The Benefits Of Healthy Eating In Early Childhood

The building blocks for healthy living

Fruits and vegetables-the benefits of healthy eating in early childhood
Fruits and vegetables

There is a saying that “we are what we eat ” which is so true. A statement that I have also used a few times in many of my posts, is a statement that I read many years ago which says, “with our forks and knives we dig our graves”.

Many health-related issues can be traced back to poor dieting. What we consume can work against us causing much harm. It’ is sad to see that so many adults are living unhealthy lives and what makes it worse is they are teaching their children to do the same by being poor examples.

The importance of a healthy diet

Notice what I said, the importance of a healthy diet. Not just any diet but the right diet will have our children healthy. The primary school that my children attended many years ago made it clear that no junk food was to be given to any of the children only healthy foods such as fruits and other healthy snacks.

Obesity in children has grown and is continuing to grow at an alarming rate which is so scary. Many kids are facing all sorts of health-related issues such as high cholesterol, diabetes, heart problems, trouble breathing, etc…

It is a fact that children with poor diets are more likely to develop many of these long-term health issues that can affect them in a great way.

Having a poor diet

Other ways that can affect children with an unbalanced diet.

The danger of poor dieting in children is that it can also have a negative impact mentally. There are many ingredients in junk foods that work against a child’s mental well being.

What I also found out is pregnant mothers that consume junk foods is not only endangering their health but also the health of their unborn child, even after her child is born continuing to eat unhealthily will cause that child’s health to decline because of the mother’s unhealthy lifestyle as she continues nursing.

Fruits and vegetables-the benefits of healthy eating in early childhood

Don’t be fooled by the taste

This is where many people get tripped up because it tastes good they indulge in it without self-control. The airwaves and other sources are filled with advertisements that present us with so many snacks, drinks, and fast foods that are so tempting which many feels just can’t resist.

But what we must remember is that in the long run we will be affected by those choices. We must learn to resist temptation. It does not matter if little Tommy or Susie cries, pull, and tug at you as you drive past that fast food restaurant or walk past those many junk foods going from aisle to aisle in the supermarket, as parents we must take control of the situation because, in the long run, we will have to deal with the many issues of letting little Tommy and Susie have their way.

Why poor dieting?

Here is some reason why many of the world’s children’s diet is poor.

1. Many parents with poor eating habits are a poor example.

2. Letting children have their way.

3. In some cases not being able to afford a healthy lifestyle.

4. Not having the right information about eating healthy.

5. Not having a desire to eat healthily.

What I have listed here is possible, change can come but what it will take is us as parents bringing that change by conforming to a healthy lifestyle, being a good example to our children.

For those of us who have practice living an unhealthy lifestyle for a long time may find it difficult to change but as we practice consistency and be determined to bring about that change it will happen, sure it will not come overnight but I had rather work towards change knowing that it will pay off in the long run for both my family and me than to continue down the path of an unhealthy lifestyle and having to face the consequences of health-related issues which can work against us including draining our wallets by paying frequent visits to the doctor’s office. I am sure you agree with me.

Eating healthy no matter the cost

Parents on a budget-The benefits of healthy eating in early childhood
Parents on a budget

Eating healthy can be costly as stated in number 3 that is listed above. The supermarkets and health stores are filled with so many of the good stuff the only problem is the prices are more than we budgeted for which is one of the reasons why many families are eating the way they do.

It is no excuse however because by proper planning there is much that can be done on a low budget even though it will take doing our homework in order for us to meet our goals of living this lifestyle. For more on living a healthy lifestyle on a low budget follow the link that has been provided. The healthy meal budget.

Educating our children to get a jump start

I believe this is one of the keys to help our kids live a healthy lifestyle and that is by starting from an early age, educating them about consuming foods that will promote good health.

A great way to do this first of all as we discussed earlier is by being a good example and by teaching them the benefits of healthy living. When it comes to children knowledge is needed here, using ways to influence will go a long way rather than trying to shove it down their throats.

Sure we are the parents and they must listen to mommy and daddy but what you want is not for them to conform to your way by force but rather have them eating out of your hands. How is this done? for more on this follow the links that have been provided for you. How to get kids to eat their veggies and encouraging kids to eat their fruits. I am sure you will find these two posts very helpful.

The benefits of a healthy diet

Doctor and nurse-The benefits of healthy eating in early childhood
Doctor and nurse

Here at Eden’s Garden, our goal is not only to teach about landscape and gardening but to bring to you the healthy side of fruits, herbs, and vegetables and how they can benefit us in so many ways.

As you read the many health-related topics that we provide, you will be amazed at how these foods contribute to our health. Below are just some examples of what a healthy diet can for us and our children’s health.

Promoting our health

1. A well- balanced diet of fruits and vegetables can help with weight control.

2. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will help to fight against heart disease.

3. What you eat can affect your mood, a diet rich in vegetable, fruits, and whole grains have been known to lower depression.

4. Boost your children’s energy with fruits, vegetables, and grains.

5. A balanced diet will help in keeping your blood pressure level normal.

6. A diet rich in calcium will build strong bones and teeth.

7. A healthy diet will prevent obesity.

8. A healthy will lower cholesterol.

9. Unhealthy drinks contribute to diabetes.

10. Giving your kids unhealthy drinks that are full of sugar will weaken their bones.

These are just a few of the many benefits of a well-balanced diet. The opposite is true, a poor diet will work against your children’s health.

There is more

Besides promoting good health through proper dieting other ways to keep our children healthy include.

1. Ensuring that they get 6-8 hours of rest each night.

2. Giving them their daily amount of water which can be 5-6 cups

3. Involving them in physical activities such as basketball, softball, soccer, and so on.

4. Help them to build their mental muscles so to speak by reading to them and having them read to us. This is a win-win situation because not only will they be exercising their brain power but building their vocabulary as you spend that quality time.

5. Planning fun and exciting activities together will help to bring balance to them mentally and emotionally.

6. Regular visits to the doctor’s office to ensure they are healthy and fit.

These are just a few of many that can help to bring balance to your children’s life. Our children are looking to and depending on us so let’s do our part as we help to shape their little lives keeping them healthy and happy.

The final word

We are what we eat. The doctor’s offices and the hospitals are filled each year with thousands of cases that stem from and an unhealthy lifestyle because of poor dieting. Those numbers can decrease but what it will take is us as parents doing our part to raise healthy kids.

The work before us may be great, the road may be long but the good news is we can get there through proper planning and determination. So let’s join in with the many families around the world that see the need for change and are working towards it.

I believe the last thing a loving mom or dad wants for their kids is to have health-related issues knowing they were the ones that brought this on by being a bad example as their kids wrestle with these issues. Our children’s health is one of our greatest investments so let’s do our part in keeping them healthy and happy.


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