Small Tropical Garden Ideas

Plants that Transport You to the Tropics

Small Tropical Garden Ideas-frangipani-flowers
Frangipani flowering plant

Living in the tropics can be an awesome experience, it’s like living in a garden paradise where you can relax and move at a slow pace. If you were to ask the question or get someone’s opinion about the tropics they would most likely say the tropics are a garden paradise where there are sunny days with blue skies, white clouds, miles of white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, palm trees, and lots of beautiful colorful plant species, birds singing sweetly and other wildlife resting or actively going about their daily routine.

I live in the Bahamas on the tropical island of Nassau which is the Capital, all of the above that I mention  I get to enjoy along with other islanders. The Bahamas is a part of the Caribbean, where we have and enjoy a chain of 700 islands and 2,400 cays, can you imagine having this kind of experience of living in the tropics.

Well, the good news is you can create a tropical garden with some imagination and a bit of creativity, you can create a tropical garden oasis where you can sit back and relax as you bring the tropics to you and enjoy the beauty of nature.

9 Small Tropical Garden Ideas

1. Climate

What’s the climate like? this is the first step in the right direction is to consider the climate. Having an idea of your climate will help in deciding which plants to purchase. Some tropical plants love the full sun and then there are others that thrive best in filtered sunlight and then there are those that love the full shade. Installing delicate tropical plants in containers is also great, these containers can be strategically placed throughout your garden area, when the cold season arrives the containers can be brought indoors and returned outdoors once the weather warms up.

2. Garden soil

Small Tropical Garden Ideas-ixora-dwarf-yellow
Ixora dwarf yellow

The soil that’s used should be the right fit for your tropical garden, whichever tropical plants you’re using for your zone should have the right soil type so plants can grow healthy.

3. Garden layout

Proper planning is so important why? because what you want is to look at the amount of space you have. This will help you to decide the number of tropical plants to install and the right amount of space they need once they reach maturity. What you don’t want is to choose plants that grow so hudge they overpower your garden becoming an eyesore and requiring lots of maintenance work. Larger existing plants may already be a part of your landscape so what you want is to let these larger plants remain and create your tropical garden around them.

4. Get ideas

A great source of information for your tropical garden are books, magazines, and of course, the internet, getting ideas from these sources will make the creation of your tropical garden a lot easier. ” no man is an island” we all need help sometimes, just asked for it if needed you will be surprised of the many great ideas you can find if you just ask.

5. Add flowers that are bright and colorful

What is a tropical garden without bright colorful flowers right, go for lots of colors. The plants that are chosen should be of various sizes, shapes, and heights, adding some plants that have larger leaves helps to create interest and a great visual effect. Fill your tropical garden with plants but remember to give them their proper spacing. When installing plants however in the seem plant bed make sure that the watering needs are the same because what you don’t want is to group plants together that have different water requirements. One plant will suffer at the expense of the other.

6. The Use of Shade Plants

Small Tropical Garden Ideas-pink-mandevilla-flowers
Pink mandevilla flowers

A tropical garden also has places where there are shade or areas that are heavily shaded,  as mentioned earlier if there are existing taller trees with good shade use them to your advantage. Tropical plants that love shaded areas can be installed under these hudge trees, also consider adding a bench for a sitting area as you enjoy nature outdoors.

7. The use of a water feature

A tropical garden in my opinion is not complete without running water,  whether you’re installing a hot tub, a fountain, a birdbath, a pond, or some other water feature a tropical garden can be more relaxing with the presence and the sound of running water. Based on the size of your budget and garden space you decide what’s best for you.

8. Include other Garden Features

Adding outdoor furniture and placing big rocks throughout your garden area can help in adding to the overall experience of your tropical garden. The rocks will give the garden a more natural tropical feel and flavor, and the furniture provides a sitting area for you to enjoy your tropical garden.

9. How to Maintain your Tropical Garden

Now that you have invested your time and hard-earned dollars it’s time to enjoy your tropical garden, however, in order for your garden to maintain its amazing polish natural look calls for some maintenance which means not only spending time relaxing and enjoying your garden but also working in it.

A well-maintain garden will not only increase your property’s value but well create a happy environment where you can kick back, relax and enjoy your private Osias with family and friends.

Some Examples of Tropical Plants

Small Tropical Garden Ideas-zinnia-flowers
Bee and Butterfly on zinnia flowers
  • Palms of various species including coconut palm trees that is the high light.
  • Bromeliad types
  • Seagrape trees
  • Hibiscus species
  • Croton plant types

The Benefits of a Tropical Garden

  • Relieves stress
  • Can put you in a positive frame of mind
  • Promote physical well being
  • Spending more time outdoors
  • Filters outdoor air
  • Invites wildlife for example bees and birds
  • Increasing your properties value
  • Many tropical plants are drought-tolerant
  • Reduce noise

The final word on small tropical garden ideas

Creating your very own tropical garden paradise may call for some creative imagination, and work as well as your hard-earned dollars but creating a garden of this sort is possible. You may not get to the tropics but you can bring the tropics to you by following these steps. It is all a matter of following this guide to create your tropical garden. Enjoy your time spent outdoors by connecting with nature as you take in all nature has to offer, you will be happy with the results. So go for it and join many who have brought the tropics to them by creating a tropical garden.


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