Nutritional Facts About Peaches

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Promoting Your Health with Peaches

Peaches are a favorite with their somewhat velvety fuzzy skin and its nice beautiful reddish-orange color. Peaches can not only be eaten by themselves but they can be added to many dishes, pastries, desserts, and drinks.

Sweet peaches-the-benefits-of-peaches

Peaches belong to the rose family, which consists of plums, apricots, and also cherries.

Peach varieties

One of the great things about peaches is that there are many varieties you can choose from, so you can mix it up a bit. Peach slices taste great when frozen with sweetened cream. As a child, this was one of my favorite desserts that I always looked forward to.

It is amazing the journey that peaches take from a tiny seed in the ground and as we care for and nurture it, it matures into a tree providing us with so many delicious peaches that we can enjoy and share with family and friends.

So with that said we will be looking at different varieties that we can both grow and enjoy.

The varieties are as follows:

1. Donut peaches

Donut peaches are flat with a center that looks like a dimple.  The skin looks like velvet and the fruit itself is white on the inside and low in acid. Donut peaches are very sweet and pleasant to the taste.

2. Freestone peaches

Freestone peaches are another favorite that is somewhat large and has a very beautiful rich color. The fruit of freestone falls right off the pit.

3. Yellow peaches

Yellow peaches get their name from the beautiful yellow flesh that is on the inside. Yellow flesh peaches have a high acid content. The combination of sugar and acid in this fruit creates a sweet pleasant taste.

4. Clingstone peaches

Clingstone peaches are very sweet and juicy. These types of peaches are not good for canning because the fruit does not fall from the pit.

5. White peaches

White flesh peaches are also sweet and have a lighter color on the inside. This fruit is low in acid, and the skin of this peach is a fuzzy- creamy white color.

6. Semi-freestone peaches

Semi-freestone peaches are a combination of freestone and clingstone peaches. Once ripened, the pit of this peach is easy to remove. Also, semi-freestone peaches are good for baking and can be eaten as is. It is also good for canning for commercial use.

One of my favorite desserts is peach yogurt. Peaches are one of nature’s great wonders that can not only excite our taste buds but can have a positive impact on our health.

Like every other fruit, peaches have their share of vitamins that can build up our body’s defense system to ensure good health and longevity.

Nutrient content


Vitamin content of peaches is Vitamin D, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B3, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B9, dietary fiber, riboflavin, folate, and pantothenic acid.

Peaches are just simply loaded with vitamins.

Health benefits

The healing properties of peaches can help persons that have diabetes, help to keep skin healthy, help to prevent cancer, help control high cholesterol, aids in cardiovascular health, are rich in antioxidants, and is a kidney cleanser.

Peaches are also good for your eyes and can aid in weight loss. Peaches have anti-aging properties and also helps in detoxification and improving the digestive system.

The final word

With all that we have learned about peaches, let’s make this fruit a part of our daily intake and give our bodies the added boost that it needs.


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8 thoughts on “Nutritional Facts About Peaches”

  1. Hi there.
    It’s a great article about peaches. Although I simply adore peaches, and eat them whenever I can, I must admit that I was unaware of all their benefits. They taste so good, but the real benefits are in vitamins. It’s great to know that peaches can help with diabetes, cancer pervention,high cholesterol and many other diseases

  2. I really love this site as I enjoy gardening too!
    I have a fairly big garden about an acre so it involves a good amount of maintenance.
    I spend loads of time in the summer working in my garden I will be viewing this site regularly for useful tips.
    Thanks for the post on peaches I like them and eat them regularly but did not know they had so many health benefits thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    • Good day coughlanmaureen thanks for those very kind and encouraging words. It would be my pleasure to help you with any questions that you have. Have a good day.

  3. Hello here. It is a pity, that I read your article on winter time. There are no peaches around.
    I like them a lot because they get along with all deserts, they are great in smoothies or with ice-cream.
    I never knew that peaches came from China, from Northwest between Tarim Basin and the north slopes of Kunlun Shan mountains.
    They were wide spread in Persia, from here they were transported to Europe.
    Peaches are so rich in vitamins and minerals. They have potassium about 190 mg, niacin or B3.
    They have polyphenols too.
    It is interesting, that some people can be allergic to peaches. I am lucky. I can eat them constantly.
    I wait till summer when they will show up in the market.
    Thanks, all the best, Nemira.

  4. This was a very beautifully written and informative article! The pictures fit well with your background and the font was neither too big nor too small! I was actually intrigued to find out all those nutritional facts about pineapples and peaches. I will be sure to at least attempt to incorporate these fruits into my diet! Keep up the great work!


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