Summer Container Gardening Ideas

4 Container Garden Ideas that’s Hot

Summer Container Garden Ideas-flowers-in-a-container
Flowers in a container

Have a colorful season all summer long with these 4 container garden ideas that are sure to bring that much-need flavor and change, If you don’t have the space to install the garden you’ve always desired or you may have been planning to give your outdoor living space a facelift then look no further because with a container garden you can bring that much-needed change.

Below we will be discussing how we can bring that change along with the many benefits that a container garden offers, we will also be looking at some disadvantages and let you decide if this garden type is for you. I have spent many years working on container garden projects and have seen the transformation this garden type brings which was just simply amazing. If installing a container garden is your desire then continue reading as we take a closer look at summer garden container ideas.

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Summer Container Gardening Ideas

1. Window Box Container

Summer Container Garden Ideas-a-window-box-with-flowers
Window box gardening

Window box container gardening is a neat and cool way to garden, this garden method involves installing window boxes followed by installing flowering plants. Window boxes can be of any style, just about any material and color, the shapes of window boxes are basically of a square-rectangle shape. With a window box garden, you can garden above the ground in a way with an amazing style.

A window box garden can display beautiful colorful summer flowers, install as many boxes as you want provided your summer container garden is getting sufficient sunlight. For more on window-box container gardening continue reading.

Here are some plants that grow well in a window box garden, impatience, geraniums, zinnias, begonias, petunias, salvias, pentas, pansy, etc..these are just a few of the many summer plants for your window box garden.

2. Hanging Baskets

Summer Container Garden Ideas-a-hanging-basket
A hanging basket

Another cool way to garden is with hanging baskets, with this gardening method you can garden above the ground this summer, over the years I have installed so many of these baskets which brought that much-needed transformation. Hanging baskets can come in so many shapes, sizes, and styles, these baskets are great for gardening in small spaces.

Hanging baskets look so great and are pleasing to the eyes especially when installed at a front door entryway or a front porch that is so inviting. Make sure and include plenty of colorful summer plants in your hanging baskets or choose variegated ones like the one in the photo. If you missed our articles on hanging baskets you can read about them by typing in the search box of this website. I am sure you will find what you’re looking for, here are some plants to install in your summer garden. Golden pothos vines, petunias, impatience, begonias, lantanas, succulents, ferns, portulaca, black-eyed Susan vine, ivy, etc…

3. Container Potted Plants

Summer Container Garden Ideas-flowering-plants-in-containers
Container flowering plants

I just love this garden type because with containers there are so many shapes, styles, sizes, and colors, with container potted plants you can use plants of variers styles, shapes, and sizes. The advantage with containers is you can use containers with plants for scranning and security purposes, to soften an area that’s unattractive, to create a line of separation, etc…

Terracotta Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower by Garden Tower Project

When installing plants, use lots of colors preferably 2 or 3 types, however when using more than one plant per pot or container ensure that the container is large enough because what you don’t want is to cram your plants together. Garden plants need space for proper air circulation, overcrowding plants can lead to leaf drop. Also, plants that are used in the seem container should have the seem watering and lighting needs.  We have more topics that cover container gardening just type in the search box area of this website. Some plants to install in containers are Hibiscus, bougainvilleas, fountain grass, Mandeville, bromeliads, orchids, peperomia, peace lily, aster flowers, mexcian heather plants, There are many more garden plants that can be added to this list, just refer to the category section of this website.

4. Garden Herbs in Containers

Summer Container Garden Ideas-herbs-growing-in-containers
Herbs growing in container baskets

Mix things up a bit with garden herbs, instead of installing ornamental plants why not create an edible summer garden in your window box, hanging basket, or container. The delightful aroma of garden herbs as they grow or are freshly cut will excite your taste buds, garden herbs also produce flowers giving you the best of both worlds. The aromas, flavors, and colorful flowers that are produced are so amazing.

The advantage of using herbs is having an almost endless supply, extending the growing season, growing fresh year-round, and saving on that grocery bill. There are so many garden herbs to choose from, here are a few to try, rosemary, chives, basil, garlic, tarragon, etc… for more on garden herbs and how to grow them successfully refer to the category section of this website.

Advantages of a Container Garden

  • You can garden in small spaces
  • Container gardens are more affordable
  • Are easier to maintain
  • These garden types are portable, meaning when the weather is unfavorable they can be moved to a more secure location and then return once conditions become favorable again
  • Garden heavy equipment is not needed
  • Garden pests control is easier
  • Fertilizing and watering is on a smaller scale which is a money saver
  • Container gardening is a time saver
  • Redoing a different makeover is instant and easier
  • This type of gardening is great for beginners
  • Wildlife are less likely to make a meal out of your plant
  • Container gardening can be used both outdoors and indoor living spaces

Disadvantages of a Container Garden

  • Containers dry out faster which means watering more often
  • Plants reaching maturity can outgrow the container
  • Containers can become heavy when seeking to move because of the soil and the plant’s weight
  • Some containers can be pretty costly
  • Plants are restricted to nutrients and water and is depending on you to be fed and watered. (fertilize).

The final word on summer container garden ideas

Container gardening is not new but has been around for some time now, but as old as this garden method can bring a new twist to your summer garden. The advantages or the pros of a container garden are so amazing with the many benefits that these gardens offer, if you’re still in the valley of decision of where to go then I hope this post brought some clarity to you as you install and grow your summer garden. As for me, I love container gardening because it’s one of the best gardening methods around.


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