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Tomato Power

Tomatoes growing on vine-tomato-juice-health-benefits

Tomatoes growing on vines

Tomatoes are one of my favourites, in fact, tomatoes are a fruit and not a veggie as most people think. I love using tomatoes in salads, steam foods and on sandwiches.

There are many varieties of tomatoes but no matter how different they are in shape, size and colour this fruit is filled with nutrients Which can really give our bodies the jump start that it needs.

For those who may not want to feast on these fruits, there is another alternative and that is drinking the juice that is also of great benefit.

What makes tomato juice so inviting is the vitamins and benefits they offer. Tomato juice is filled with antioxidants that aid the body in getting rid of free radical so that our bodies can stay in the best possible health ever.

Here are some other benefits of what can happen when tomato juice is included in our diet

Tomato juice health benefits



1. Tomato juice aids in good a bowel movement.

2. Tomato juice can help to combat cancer.

3. Tomato juice aids in weight loss.

4. Helps to lower cholesterol.

5. The iron that is found in tomato juice helps to promote healthy hair growth.

6. Want radiant younger looking skin then tomato juice is what you need.

7. Strengthens bones.

8. Improves the immune system.

9. Prevents gallbladder and kidney stones.

10. Aids in eye health.

11. Helps to prevent blood clotting.

The final word

There are so many benefits of adding tomato juice to your diet and what is even more awesome is that these fruits can be grown right in your home garden Which will not cost you much just some tender loving care and the rewards of what tomato juice offer cannot be compared.

So give these fruits a try and give your body the help that it needs with these amazing fruits.


  1. Kendrick says:

    Eww tomato juice! I like my juice on the sweet side. Tomatoes are not my favorite but they are alright with me. Besides the fact they taste funny they are packed full of benefits. With all these benefits I should consider drinking more tomato juice. About how much juice should I consume a day? Thanks for the post!

    1. Norman says:

      Hello Kendrick so good to see you again. Tomato juice is really great and has so much benefits, I would start with a cup once a week and then increase to about drinking this healthy treat  twice a week or even three times per week. Hope this help, have a good day.

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