Small Garden Designs And Layouts

Garden Tips on Unterlizing that Small Space

Raise Bed Garden-small-garden-designs-and-layouts
Raise Bed Garden

Don’t give up on your dream garden because you have limited space, having a garden is still possible by thinking outside of the box and making good use of that small space because when it comes to gardening there are so many ways of approach that has proven to give good results.

I have been involved in many garden projects from outdoors to the interior and have had the experience of seeing first hand what can happen with a well thought out plan. Whether it’s a vegetable, herb, or flower garden you have come to the right place on how this is done so continue with me below as we discuss small garden designs and layouts.

Small Garden Designs And Layouts

A Wagon With Flower-landscping-ideas-for-front-yards
A wagon with flowers
  • Raised bed gardens
  • Container gardens
  • Gardening above the ground
  • Kitchen countertop gardens
  • Vertical gardens
  • Pallet gardens
  • Window box gardens
  • Table gardens
  • Shelves
  • A shoe bag

Raised bed gardens

The use of constructing raised bed gardens is possible with the use of wooden frames as shown in the picture above. Your raised bed garden doesn’t have to be that fancy. All it entails is making a square frame as large as you want it to be, the frame can be made out of 2x4s nail together. You can either place good garden soil into your wooden frame box or once the box is constructed place lining at the bottom which is landscape fabric to hold down the weeds followed by topsoil and then your seeds or seedlings. These garden frames are so easy to construct without you having to break the piggy bank and will give you a good return for this small investment.

Container Gardens

This is one of my favorites because with these garden types you can protect plants when the weather is unfavorable or grow plants on the interior. The photo above with the wheelbarrow is a great example of planting a container garden. You can also use buckets, tin or metal containers, jugs, and old cooking pot that’s no more in use or other containers that are wide and deep enough to hold sufficient soil for your garden. You can also grow herbs from your kitchen countertops with this garden type. For more on container gardens and growing herbs refer to the category section of this website.

Gardening above the ground

Utilize that space with the help of a hanging garden by gardening above the ground. I have used hanging baskets on many garden projects and have seen the results these gardens bring. There are so many benefits with the use of hanging baskets because you can plant just about anything from flowering plants to herbs which I think is so cool. The use of hanging baskets carries the seem benefits of containers.

There is very little to no weeding, not much water usage meaning, less work, and more water saved, insect pests issues are at an all-time low next to zero.

Kitchen countertop gardens

The use of kitchen countertops to grow fresh herbs is not new, this method of growing and harvesting fresh herbs from our kitchens will give good results once done properly. Ensure however that your kitchen has good lighting if there isn’t much light then installing grow lights that can be purchased from your nursery or garden center will help greatly. Herbs can be grown in 6-inch containers.

Vertical gardens

Planting and maintaining a garden in vertical spaces is made possible with the use of garden structures that can fit into these areas. For more on verticle garden refer to this link. Constructing a vertical garden.

Pallet gardens

A pallet garden is the next garden inspiration that gives you another choice to garden in small spaces. There are so many ways to garden using this method. One method is to stand the pallet erect and attach 6-inch containers to the pallet with nails and steel cables or tie strap add the soil and your plants, you are all set to go.

Another method is to lay the pallet flat on the ground with the top up, pour soil in between each slot until it’s almost filled followed by adding your seeds or seedlings and you are good to go.

Window box gardens

Window Box Garden

Think outside of the box with window-box gardens, Window box gardens are old school this garden method of growing plants from our windows have probably been around from our great, great, great grandparents. Going old school brings that old-time flavor with a new twist that will bring that wow, this garden method entails installing window boxes and installing plants, flowering plants or herbs will work wonders in this garden type. Once the box is installed and properly secured line the inside with landscape fabrics along with adding soil and your seeds or seedlings and you will be well on your way to having success with this garden method.

A birdbath

A birdbath can serve as a small garden inspiration, fill the birdbath with soil followed by adding seeds or seedlings.

Table gardens

This is a simple garden style of placing 6-inch or 3-gallon pots on a table that is in an area that gets a good amount of sunlight. A saucer should be placed under each pot or plant container to collect water that drains.

Ladder garden

Open up a wooden ladder placing pots on each step will give you sufficient space to place your plant containers.


Constructing a shelf and lining each level with 6-inch pots or containers is a great way to grow flowering plants, herbs, or vegetables.

A shoe bag

A shoe bag makes a great small garden inspiration, attach, the shoe holder to a hard surface for support followed by adding the soil and the seeds or seedlings.

Garden furniture and added feature

1. The use of containers on the interior is a great way to connect with nature. A few floor plants in the corners and 6-inch containers on your table or shelves will bring that much-needed flavor.

2. What about installing a few hanging baskets above your sitting area and a 6-inch pot with a flowering plant on the center table?

3. If you have an existing garden what about sprucing it up by add pieces of garden furniture.

4. A barbecue grill and a sitting area will enhance the appearance of your garden providing the perfect setting to cook and dine outside.

5. Adding 1 or 2 lounge chairs with a small center table and umbrella is perfect to spend the evening outdoors.

The final word on small garden designs and layout

Small garden inspiration and layouts will give you the garden you always wanted with limited space, these garden types will allow you to connect with nature in the most awesome way it’s only a matter of thinking outside of the box and going for it. I believe that every home can have a garden with these garden types why get left out, why not join the many homeowners that are enjoying this type of gardening you will be so happy with the results I promise you.


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  1. Hi Norman

    On occasion, I’ve thought about having a window box garden to add a little bit of nature to my life, but I would never have thought of a shoe bag garden! I love this idea!. Unfortunately, I do not have green fingers in the slightest, so what would you recommend as a sturdy, hardy, easy-to-look-after plant for my shoe bag?

    • Hello, Shell if you are looking for some low maintenance plants or plants that are easy to care for here are a few for you. ZZ plants, snake plants but my all-time favorites are bromeliads. There are some 2,700  species to choose from. Check with your garden nursery on these few. Hope this helps, all the best to you and have a good day.

  2. Hello there,  thank you for this very detailed and informative post,  I must sa that this is exactly what I am looking for,  I love gardens most times I really don’t want to return to my house when I visit my son,  just because he has a very nice garden,  i have often wondered how I can use the small space I have in my home for a garden but this post here has just answered my question an made things very easy for me. Thanks to sharing. 

    • Hi there, I am so happy to help. We can garden in just about any place it is all a matter of thinking outside of the box. Wishing you all the best with your garden project.

  3. Hey nice article you have there. Your designs and thoughts for each garden are invaluable. Nevertheless the container gardens has been my preferred choice for ages, because it is economical, you can easily transfer them to your preferred location. This type of garden is suitable for anyone who  wishes to go into garden but has a limited funds

    • Hello, thanks so much you are so right when it comes to container gardens this is one of my favorites also. These gardens has so many benefits. Thanks again and all the best to you.

  4. Hello,
    You always come with great gardening ideas, and I’m a definite fan of this. I personally am love plants especially the vegetable or grain plants. It doesn’t mean I don’t love a colorful fower garden but I prefer flooding plants more.

    Here in this article, you have proposed several small garden designs and layouts and I mostly like raised bed gardens, and vertical gardening ideas. These are pretty suitable for vegetable farming.

    But, you have missed out hydroponic about which I am most passionate. I’m looking for a full series of hydroponic farming in hotter climate area. Hope I’ll get the same for your sight soon.


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