Summer Garden Ideas

5 Ideas for a Summer Garden Make Over

Summer Garden Ideas-a-colorful-flower-garden
A colorful flower garden

The summer months are finally here which gives us a chance to go outdoors and work in our gardens, although the heat may be a challenge, working in our gardens provides us the opportunity to connect with nature as we install beautiful plants that displays their own uniqueness with their varies sizes, shapes, colors, and fragrance.

I have worked on such summer garden projects, the splash and different shades of colors were so captivating creating a pleasing invite because of the flavor it brought. Whether you’re installing a herb garden, vegetable garden, flower garden, etc… be assured that your efforts will not go unnoticed and will be rewarded.

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Planning your Summer Garden

1. Having success in whatever we do starts with a plan and so is the seem with installing a summer a garden, we must start with a plan. With a pen and paper in hand begin to envision what you want and write it down. If you are not sure of where to start then begin by browsing the many exciting topics this website has to offer.

You can also get ideas from books, magazines, garden shows, having a talk with your garden nurseryman or garden center rep can help, etc… remember creating a summer garden doesn’t have to be difficult. What you want is to have fun so relax take a deep breath and start planning. You will be amazed by the progress you make as you create the beautiful summer garden you desire.

Your Choice of Plants

2. When it comes to the choice of plants this can be so exciting, can you see it, can you envision your summer garden with splashes of rainbow beautiful colors scattered throughout your garden I know I can see it. Just simply amazing and breathtaking. Your choice of plants for your summer garden should not only be colorful but plant species of various shapes, and sizes and if you can install a plant or two that’s fragrant then by all means do so.

What is also important is that when installing plants in the seem plant bed make sure that each group of plants has the same water requirements, what you don’t want is to install garden plants together that have different watering needs. One will suffer at the expense of the other so as much as possible avoid this mistake that can be so costly.

Your summer garden may have a shaded area so chose and install plants for this (Shade-loving plants) area. When installing plants the taller ones should be placed at the back followed by the second taller plants in the middle and the smaller plants as the front drop, to keep this simple it’s like a stairway where you have the lower steps and as you climb the stairs each step gets higher as it goes back or get higher. Keep this in mind to create a pleasing design. One or two taller plants can be brought into the center depending on their size at maturity. Who says the rules can’t be broken at certain points remember gardening rules are not written in stone so get creative and have fun.

When installing plants give them the proper spacing, what you don’t want is to install plants too closely which can result in plants growing into each other, rubbering of the branches, and poor air circulation that will encourage leaf drop.

Summer Garden Ideas-monarch-butterflies-collecting-nectar
Monarch butterflies collecting nectar

Planting around your Existing Plants

3. This method can save you a ton of money and time if you have an existing garden half of the battle has already been won, just install plants around plants you already have, For example, if there is an existing tall tree/trees or plants then install plants around them. The advantage of having a few existing plants is that these plants can help guide you along the way by helping to shape and frame the planting area. On your part, it’s just a matter of capturing this visual effect and installing your summer plants.

A big rock or two may be present, then use this visual as a focal point to construct your summer garden. So many times these existing features are overlooked by the homeowner but don’t let that be you.

Adding Garden furniture

4. There are many benefits to creating a summer garden but one of the highlights is spending time outdoors and enjoying the scenery of the beautiful flower display, garden features, and the many wildlife and pollinators that pays your garden a visit. This type of scenery and activity can really impact your outdoor living experience.

But in order to enjoy all of this why not consider adding a few pieces of garden furniture, even if you’re garden isn’t that big you can still install one or two pieces of furniture so you can sit back after a hard day’s work and enjoy your beautiful oasis in your private kingdom which can be so relaxing.

If there is a tall shaded tree present then you may want to consider placing your furniture in this area otherwise you can install a large outdoor umbrella that can help with creating shade as you spend time outdoors.

Adding other Garden Features

5. This can be so much fun, adding garden features can help in enhancing your experience outdoors, Adding a bird bath or two will send a message to your feathered friends that you are glad that they paid your garden a visit. Watching birds take a bath or even getting a drink of water can be so much fun both for adults and kids.

Adding a bird feeder will ensure that you have many bird visitors, this can also be exciting as you sit back in your summer garden and watch as your feathered friends enjoy the treats you provided.

A Gazebo placed in your summer garden is a great idea because this sitting area can provide hours of entertainment outdoors. These garden features come in many shapes and sizes so there is so much to choose from. When it comes to garden features there are many to choose from based on your needs and desire.

Summer Garden Ideas-deco-flower-design
Deco flower design

Installing a mini fish pond is a great feature that can be fun for your kids and the great part is they are affordable and so easy to install. These fish pond kits are so cool and will really enhance your summer garden. Other garden features to consider are as followed.

Benefits of  Summer Garden

  • Growing your own food crops can help to save a few dollars which can add up over time
  • Increase your property’s value
  • A well-maintained garden is pleasing to the eyes that can have a positive mental effect which in turn will promote good health
  • Improves physical health (getting that much-needed exercise)
  • Relieves stress
  • Improves your mood
  • Helps you exercise brain power by thinking creatively
  • Gardening helps you to reconnect with nature
  • Exposure to vitamin D
  • Encourages the presence of wildlife for example many species of birds paying your garden a visit
  • Encourages the presence of beneficial insects for example bees, butterflies, etc.
  • Helping to promote the ecosystem
  • Spending time together with family and friends

Safety Tips for Working in Your Summer garden

Working in our summer gardens can be such a pleasure offering many rewards but as rewarding as this experience we must ensure that our safety is first. What we don’t want is an injury of any sort no matter how small. I have had minor injuries on many occasions. A former co-work also had a freak accident that caused him to break a leg while in the landscape for more or garden safety and that unfortunate event with my former co-worker you can read it here. Garden Safety.

Saving Money with these Tips

Summer Garden Ideas-garden-furniture
Garden furniture

Plants can be very expensive trust me I know, I have visited many plant nurseries and have seen how pricy plants can be. If your concern is that you don’t have the budget then these money-saving tips may offer some help.

  • Check with your nursery or garden center to find out if they’re having a plant sale, however, ensure that these plants you’re getting at a discount are healthy looking. If there are any signs of disease such as discolored leaves, leaves turning a pale color, or leaves that are brown avoid purchasing. If the leaves are also mushy with a foul odor buying. Look for signs of insect pests, plants that are root bound, etc… sure you may get these plants at a great price but in the long run, you will pay the price so make sure that you are getting a bang for your buck or every dollar you spend
  • In some cases depending on the plant species you can find a great deal on smaller plants, you may have to wait a while for your plants to grow to the desired height but at least you would have saved a few bucks that can really add up over time
  • Check out your farmers and flea market that can offer quality plants at a great price
  • Taking plants from cuttings, a family, friend or co-worker may be growing certain plant species that will do well in your summer garden. How about asking them for a few clippings, propagating these cuttings will save you a ton of money, but the key here is patience, in time your cuttings will grow into fully mature plants.
  • Visiting a few garden clubs will not only give you ideas for a summer garden but you may find plant deals
  • Starting or growing plants from seeds is an inexpensive way to go but again this method calls for patience for your plants to reach maturity or the desired height

The final word on summer garden ideas

Creating a summer garden is not hard at all or you may want to turn your exciting garden into a summer garden well the good news is you can have your very own summer garden by following this guide. Spending time indoors is great but I believe it’s just as important to spend time outdoors which has its rewards also. Go ahead and start planning your summer garden and enjoy time spent in your outdoor living space. You will be so happy that you did as you reap the many benefits.


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  1. Hi Norman,
    I love your summer garden tips. What type of nutrients do you use to keep your plants healthy? So many fertilizers and other things are on the market that it can be overwhelming. Is there a specific type you use for all your plants? I’m considering installing a hydroponic system in my garden to keep my plants looking healthy and beautiful. Have you used hydroponic systems for your summer garden before? If so, what is your experience with it?

    • Hello Kyle I am so happy to help, if you are growing a variety of plants then it’s good to use a balance fertilizer. Before applying however read and follow the manufacturer’s direction for the best results. At the moment I am not using this type of system. But what I can do is get back to you with information on that. I hope this helps and all the best to you. 


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