Slopes And Hillside Gardens

Creating Your Garden Paradise

Pansies violet-slopes-and-hillside-gardens
Pansies Violet

Creating your garden paradise from a slope or hillside can give that WOW. These garden spaces provide you with the opportunity to get those creative juices flowing as you construct a garden that is unique in style with such flavors that will have your imagination running wild as you see the endless possibilities of creating a thing of beauty.

However, constructing a garden on a slope or hillside calls for much thought and planning because what you want is a garden that is not only your oasis but a garden that is well suited for these areas.

Things to consider

  • Angles
  • Water runoff
  • Soil runoff
  • Poor quality soils
  • Plants

1. When working on slopes because of the angle it is very difficult at times to keep your footing so extreme caution must be taken so as not to slip and injure yourself. Wearing boots that are not only comfortable but is designed for this type of job is a must.

2. Because these gardens are on an angle water runoff is great which also poses another challenge when seeking to maintain a garden in this type of area.

3. We hear that word angle again which can cause the soil to run off downhill, when this happens that spells trouble for the plants that were installed there.

4. Poor soil quality may also be an issue that must be dealt with in order to have success.

5. Knowledge of the type of plants that grow in these areas is a must, so much thought should go into this.

However, all is not lost there is still hope through careful planning that can help you to turn that slope or hillside into a garden paradise.

Getting down and dirty

In a good way of cause. Now comes the actual work, where do we start?

It is best to start by evaluating the angle or how steep the slope is which greatly influences runoff. Installing stone walls or terraces is a great way to control soil and water runoff besides giving that exotic look.

This is a project that calls for a lot of work by setting these stones in place while working on these hills or slopes. If you can’t do the job yourself and have set aside a budget then hiring a company that can design and construct these terraces may be your best option.

Soil matters

Now that you have your stone wall or terrace in place next comes the soil. The soil that is used should be good quality soil that will help your plants to grow and thrive as it maintains the right amount of moisture and nutrients for plant growth.

Choice of garden plants

Here are some plants that can be used in these gardens

What you want is a garden that is bursting with colors if I can use that word. Your garden should have flavor and be inviting. Choosing to install flowers is a great idea.

Flowering Plants

Purple Coneflower-slopes-and-hillside-gardens
Purple Coneflower
  • Coneflower
  • Daylilies
  • Roses
  • Russian Sage
  • Violets
  • Spring bulbs

Make a great choice or seeding planting flower seeds that are native to your region is good.

Ground Covers are great and can cover up and fill empty spaces while giving that natural look.

English Ivy-slopes-and-hillside-gardens
English Ivy

Ground Covers

  • Rockrose
  • Vinca
  • English Ivy
  • Dwarf Coyote Bush

Shaded Plants

Shaded plants make a great choice here are a few that can be installed

  • Siberian
  • Periwinkle
  • Astilbe
  • Lily of the valley

Plants for full sun

  • Forsythia
  • Catmint
  • Purple Coneflower
  • California lilac
  • Creeping Juniper

Care for your hillside garden

Keeping your hillside garden weed-free is a must for your garden to keep its charm, giving your plants the right amount of water and fertilizer is also important, get to know your plant’s requirements.

Your nurseryman or garden sales representative is a good source of information.

Plant-insect pests and diseases

Insect pests and disease pose another problem to a plant’s health, care should be taken in treating plants that have fallen prey.

Additional information

For more on fertilizers, watering methods, plant disease, and insect pest control refer to the category section of this website.

Benefits of a hillside garden

  • Gives a beautiful view instantly
  • Ground covers can be easily seen
  • Excess water will run off in the case of heavy rain wall

The final word on slopes and hillside gardens

Constructing a slope or hillside garden can be very exciting as you transform that drabbed area into a work of art that says welcome or home sweet home. What a great way to spend time with family and friends in a setting such as this.

So why not invest in a garden of this sort that is worth the effort? Trust me you will be glad that you did. Let’s get started on that hillside garden.


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