Starting A Compost Pile

Starting and Maintaining a Compost Pile successfully

When we think about growing quality fruits, vegetables, herbs, etc…. it depends in part on one thing and that is the type of soil that we use to grow them. The soil is so important to plant life because plant life depends on the soil in order to grow healthy giving us the results we’re looking for.

Garden compost

And a smart way to go about this is to create our own compost pile. Compost piles are created from natural products that we find right in our kitchens like portions of vegetable leftover from Sunday dinner or it may be that banana peel from the banana which you use to make a banana smoothie or yet again it may be that onion skin that you peeled from that onion to make a salad.

Simply put compost is organic material that decomposes over a period of time to look like soil. Any vegetable or fruit leftover can be used to make a compost pile.

How to create a compost pile

First off you will need a good shady location to start your compost pile. You will also need to purchase a compost pile box from your nursery or you can have a homemade one made. Next fill the bottom of the box with 6 – 8 inches of organic material which may be hay, straw, brown leaves, sawdust, shredded paper, coffee ground, or newspaper.

Avoid the following which can attract pests to your compost pile.

Meat remnants, bones, diseased plants, dog, cat, and pig manure.

Next add about four inches of green organic matter such as grass clippings, and kitchen scraps like vegetables, fruits, and eggshells. You can also add chicken manure. On top of this add about two inches of soil then add some water. Repeat these layers along with adding water until you have a pile that is about three to four feet high.

Starting a compost pile

You can also add earthworms if you like to speed up the process

Yes, I know! pretty creepy and gross but guess what? These little guys are an added bonus to your garden to ensure that you get the kind of results you are looking for.

Within 2 -3 days, use a pitchfork and turn the pile thoroughly. Make sure to cover the top with a material that does not allow water to get in. This recommendation would be for the homemade compost bin. The one that you purchase from your nursery or hardware store comes complete.

For more Great Advice on How to Compost, you can check out My Friend Stephen’s Post below.

What is the best way to Make Compost?

Gardening -Guru

My Friend Stephen.

Stephen is a friend of mine who lives in Vietnam
He, like me, is crazy about gardening and I strongly recommend you check out his website. Here is something he has written about starting a compost pile. And he has a lot of other blogs as well. Take the time and look at his website today. I promise you it is worth the time and effort.

For great tips on what is the best way to Make Compost please check it out here. “What is the Best Way to Make Compost


Be patient you’re almost there!

The benefits of creating a compost pile

1. Adding compost to the soil will help the soil to retain water.

2. Compost will also help in the proper drainage of the soil.

3. By adding compost to the soil you will have soil that is rich in nutrients.

4. Your soil will be able to retain fertilizer much better.

5. The soil will be better able to circulate air for the plant.

6. The compost will improve soil texture.

7. The compost will improve the soil structure.

8. Reduces soil compaction.

9. Plant roots will establish more easily.

10. Prevents soil erosion.

The final word

These are just a few of the benefits of what compost can do for your soil. So a little work and a little patience are worth the wait. With that said let’s get started on that compost pile. Your plants will love you for it and you will reap the rich rewards.


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  1. Great post on how to start a compost pile. When I had a nice garden, that was something I was interested in doing to provide organic nutrients to my garden.

    I no longer have my garden after traveling for 6 years, but have hopes of having one in the future. Hope you don’t mind if I bookmarked your site to come back and get more good gardening tips.


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  2. Very thorough description of how to begin a compost pile. Have you ever heard that it is also good to add a few earthworms in the beginning to get things off to a good start? Being a gardener myself I know that composting is one of a gardener’s least favorite tasks, but it is one of the most rewarding. Compost is not just good for the garden; flowers love it too! Thanks for a great reminder of the proper way to start a compost pile.

    • Good morning Debby thanks for the follow, those kind remarks and for that insight about adding earth worms. Looking forward to hearing from you in the near future Gods willing. Have a great day.

  3. This is really great information. My husband started our compost pile and I never thought to ask how he went about it. I did not realize there was a process to it. I am going to check in with him to see how he went about it. Composting is great for so many reasons and this will be great for helping people get started.

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