.

4. The tip of the leaves may turn brown.

5. Garden plant tissues will rot and have an off scent.

6. Your garden plants will develop disease which will lead to root rot.

7. Your garden plant will experience stunted growth.

8. Overwatering a garden lawn will cause the soil to be compacted.

11. Overwatering a lawn will encourage disease which will lead to root rot.

12. Signs of fungus will be visible.

13. Necrotic ring spot will be seen.

 Some garden plants are easy to grow

  • Bromeliads
  • Aglaonema
  • Ornamental Grasses
  • Palms
  • Herbs such as garlic, rosemary, chives, parsley
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Cabbages

These are just a few of the many garden plants which can be easily grown.

The final word

Garden plants are meet to be enjoyed for the many benefits they offer from consuming to beautifying and so on but in order to benefit we must do all that we can to keep our plants growing healthy which includes giving them the right amount of water so follow these steps for success, trust me your plants will love you and show you by growing and blooming their best.


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8 thoughts on “Signs That Plants Are Being Underwater”

  1. By now Norman’s web page has become something of a bible for me. His advice is always very valid and, like other posts, even this one is no different. I always thought that love alone could make plants grow but obviously I was wrong. The advice I found in this post will make me a skilled gardener and I hope soon to be able to share my results. Thanks again.

    • Thanks so much, Fabio for those encouraging words. I am so happy that I could help. Wishing you all the best of success and have a good day.

  2. This is one of my worst virtues, I don’t have green fingers. At all! Knowing when and how much to water my plants is an ongoing problem that often ends with my plant dying on me. Thanks for all your tips with keeping my plants alive- I hope with all this information, this summer my plants will live!

  3. Great article, there is required amount of water needed for a plant to grow normally,Garden plants are meet to be enjoyed ,yes I agreed but we must do our own part to give required water as at when due for better growth,that is my own opinion, watering as at when due, awesome write up, thanks for sharing.

    • Hello so happy to hear from you and I am so glad to help. Let’s give our plants the right amount of water so they can grow healthy allowing us to enjoy them. All the best to you and have a good day.

  4. I could remember when I started my container gardening with maize corn. The season for corn planting was already going before I planted it. At a point, the leafs started having yellow spots. When I took the leaf sample to the agricultural laboratory in my school, they told me the plant was underwatered. That was why  it harbour disease which made it grow out yellow spot. I was told to fumigate it and give it enough water. I applied that but it was too late. I couldn’t harvest healthy corn during that season. I was able to learn from my mistakes. I tried it again and I got perfect yield. Plants need Normal water quantity for them to yield well.

    • Hello Stella thanks so much for sharing, you are so right with what you have said and it is so good to know that you gained that knowledge which brought you success. Thanks again an all the best to you, have a good day.


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