The benefit of herbal tea

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Herbal Tea and its Benefits

Herbal teas are such a delight not only for its fine taste but also for its healing benefits. There are so many persons that enjoy herbal teas drinking them as ice tea or as a hot beverage, but no matter how we drink them we can be assured that we are giving our bodies just what it needs to improve our health.

Chive herbs-the-benefit-of-herbal-tea
Chive Herbs

Herbal teas are made from plant roots, seeds, fruits and of course herbs. Here is a link that you can follow on how to grow herbs.

From one generation to the next

These teas have been pass down from one generation to the next. The old (Seniors ) timers as we call them live long healthy and productive lives, people in their 70s and beyond still cooking, baking, cleaning their house, washing clothes, and doing all of those things they did when they were much younger.

One of the things that the older generation did which keep them going besides eating healthy was drinking herbal teas they called bush tea or bush medicine. Some of these teas were made from a vine known as love vine which they beat, boil, and then adding the rest of the ingredients drank to maintain their strength. Life Leaf was widely us along with fever grass to make herbal teas.

Cerasee grows wild in many places and what my parents did was collect this herb out of the wild, wash it boil it added a little salt, sour and they would tell us to drink it to get rid of the flu, man I tell you that was terrible, you drink that and you wanted to scream for your mama, that’s how awful it tasted but it worked wonders.

Different package same product

Now in this day and time, we can enjoy many of these herbs because of how they are packaged and used. You can now purchase them as a delightful drink, tea bags, and even in powder form. It is just so how these herbs have come such a long way and how they are prepared are so different. Some of these herbs are still being prepared in the old way.

Herbal tea and its use

Herbal tea in two glass-the-benefit-of-herbal-tea
Herbal Tea

There are so many kinds of herbal teas that can be discussed, but it is beyond the scope of this article, however, we will be looking at a few of them to see how they benefit us. Check out this link for more herb use and vitamin content. Garden herbs that contain healing wonders.

The benefit of herbal teas

A. Catnip – is a good choice for those that experience problems such as gas, and colic.

B. Green tea – is packed with antioxidants which help in promoting the immune system, helps to lower blood pressure, reduce free radicals, and also helps to reduce cancer.

C. Peppermint tea – helps to reduce stomach pain, upset stomach, help to clear the head of head colds

D. Chamomile – Helps relax you, helps with digestion, It helps to reduce stress by promoting a good night’s sleep also helps to fight insomnia.

E. Ginger – Good to relieve stomach pain, aids the digestive system, motion sickness, and vomiting.

F. Cinnamon tea – Helps by strengthening our immune system and weight loss.

G. Echinacea – Helps to relieve a sore throat, reduces inflammation and also helps to give the immune system a boost.

H. Garlic – Helps to purify the blood, relieves a sore throat, fights infection, lowers blood pressure and helps to reduce heart disease.

The final word

These are just a few of many that have healing properties and can really benefit us in so many ways so let’s take full advantage of these herbs and experience their healing wonders.


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35 thoughts on “The benefit of herbal tea”

  1. I came across this article at a great time. I was just as GNC over the weekend ordering green tea, because I was told so much about the health benefits from taking it.

    The GNC rep pretty much confirmed everything you said here, regarding the antioxidents and healing power. What I like the most is that it seems to be safe and have very little side effects. I’m looking forward to seeing how this works for me!

  2. For every illness, God has put a remedy. Enjoying those remedies in form of tea is one of my most pleasurable ways to ingest these remedies. I really appreciate how you outline the different uses for the different types of tea. I didn’t realize that garlic was also ingested as a tea, but it makes sense. Garlic is a very powerful and not just in your breath! I didn’t realize that garlic was useful to lower blood pressure and could also combat heart disease. Very interesting indeed.

    • Hello Michael it is so good to meet you, herbal teas can work wonders and benefit our bodies in so many ways, thanks for commenting, all the best to you and have a good day.

  3. Hi Norman,

    Great article, I’ve found it very interesting!
    I didn’t know that all these plants have so many benefits until I read this article. My husband and I have a cough, and it is really hard to get rid of it. Can you suggest a plant in order to reduce this annoying cough?
    Thank you very much in advance!

    • Hello Daniella my good friend it is so good to hear from you and sorry to hear about the cough that you and your husband has. what you can try 1. Boiling a few slices of ginger for about 10-15 minutes, allow to sit for 10 minutes and then drink or sip. 2.a mixture of lemon, warm water and honey. Sip throughout the day 3. Boiling three table spoon of thyme leaves in a cup of water for 9-10 minutes, strain then add lemon and honey. Hope this helps and please let me know how it goes. Have a good day.

  4. Hi there Norman,

    Herbal tea’s or often called herbal infusions are incredibly healthy because it is when the herbs are brewed that more of the beneficial compounds are released into the water. This is how and why water (and alcohol) based herbal tinctures work. They are essentially speaking concentrated for of herbal teas.

    Excellent site! loving the health information!

    • Hello my good friend, nice to see you again, thanks a lot for sharing this insight with me, all the best to you and have a good day.

  5. As an English person you would think I would be a lover of Tea… Tea Drinkers I have heard British people being called over the years.

    I am not a fan of it however when it comes to a normal brew with milk and sugar.

    The herbal teas though I have given a chance and I do actually like them.

    It is great to read here the benefits of it too. Relaxation, reducing heart disease and other health factors make it worth drinking.

    Do they also come in different flavors?



    • Hello and thanks for commenting, herbal teas are great and is good for our bodies. These teas do come in different flavors and I am sure that you will enjoy them. Have a god day.

  6. Thanks for a great info shared about the benefit of the herbal tea.I like ginger tea as it help me to cope with flu and my gf usually take it during her menstrual period as it help to keep the body warm.

    I first know herbal tea from my grandma. We get a chance to drink tea during special occasion and according to her, herbal tea help to dissolve fat and able to slim down body. I guess everything has its good and bad.As long as we didn’t overtake it, herbal tea can be beneficial to our health

    • Hello my friend it is so good to see you again. Herbal teas are great and does our bodies a whole lot of good so lets take advantage of these teas by making them a regular part of our diet. Thanks for sharing all the best to you.

  7. Norman,
    Herbal tea has been something that I enjoy drinking hot. I even drink it in the summer. I find that the green, garlic and chamomile are the ones I prefer. I have had blood pressure problems in the past, now that I drink the herbal teas it is less of a problem. Is there something on the label that I should look for to sort out the one that will be the most helpful, there are so many choices on the market today.

    • Hello my good friend it is so good to see you and thanks for responding, it is so awesome how herbal teas can help us. They taste great and they are real beneficial for our bodies. Whatever you may be experiencing in your body you can go by that and see what is on the labels. Some herbal teas take care of a whole lot of issues so you may not have to read that much labels. Hope this helps, all the best to you.

  8. This is a great introduction to herbal tea, something that I had heard about but knew very little.
    The history and especially your personal story led me through the page with ease and interest and I think the article was just about the right lenght.
    For a start, my plan is to try the Chamomile Tea which might help with my erratic sleep behaviour.
    After that, there is one or two others on your list that will also be tested.
    Great article, very impressed and now better informed.

  9. Wow, these all have such great benefits. I really need, and will, try the chamomile. I fight insomnia every night. I wake up way too many times. I have heard it can relax you, but I had not known it would help me sleep better. So glad I found this article. With the green tea, there are so many varieties, is just the plain old green tea the best?

    • Hello my good, good friend it is my pleasure to always help you where I can, herbal teas do work wonders and is so beneficial for the body. Plain old green tea is fine although some may beg to differ or disagree. By drinking green tea you are giving your body the antioxidant that it needs. All the best to you and have a good day.

  10. I am a big fan of tea, green, black and regular!

    I find myself drinking Chamomile a lot, Sleepy Time to be more exact… Now it doesn’t make me sleepy but it does relax me and give me a sense of peace.

    I have really bad acid reflux, since catnip is for gas as you mentioned do you think it would help with my acid relux?

    • Hello Salvatore it is so good to meet you, catnip is good but before you try using this herb consult your doctor to hear what they have to say. Hope this helps all the best to you and have a good day.

  11. I find it extremely interesting what you said about the older generations being so healthy and active in their old age. Makes you seriously think about modern medicine. I don’t think people truly understand the benefits of herbal tea and their powers. Haven’t tried cinnamon tea before! Thanks for an insightful post.

  12. It made me so happy to come across this article! I love herbal, but was unaware of all the health benefits. My favorite is peppermint with half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey, especially when I have a sore throat… it feels SO amazing! I really need to make myself some chamomile right now… great for digestion? I could use some of that in my life 😉 And cinnamon for weight loss, that could be helpful.

    • Hello Lisa so good to see you, glad that I could help. Herbal teas do taste great and the benefits are so awesome, thanks again for commenting, all the best to you and have a good day.

  13. I am totally in love with herbal teas!! I think in part it is the native in me ; )
    I can remember my grandmother having an herb garden, if we had a tummy ache, or any other kind of ailment, she would go grab things from the garden and brew up something that would smell amazing and fix the issue.
    Plus, the sound of the tea kettle was always a heartwarming sound.

    • Hello Jonelle it is so good too meet you, herbal teas are great and do work wonders, thanks for sharing all the best to you and have a good day.

  14. Firstly, I’m very jealous of where you live, I love the Caribbean, the Bahamas Wow! I could imagine drinking the Cerasee story made me chuckle 🙂 I have High Blood Pressure and a Heart problem taking medication daily, are there any contraindications that I should worry about drinking herbal teas? I have to say that Mint Tea is one of my favourites and completely agree that it does have benefits in helping to reduce stomach upsets. I found your links very useful and informative. I’m looking forward to trying your teas.

    • Hello my dare lady it is so good to meet you and I am so sorry to here about your health, herbals teas are a great way to give our bodies what it needs naturally. What you can do just to play it safe is to check with your doctor to get their thoughts on it, I will keep you in my prayers that you would live a long and healthy life for years to come. All the best to you and please do let me know how every thing goes. Have a good day.

  15. Hi Norman, you did a wonderful job with providing very detailed information, I can tell you really know your stuff on gardening and eating healthy. You really provide a good insight on good pest and bad pest, pest in general can be nuisance. I also enjoy the benefits and the taste of a great cup of chamomile tea.

    • Hello Lucky it is so good to meet you thanks for those kind words. Herbal teas do have great taste and is so beneficial for our bodies. Thanks for sharing all the best to you and have a good day.

  16. The Bahamas? You all must get great weather, yes? Anyways! Great post! This may be a little silly, but, I did not know catnip was a thing for humans! XD. Very informational! I have a long relationship with herbal teas and I am always looking to add to my collection! I may try the Echinacea tea since I have been a little raspier the past few days. Anywho, I think this was well thought out and very easy to follow! Bless.

    • Hello Jane it i so good to meet you, here in the Bahamas it is sunshine and great weather almost year. Herbal teas are not new to you I see so you know of their great taste and how beneficial they are. Echinacea is a great choice also. Thanks for sharing, all the best to you and have a good day.

  17. I have always heard that herbal teas have great health benefits, but with so many to choose from it is difficult to find the right type of tea. You have taken away the confusion. The list of the different teas and their benefits is a great help to an aging man who is trying to eat and drink healthier. Thank you for such an informative article

    • Hello FFF it is so good to meet you, herbal teas are great and is very beneficial to our bodies with their healing properties, so lets take advantage of these teas and make them a part of our diet. Glad that I could help, all the best to you.

  18. I didn’t know that about cinnamon tea. I struggle being over weight, it’s a up and down battle. Also my auto immune system could us a boast. I think now I don’t drink coffee or tea, and never really liked herbal teas, but I’ve never tried cinnamon tea. I do like the taste of cinnamon, so next time when I meet with friends at the shop, I am going to try that. Thanks again for the info.


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