Small Indoor Garden Ideas

Tiny Indoor Gardens

Small Indoor Garden Ideas-pothos-vine
Pothos Vine

Installing and maintaining a garden can be a rewarding experience as you connect with nature outdoors.  But what if you don’t have the yard space or maybe your desire is to go start an indoor garden, is this possible? the answer to that question is yes.

Thinking outside of the box can help in meeting the desired end by looking at ways to install an indoor garden. This is a great way to get a taste of nature on the inside, I have worked on many interior plantscape projects from 5-star resorts to private homes and know that with some thinking and planning you can bring much flavor into your indoor living space with these methods that have proven to work wonders.

12 tiny Indoor Garden Ideas

Container Grown Cactus
  • Hanging baskets
  • Indoor herb gardens
  • A vertical garden
  • Indoor water gardens
  • Plastic bottle gardens
  • Kokedama hanging garden
  • Garden shoe bag
  • Table gardening
  • Container gardening
  • Indoor Atrium
  • Bonsai
  • Cactus Garden

1. Hanging baskets

A hanging basket or as I call it gardening above the ground is a great way to utilize that empty space. What I love about hanging baskets is that they can be hung just about anywhere, these gardens are low maintenance and there is no need to worry about weeds. Pest and disease are little to nothing. When installing hanging baskets ensure that the proper lighting is provided.

Hanging baskets on the interior will bring that much-needed flavor along with color and that soft touch that will work wonders. I have worked with this garden method on many interior plantscape projects that were truly amazing.

2. Herb gardens

Kitchen Herb Garden-growing-herbs-in-containers
Growing herbs in containers

Herb gardens are one of my favorites, I have just written a post on these garden types that I know you will love. There are so many benefits to growing a herb garden, you can even grow these gardens indoors from your kitchen countertop.

One of the cool things about these gardens is that you can always have fresh herbs at your fingertips from your kitchen harvested by your very own hands as long as you can provide the right lighting conditions among other things, you are all set to bring mouth water flavors with beautiful amorous to your favorite dishes.

3. A vertical garden

A Vertical Garden-constructing-a-vertical-garden
A vertical garden

Gardening in tiny spaces is made possible with the help of vertical gardens, these gardens can fit into tiny spaces but will give you a garden that is filled with beautiful plants. Vertical gardens come in many styles but the concept is still the same and that is gardening in small spaces.

This garden type is not new but is used by so many people to utilize that small area bringing color and life for more on this garden type refer to this link. Vertical gardens.

4. Indoor water gardens

A plant growing in a bottle-indoor-water-gardens
A plant growing in a bottle

An indoor water garden is the process of growing garden plants in a clear glass bottle. The way these gardens work is by removing the soil from the plant roots and being very careful not to damage the roots, next fill the bottle with water followed by adding your plant.

Some of the best plants to use for this type of garden are Photos vines, English ivy, Wax plant, Philodendron, Begonia, Coleus, Wandering Jew, etc… You can place several of these gardens throughout your interior area that will be so cool.

5. Plastic bottle gardens

Plastic bottle-funny-faces-plastic bottle funny faces
Funny faces plastic bottle

This is an inexpensive way of starting an indoor garden, it’s all a matter of recycling which I think is a great idea. The plastic bottle can be a juice or water bottle etc…, to make this garden type exciting draw a funny face or scenery from nature like a bird or a flower on a piece of paper.

Color the picture, wrap the paper around the bottle, and fasten it with tape, the bottom of the bottle should have at least 3-4 holes for water drainage. Or if you prefer you can do as in the photo. Add good garden soil to the bottle followed by your plant, remember that whatever plant you are using provide the required lighting. Place the bottle in a saucer to catch the water that drains and you are good to go. This garden type makes a good project for kids because you can then teach them about the importance of garden plants including nature.

6. Kokedama hanging garden

Kokedama hanging garden

I know the name is strange and can cause you to twist your tongue, this garden type is a favorite of Japan. Kokedama garden means moss ball. This is a unique garden that can fit into your living room or other areas in your home that is tiny.

What I love about these gardens is the style and the ease of care. The Kokedama hanging garden deserves our attention because it’s a real show-stopper and will amaze your family and friends as they stop over for a visit. I believe that this garden type is worth adding to the list of small indoor garden ideas.

7. Garden shoe bag

A shoe bag is great for hanging shoes, these bags can be installed in just about any place in the home for your shoe storage but it’s also good to think outside of the box by using this bag as a garden. It’s all a matter of finding a location that is ideal for your plant type adding soil in each pocket followed by your plants.

That’s all it takes and you did not spend a fortune and still got the garden that you always wanted for the interior.

8. Table gardening

Peace Lily
Peace Lily

These gardens are pretty simple, all this entails is placing garden plants in small containers and placing plants on your tables, counters, nightstands, and other areas where these containers can rest comfortably.

I know you will love this garden type because it’s one that I have used over the years to bring beauty to the interior. This method of growing and maintaining a garden plant on the inside is popular. Placing several containers indoors using this method is a win-win that will enhance your indoor living space.

9. Container gardening

Peace Lily-peace-lily-care
Gaint peace lily and a palm in  baskets

Container gardening is another favorite of mines, these gardens can fit into any landscape and garden design. There are so many benefits to these garden types, placing a few small 6-inch containers with plants on shelves, book stands, coffee tables, etc… along with placing containers ( 3 gallons) or larger with plants beside furniture, in the corner of rooms, etc… is a great way to take advantage of this methods.

When installing containers ensure they are getting the proper lighting along with placing a saucer under each container to catch the water that drains.

 10. Indoor Atrium

An indoor atrium makes the perfect sitting area to relax, read or just sit and sip a cup of tea if you have a spare room that can be used or an open area that can be closed in then this will make the perfect atrium with beautiful flowering plants of different heights and sizes.

Indoor Atrium

Small planters can be built or containers can be added or why not add both, ensure however that sufficient lighting reaches your plants. The atrium that both my former co-workers and I cared for had a thick glass roof and windows for the sunlight to get through to the plants.

If the room that you chose doesn’t have a glass roof don’t worry, just ensure that there are sufficient windows for the room to be illuminated with sunlight. An indoor atrium is pretty amazing as you relax in a beautiful environment decked with plants as the air is purified by these beauties pulling toxins out of the air.

11. Bonsai


This little plant is popular and so amazing, bonsai plants have made a name for themselves and have left a mark standing all alone. Placing several of these plants throughout your living space will work wonders.

There is no wonder why bonsai has been widely excepted. Much patience, however, is needed because though beautiful this plant has been known to be a slow grower which is not bad because at least you won’t have to worry about high maintenance so go for it and give this plant a try.

12. Cactus Garden

Flowering Cactus

Although the cactus plant is known as a desert plant you can grow cactus indoors, there are many that are miniature and will work wonders. What is so amazing about cactus is they are low maintenance so if you are always on the go then this garden type is for you.

These gardens can be purchased already prepared so all you do is bring them home and place them on the counter and other tabletops for them to get the proper lighting.

The final word on small indoor garden ideas

It is so good to know that you don’t have to get left out, these tiny garden ideas are so amazing and will work wonders for the interiors. No matter the space you can have a beautiful garden that is thriving, these garden types will change your atmosphere.

It is a known fact that indoor garden plants will keep the air pure by pulling toxins out of the air along with giving a restful feeling. You now know how to install these garden types on the inside so choose what method is right for you. Bring nature on the inside as these gardens go to work for you.


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  1. This article is a wonderfully written one. The ideas shared in it are absolutely amazing, every single one of it. My mother loves gardening, I shared this article with her and she too loved it so much. She loves making hanging baskets for her plants, specially the succulents. We both the loved the idea of creating a vertical garden. The ideas shared here are so innovative and are definitely going to make a beautiful garden. These ideas are going to make an indoor space look incredible. Any specific suggestions to keep a Bonsai healthy? My last one wilted very soon. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words and for sharing with your mother. With Bosnia ensure that the plant gets a good soaking. Don’t allow the soil to try out neither let the soil be saturated. Prune regularly, feed with a fertilizer that is recommended for it, bright indirect light, or sunlight will help and place your Bosnia on a humidity tray if possible which will help in creating the humidity it needs. I hope this helps.

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    • Thanks so much for those kind words. Having and indoor garden no matter how small will work wonders. All the best with your indoor garden project.

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    • Hello I am glad to help. Indoor gardens are so amazing and can be grown just about anywhere indoors. Wishing the best of success as you bring nature indoors.

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    • You are welcome and thanks so much. Wishing you all the best as you bring nature on the indoors. Have a good day.

  7. I have a small backyard which I want to use as a garden productively. As I was trying to find ideas online, I realise I can even have a small garden indoors!! This something that had not crossed my mind. You have helped me to start thing out of the box for sure.
    I have liked the vertical garden concept, and I will give it a go.
    Thank you, Norman, for opening my eyes to this.


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