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Spring Garden Checklist for a Beautiful Spring Garden

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The long winter months are finally over as our gardens are awakened to the warmth of the sun’s rays and the beautiful singing of bird species as nature comes alive with a burst of energy and plants as well as wildlife work together in our ecosystem that’s so diverse but work as one to bring balance to the environment that needs our assistance as well in not only beautifying our surroundings but providing a habitat that helps to support and sustain them.

What better way to accomplish this than by working in our gardens this spring not only to spruce up our outdoor living space but to make our gardens inviting to the many pollinators and beneficial insects that promote plant life?

Below we will be discussing some spring garden ideas that will upgrade your outdoor living space creating a beautiful garden oasis that supports wildlife including soil microbes that are hard at work helping to sustain plant life.

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Giving your Spring Garden a Spring Cleaning

1. Cleaning Flower Beds

The spring months are here, and now is the time to give your spring garden the attention that it needs, this spring cleaning will prepare your spring garden for fresh plant installation and other upgrades. Remove foliage that’s dry and dead, also winter mulch that acts as insulation to protect the plant’s roots from the freezing cold can be removed as well.

Prune back dead or browning stems and branches, and remove other debris including weeds as you prepare to install beautiful /colorful annuals and perennials. The soil can be prep and amended at this time. This conditioning of the soil will ensure that your freshly installed plants have a good head start that will encourage healthy plants that are full of beautiful flower blooms.

2. Installing Plants

When installing plants try not to distribute the roots as much as possible, the planting hole should be a foot wider than the plant’s root ball. The reason for this is for the newly installed plant quick (root system) establishment. What I love about perennials is the ability to divide them which can save you money instead of having to purchase extra plants because of not having sufficient.

Based on the size of your perennials can be divided into 2 or more pieces, ensure however when dividing your perennials that each plant stock or stem has roots, this will encourage the plant to bounce back from shock because of the transplanting procedure. This is the ideal time to divide some perennials just before spring growth begins.

Bull Finch

3. The Benefit of Mulching

Once you have finished the prep work and installed your plant its time to place a fresh 2-3 inch layer of mulch, this mulch not only serves as beautification but will suppress weeds, keep the soil cool, help to retain moisture, and add natural organic to the soil as it degrades. The old mulch that was removed can be placed in the compost bin and allowed to break down so that it can be reused again.

4. Construction of a Quite Area

What you want is to enjoy your garden that’s one of the reasons why you have put in the work and the time, create a spot in your garden where you can sit and enjoy your garden as you relax or with family and friends. This area doesn’t have to be expensive although you can keep it small to medium or go big as you want. This area can include furniture and a fire pit to enjoy outdoors during the evening and night hours. Consider including a water feature with running water that will not only attract wildlife such as birds but the sound of running water can be so relaxing as a stress reliever.

5. Invite Nature into your Outdoor Living Space

Remember to make your garden inviting for nature as well, install native food sources such as plants that produce berries, nectar, and seeds, and install nesting boxes to attract native birds. Add a birdbath, this move will create a natural habitat that will encourage wildlife, and what better way to enjoy your garden than by the presence of birds, butterflies, and other pollinators? Make sure to include trees and hedges for shelter for your feathered friends. Existing trees and shrubs that were not pruned during the winter months should be pruned at this time. Fruit trees should be pruned at this time before the buds begin to break into new fresh blooms. This move will allow your tree not to be stressed encouraging a greater crop yield. Summer bloom shrubs and trees can be pruned at this time as well before new growth emerges.

6. Installing Edible Plants

Don’t only install ornamental plants but add a few edibles, edible gardens are a great way to grow foods in a manner that’s healthy, I am of the opinion as well as so many persons that home-grown foods are the best and are of higher quality because of the manner in which they are grown. The joy of having edibles at your fingertips can be so rewarding, fresh cut herbs have such strong flavors and pleasant aromas especially as those aroma travels through your garden surely this is living the life as you connect with nature outdoors.

Flowers To Plant In The Fall In South Florida
Zinnia garden flowers

We cannot forget our veggies, a combination of ornamental plants as well as herbs and veggies can work together to create the perfect or almost perfect garden oasis, talk about biodiversity. For more on garden herbs and vegetables refer to the category section.

7. Other Areas to Consider

The hardscapes also need some tender loving care, take a look at your sidewalks, patio areas, garden deck, and outdoor furniture do any repairs that need to be done or do you have to apply a fresh coat of paint if yes then do so at this time.

8. Lawn Care

If you have a lawn ensure that you are giving your lawn what they require to grow healthy or consider installing a lawn, this move is a great combination with flowering plants, shrubs, trees, and other garden features.

The final word on spring garden ideas

Make this spring enjoyable by working outdoors, installing flowering plants, shrubs, and trees along with edible plants, and a lawn if preferred is a great way to welcome the spring months as we connect with nature. This is a positive move to beautify your surroundings and to create a habitat that will invite wildlife into your outdoor living space which I think is truly amazing.


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  1. I agree with you. Having green plants around us is not for beautification but as a source of health and wholeness. Since I discovered it, I consciously contribute to it. Keeping our beds ready and installing plants are ways to prepare for the coming spring. Thank you for highlighting other essential activities like mulching. They are essential to keeping green and remaining healthy

    • Garden plants serve so many purposes including bringing beatification, lets plant a spring garden and enjoy the many benefits.


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