The Best Fake Indoor Plants

7 Best Artificial Indoor Plants

The Best Fake Indoor Plants-artifical-floral-arrangement
Artificial Floral Plant Arrangement

Indoor plants can add beauty to an indoor living space, but there are some persons who do not have the time to take care of these garden beauties and then there are those who say “they don’t have a green thumb” but would still love to transform and bring change to their indoor environment.

The good news is both sides can be satisfied by the installation of artificial plants, artifical plants are popular and can be found in many homes, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, and other establishments.

These plants have made a name for themselves with their various shapes, colors, textures, and styles.  Artificial plants offer many benefits making them worth having. We will be discussing 7 of the best indoor fake plants, their care, and the benefits that make these plants a great investment.

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1. Nearly Natural 6.5 Ft Golden Cane Palm Silk Tree

Palms are a favorite because they are very elegant and can add to the overall appeal of any indoor living space, I believe that the installation of palms is a winner that is stylish and just simply amazing. For me, Palms are classy and give that royal touch.

The nearly natural 6.5 ft golden cane palm silk tree is sure to go well with your indoor decor, this stunning silk plant stands at 6.5 ft but it weighs only 11 pounds which means ease of installation or shifting according to your desire. The presence of palm trees contributes to a tropical look and feel making this palm silk a must-have.

The slender build of the nearly natural golden cane palm silk tree can fit into just about any narrow corner, this tree looks real which also makes it a great buy, the fullness (leaves ) of this palm is another reason to smile. Check Out the Specs and the Purchase Price On Amazon.

2. Nearly Natural 24″ Bougainvillea Hanging Basket Silk Plant

Add color and brighten up each season including the winter months with nearly natural 24″ bougainvillea hanging basket silk plant, with the flower display of this plant you don’t have to worry about the plant lossing its beautiful colorful bloom.

You can have colors year round, this hanging basket presents a full plant that features lush green leaves and cream-colored beautiful pink flower blooms. This sturdy arrangement will go to work for you.

What I also love is the traditional wicker basket that’s always in style, place this gorgeous hanging basket on your counter, shelf, a pedestal, place it in the center of a table, a bookshelf, or a towel bar, or use hooks to hang them high.

With the proper care the nearly natural 24″ bougainvillea hanging basket silk plant can last for a very long time, This basket is an excellent choice for your indoor living space. Check Out the Specs and the Purchase Price On Amazon.

3. Nearly Nature Artificial Large Boston Fern Hanging Basket

The nearly natural Boston fern hanging basket looks so alive that you can’t even tell the difference, this beautiful hand-crafted plant has full lush green leaves. The fern basket is strong and woven which makes this fern an excellent plant for indoors.

A strong rope that’s attached to the basket makes it possible to hang ferns from your wall, unlike live ferns that can drop lots of leaves making cleanup at times a hassle no need to worry about cleanup with this hanging fern.

Place the fern in the center of your table, coffee stand, pedestal, bookshelf, a towel bar, one thing that stands out with ferns is the tropical look and feel so if your desire is to get a taste of the tropic this fren is just what you need. Check Out the Specs and the Purchase Price On Amazon.

4. Cewor Five-Piece Fake Succulents in Pots
A plant species that has gained so much popularity over the years and’s loved by so many are succulent plants, these garden beauties though small can add beautiful colors to your indoor living space.

Each succulent plant comes in its own beautiful container because of its size these containers can be placed just about anywhere for example, on your bookshelf, on your kitchen counter, the breakfast counter, your nightstand, a towel bar, etc…

What I love about the design of these individual containers is complimenting the beauty of your indoor decor, brighten up your indoor living space year round no matter the season with Cewor Five-Piece Fake Succulents in Pots. Check out the Specs and the purchase Price On Amazon.

5. Silk Tree Warehouse Artificial Croton Bush

This stunning Croton bush will rock your world with its multi-colored leaves that can brighten up any indoor living space, the silk tree warehouse artificial Croton bush is not only beautiful but looks so real that you can’t even tell the difference.

If you’re looking for that color pop year round this Croton bush is the perfect fit just for you, I have worked with Crotons on many interior projects that brought that wow. You will get a bang for your dollar.

The height of the silk tree warehouse artificial Croton bush stands 56″high, keeping your indoor living space alive and vibrant with an amazing burst of colors. Place this Croton in your foyer area, in the corner of your room, by your TV stand or Entertainment center, etc…

Brighten your days with the Silk Tree Warehouse Artifical Croton Bush. Check Out the Specs and the Purchase Price On Amazon.

6. Nearly Natural, Green 4855 35in. Sansevieria with Black Planter

Sansevieria or snake plants are low maintenance making them easy to care for, these plants can be grown either in or outdoors, the Nearly Natural, Green 4855 35in. Sansevieria with Black Planter with Black Planter however brings to you this stunning artificial plant that looks so real.

The dark green sword-shaped leaves that are erected add to the beauty of this plant, and the dark planter compliments the beauty as well, the Nearly Natural, Green 4855 35in. Sansevieria with Black Planter stands at a height of 6.25 inches and is the ideal plant for homes, restaurants, office buildings, etc…

A plant like this will go to work for you and bring beauty and life to those dull areas. Check Out the Specs and the Purchase Price On Amazon.

7. Nearly Natural 24″ Golden Dieffenbachia Silk Plant

Nearly Natural 24″ Golden Dieffenbachia Silk Plant features this beautiful plant that’s full of various shades of green leaves. Dieffenbachias are mostly used on the interior, another name for this plant is dumb cane.

This shrub is famous for its broad green leaves and yellow and white markings, if you are in the market for a plant with multi-colored leaves then the Dieffenbachia silk plant is what you will need.
The large wooden hexagon pot also adds to the beauty of this shrub, whats even more amazing is this silk plant looks so real. Great for your home, a business office, or other establishment. Check Out the Specs and the Purchase Price On Amazon.

How to Care for Artificial Plants

What I love about fake or artificial plants is the ease of care when it comes to maintenance, here is how to care for them.

  • Dust them off with a feather duster
  • Based on the amount of dirt buildup you can wipe them off with a dry or damp cloth
  • Based on their texture artificial plants can be placed under a tap and rinsed off with cool or warm water
  • Based on their texture artificial plants can be soaked in water with a little dish liquid
  • Put water in a 32 oz spray bottle and shoot away

The Benefits of Fake Plants

  • No need to water
  • Save money
  • No need to Fertilize
  • No pest issues
  • No Trimming is needed because plants stay the same size
  • No need to worry about allergies
  • Artificial plants are easy to replace
  • Can last a long time
  • Artificial plants are safe around kids and pets
  • No light is needed
  • No need to worry about seasonal change
  • Place them wherever you want
  • Any artificial plant type can be installed indoors
  • Is visual appealing

Artificial plants are like set it and forget it.

The final word on the best fake indoor plants

The installation of fake plants is a winner, the ease of installing and caring for them is pretty easy and is worth the investment, this guide will help you along the way as you transform your indoor living space with beautfuil plants that are so inviting (Home Sweet Home) Take advantage of this way of gardening and bring that change and wow. You will be happy with the results why?  because artificial plants do have their place and functionality in our indoor living space.


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