Tablescapes Ideas

How to Create Tablescapes Step by Step

Celebrating that special moment calls for some creativity as we put our best foot forward creating memories that will last a lifetime. Besides, that delicious meal that’s to be prepared bringing, family and friends together what we want is an experience that will bring that WOW. Tablescaping will create that type of experience.

Tablescapes Ideas-dining-area-with-a-floral-arragement
Tablescape design

If not all of us some of us unknowingly have involved ourselves in tablescaping, tablescape is the simple art of creating a dining experience around a theme that uses fresh-cut floral arrangements along with candles and other dining ware that creates a cozy and homey experience.

Have you ever stepped into a reception area that was well-polished, what caught your attention? I am sure that besides the decorated room the table setting was the highlight. I have had that experience on many occasions which was so inviting and relaxing.

What I love about tablescaping is that this method of decorating is not only limited to indoor dining but can be used for outdoor dining as well. Whether you’re having an event during Thanksgiving, a birthday party, Christmas gathering, a wedding, or other special occasion let your imagination run wild with tablescaping that will set the mood for both you and your guest.

Celebrating that Special Moment with these Tablescape ideas

1. Pick a theme

Picking a theme is not difficult at all because the theme is chosen based on the occasion, for example, we have just come out of the Christmas holiday, therefore, a theme for a Christmas party would be colors of red, white, green, blue, gold, vanilla, etc… the idea is to choose colors base on the occasion.

However, you are not limited but think outside of the box mixing and matching colors that will not only complement each other but set the mood for the chosen occasion. My wife did just that for Christmas which was so delightful.

2. Chose a location

Where do you want to host this event, is it in your front/backyard or maybe your dining area. Having a clear picture of where you want to host the event will help to tie in your theme.

3. Does a table really matter?

A table does matter depending on the amount of guest that’s to be invited, is it just one table that will seat everyone, for example, a long rectangular table or is it a few circular or square tables that will accommodate four persons. There should be space for your guests to sit comfortably and move around freely if they have to.

Tablescapes Ideas-banquet-table-setting
Banquet table setting

4. Choosing your linens

How will your tablecloth look will it have one color or a mixture of colors, are there any designs or is it just plain. Plain cloth does have its place providing the tablescape design uses the other accessories such as floral design, dishes napkins to create a pleasing picture.

As for me depending on the occasion, I love tablecloths that are beautifully patterned with designs or light summer colors with pictures of the scenery of nature.

5. Now comes the dinner wear (silverware, glasses, plates, napkins)

Depending on your menu the dinner table should be set with the table mat which should also complement the tablecloth. The dinner plate should be placed in the center of the table mat, the salad plate should be sitting on the dinner plate with the drinking glasses to the top right followed by the dinner knives and spoons to the bottom left.

Dessert spoon and fork should be in the center above the dinner plate, the top left should have the bread plate and knife, salad and dinner fork should be at the bottom left, and the napkin should also be placed on the left on the outer edge.

6. Adding flowers and candles

Now that your table is set it is just a matter of adding the flowers and the candles, the candle holders with the flowers can be placed in the center giving the proper spacing. The goal is to have the candles equally spaced apart to bring balance.

This is just one way of setting the candles, there are other ways this can be done depending on the shape and the size of the table along with how many guests are to be seated at the table/tables.

The seem rules can be applied when placing the floral arrangements, the floral arrangement/arrangements should bring balance but not obstruct the view. Based on your preferences floral arrangements can be of different sizes so choose the ones that will fit in with what you are hoping to accomplish.

Some examples to have a tablescape dining gathering

  • Your living room
  • Patio area
  • Your deck
  • In your backyard/front yard
  • Porch
  • By the pool

The final word on tablescapes ideas

No matter the occasion a tablescape setting will set the mood for the rest of the evening, this will cause your guest to feel relax as they celebrate with you while enjoying good food so why not give tablescaping a try if you have not as yet created an exciting experience that will last a lifetime.


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8 thoughts on “Tablescapes Ideas”

  1. Hello Norman, I have seen so many ideas online hut the issue have been hoping do I go about it. I have so much that I’ll do with these ideas you have shared with us all. Looking at these suggested images I really like the Banquet table setting for its simplicity and the number of seats it has. I will be hosting a few family members and I’ll be glad to try. 

    • Hello it is so good to meet you and I am so happy to help, I am sure that your family will be amazed and blown away with those ideas that you implement. Setting a table to dine in this way is so great as you bring a wonderful change to your environment. 

  2. This was so informative. I agree with you a well set table does make the difference. I don’t entertain anymore. My friend that is big on entertainment I will tell her about your website.
    She invited us to tea and set her table with pretty flowers etc and it did make us all feel very welcome and special and it was only for tea. I might try it on my family for the Sunday dinner.

    • I am so happy to help, this is a great way to enjoy dining with family and friends. I bet if you give this a try your family will be so surprised and they will enjoy your efforts. Wishing you all the best, have a good day.

  3. Wow. I love your article. As an artist myself, I’m surprised that I have never considered tablescaping as an art. But it is! I do remember being seriously impressed, once. The decoration was brilliant. We were outside, near the Ottawa River.  I think that every type of table creates a particular effect. Round table are more intimate. Rectangular creates a noble effect in a reception area.

    • I am so happy that I could help, thanks for those kind words and stopping by, this way of dining is pretty amazing. Thanks so much also for sharing, all the best to you, and have a good day.

  4. I love a nice tablescape when I’m out for dinner or at an event.  I will confess, though, that I have never considered it for my own home.  Why?  I have no idea but now I want to do it.

    My mother loved a quality tablecloth and had about a dozen in different colors and shades.  She also used antique heirloom tableware, collections she had completed in their entirety by combing antique stores and secondhand shops.  I agree with your assessment that these items make a big difference in the “feel” of a room.  

    The thought of flowers and candles is new to me but, since I have inherited my mothers’ tablecloths and tableware, I think I’ll have to get some flowers and candles!  Let’s see how creative I can be! 

    Thanks for posting this great information!

    • I believe that presentation is everything that sets the stage, the first impression is so important. I am so happy to help and wishing you the best as you give this method of entertainment a try. I know you will do well trust me you can do it I know you can. Have a good day.


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