Spring Bulb Frost Protection

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Spring flowering bulb-spring-bulb-frost-protection
Spring Flowering Bulb

How does your garden grow? For those of us who are weekend warriors keeping our gardens in the best shape ever is at the top of our to-do list because keeping our gardens well maintained is a must that brings along with it so many benefits as we connect with nature in the great outdoors.

But there are challenges that we often face which can wage havoc on our gardens seeking to turn our work of art into a nightmare as we rise to the occasion with sleeves rolled up facing those challenges doing and all that we can as victory is in our grasp the battle raging and in the end breathing a sigh of relief that the war has fallen in our favor.

Ok I know, I might be exaggerating a bit but we do have our share of issues that must be dealt with if we are to have garden success. In this article, we will be discussing how to protect our bulbs from frost damage.

Spring bulb frost protection

The temperature plays a very important part in the lives of our garden plants because the health and success of our gardens are depended upon the temperature that can sometimes act pretty strange.

In some cases, when the temperature and the soil warm up it causes our spring garden bulbs to believe it is that time of the year again to be in full bloom putting forth an array of beautiful flowers only to be damaged by the winter’s frost.

The good news is these bulbs that are buried beneath the soil are protected from the freezing weather, the bad news, however, is as mentioned earlier those emerging foliage, buds and blooms will take a beating from the harsh weather. The question is what can be done to protect our spring bulbs during this time of the year?

Tips for keeping our spring bulbs well protected

Here are a few helpful tips that can work wonders when it comes to ensuring that our spring bulbs are in the best shape ever.

1. Mulching-mulches play an important part in the life of garden plants from conserving water, keeping weeds down, adding nutrients, keeping the soil temperature cool in the summer to beautifying those garden areas.

But by covering your spring bulbs with a 2-4 inch layer of mulch will protect them from the freezing weather ensuring their health as they prepare to emerge from the soil when the spring season starts.

2. Another effective way to protect your garden bulbs is by planting them in an area that has shelter. Planting your spring bulbs next to your home or other sheltered will help greatly.

3. Covering each bulb with plastic milk jugs. The way this works, remove or cut the bottom of the jugs completely off this will help to protect your bulbs. As the sun warms the area around your spring bulbs remove the jugs and repeat the process as the night chill returns.

4. Unearthing or removing your spring bulbs from the soil, cutting off the bloom and the flowers, and bringing them indoors is a great way to protect them from the freezing weather.

5. Building a cold frame can offer some help in protecting your spring bulbs from the freezing weather. Just remember to cover your spring bulbs with burlap or newspaper.

6. The use of stakes and a lightweight sheet to cover your spring bulbs will give that added protection. Remember as the area begins to warm up during the day to remove the sheet and replace it once again as the evening and night chill returns.

7. Covering your spring bulbs with garden pots turned upside down and removing the pots once the sun warms the planting area will keep your spring bulbs safe. Just remember to return the pots as the evening and night chills sets in.

8. Watering your bulbs before the winter frost sets in is a great way to get a head start.

9. Planting your spring bulbs in containers and bring them indoors offers great help for your bulbs. As the weather warms up your bulbs can be returned outdoors again. Repeat this process as the weather chills.

Winter bulbs

A list of winter bulbs that can survive the cold

If your desire is to have a garden of winter bulbs here are a few you can try and will work for you in your winter garden.

Snowdrop Bulbs-spring-bulbs-frost-protection
Snowdrop Bulbs

1. SnowDrop.

2. Winter Aconite.

3. Cyclamen Coum.

4. Winter Irises.

The final word

Spring bulbs are very beautiful in their array of colors as they bring that WOW to our gardens. These bulbs should be treated with tender loving care during the harsh winter months so when next spring comes they can be in full bloom.

Let’s do our part by ensuring our spring bulbs are well-taken care of as we use these tips to protect them from the winter frost ensuring they are in tip-top shape as they emerge from the soils to display their beauty.


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2 thoughts on “Spring Bulb Frost Protection”

  1. Hello and thank you for this informative article. It was an amazing read and so needed in nowdays. Where I am from, winters are long and cold. Protecting yourself and your crops from frost is a must for people like me.

    I have my own garden in which I produce domestic vegetables for my own use. Your tips are really great I appreciate them so much. 

    I used to protect my bulbs with plastic cups as you mentioned but lately, I have a big plastic cover that covers all my garden. When the frost hits, it is the best options in my own opinion.

    Are you growing something in your garden? How are you dealing with frost.

    Thank you.



    • Hello so happy to meet you. My garden is under renovations right now and as far as the frost is concerned we get that winter chill not that extreme frost so garden plants in this part of the region hold up well and tell the spring where they are in full bloom and takes of again with their beauty. Thanks so much for sharing. Wishing you all the best of success. Oh and it is so good to hear that you grow your own food crops. Have a wonderful day.


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