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Garden Tips for Growing Snow Bush

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Snow bush plant

The snow bush plant has been a favorite for many years. The variegated leaves that are a splash of white, light pink-reddish, and green cause this plant to stand out as it displays its colors giving that soft touch. This tropical beauty can be used as a hedge or can be grown as a stand-alone or specimen plant.

I have seen snow bush in many home gardens. The five-star resort where I was employed many years ago had several of these snow bushes installed throughout their garden areas which looked really great. The snow bush can highlight a garden that has a lot of green for its backdrop, installing this plant more to the front will give that WOW. Snown bush is worth the investment so with that said let’s take a closer look at some gardening tips for growing snow bush.

Garden tips for growing snow bush

What you need to know for this garden beauty

  • Planting Location
  • Soil Type
  • Watering Method
  • Fertilizing Methods
  • Garden insect pest
  • Disease

Planting location of your snow bush

When installing your snowbrush plant look for an area that gets full sun to partial shade and space each plant about 3 ft apart, the snow bush can also reach a height anywhere from 4-6 ft.

Soil Type

When installing snow bushes it is best to use soil that is rich and has good drainage. To enrich your existing garden soil it is best to add compost or a good organic soil mix.

Watering know-how

When it comes to watering your snow bush ensure that the soil is somewhat moist and not waterlogged. Overwatering can cause plant root rot which will not sit well for your snow bush.

Fertilizing Methods

Garden plants need a little help so it is good to fertilize your snow bush with a granular or slow-release fertilizer 3 times per year. Before applying fertilizers always read and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

Garden insect pest of snow bush

A common insect pest of the snow bush is known as the snow bush spanworm, this worm can cause severe damage to your snow bush, therefore, it is important to treat this pest at first sighting. The caterpillar or worm is a tiny green and yellow critter that can cause massive destruction.

The worm makes a feast out of the beautiful leaves of the snow bush. If these worms are not dealt with immediately they will eat all of the snow bush’s leaves leaving nothing but sticks. The white tip black month which is the adult does not cause any damage all their job is, is simply to lay their eggs, the larva is responsible for the destruction.

To control these insects the use of insecticidal soaps or Bacillus thuringiensis (B.T.) will offer some help. Repeated application may be needed to bring these insect pests under control.

Diseases of the snow bush plant

Snow bush does not have any known disease problem just monitor the amount of water that you give them because overwatering can cause root rot.

Container grown snow bush

A great way to grow and care for snow bush is in containers, container-grown snow bush has many benefits some of which are, container-grown snow bush can be moved to a more secure area during the winter months, can be placed for aesthetic purposes, can be used as a screen plant to soften an area that is an eyesore.

When installing in containers the containers should be large enough to accommodate your snow bushes and the containers should also have drain holes to allow excess water to drain through. Using good garden soil along with peat moss or pro mix will go a long way to ensure that your plant is growing healthy.

Installing snow bush on the interior

The snow bush can be grown as a houseplant, just remember in order to grow this plant successfully indoors your plant must be installed in an area that gets a lot of bright light. Remember to add a saucer to the bottom of the container to collect excess water that drains through.

Keep the soil somewhat moist and fertilize in the spring and summer every two weeks. The fertilizer should be a liquid feed or quick release so that your plant can talk it up immediately through its roots. As mention earlier when using fertilizers follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

Places to install snow bush

Here are a few ideas where these bush can be installed

1. Snow bush can be installed and use as a backdrop in garden plant beds, a few can also be placed in the middle and the front.

2. Can be installed as a border plant.

3. Snow bush can be installed along a fence.

4. Alongside patios.

5. Makes a good show when planted alongside porches.

6. Snow bush can be installed in containers and containers can be placed near the entrance of doorways.

7. Snow bush can be installed along walkways and be kept nicely pruned.

8. Snow bush can be grown as a hedge.

The final word

The snow bush plant can bring that much-needed flavor to your spring garden, this plant is a must-have so take advantage of this plant which can add that color and give that soft touch. With that said let’s get started on that spring garden by installing these garden beauties which will work wonders.


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4 thoughts on “Snow Bush”

  1. I grew up in the country side where flowers and gardening were part of our duties and I have grown up to like the flowers though I have not had the opportunity to grow a snow push.  I guess its time to try it out. I think it doesn’t grow in our part of the world.  Do you know of a place I could order the seeds?

    • Hello so happy to hear from you. The snow bush plant is really amazing with its beautiful flowers. So happy that I could help. I believe checking with your local plant nursery or ordering from Amazon. Hope this helps and please let me know how it goes. Have a good day.

  2. This really is a lovely blog.  It’s addictive hanging out on your pages.  Just when I finish one article, I’m tempted to click on another.  And I’m not even a gardener!  (I live in an apartment 41 stories high so absolutely no garden space).  But I love the information you impart on each planting.

    By its very name, does this mean I cannot grow a snow bush in the tropics?

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hello, Cath so happy to hear from you and thanks so much for those kind words you have really made my day. The snow bush can be grown in the tropics, I live in the tropics (The Bahamas) and these garden beauties are grown all over the island. So yes these plants can be grown in the tropic and WOW 41 stories that are really high I guess the view is pretty amazing. All the best of success and have a good day.


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