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Flower arrangement-top-10-cut-flowers Flower cuttings, brightening your world with these beautiful flowers. Even Mother Nature has to stop to admire their beauty.

Cut flowers can really brighten your world with their beauty and style.These wonders of nature have been used over the years and on many occasions to express one’s feelings and to brighten up and area.

A flower arrangement on a table at the entrance of a home or office building can give a warm and inviting feeling, this is what makes these cuttings so amazing.

Some cut flowers do outperform others by lasting a lot longer. In this article, we will be looking at the 10 top cut flowers that can brighten your world as we enter the world of flowering plants. And for more tips on how to preserve your flower cuttings follow this link.

Top 10 cut flowers

Orchids and roses flower arrangement-top-10-cut-flowers

Here are the top 10 cut flowers that are really great.

1. Lily’s-Lily’s are a great choice that can really brighten your day. I love lily’s because they are elegant and give that soft touch. Lily’s are used mostly at Easter.

2. Orchids-Orchids are really beautiful, I love orchids and have worked with many species over the years in plant arrangements. The many dazzling rainbow colors can really brighten up a room and give those good feelings.

3. Roses-Roses, in my opinion, is the queen of flowers, what I love about these flowers is how they can really get attention even if it’s a single rose. Roses are most widely used at Valentine to express one’s love.

4. Bulbs-Bulbs are really awesome with their variety of colors. These cutting are real performers that can give that touch of class.

5. Carnation-Carnations makes a good choice, Carnations are mostly used in boutonnieres and corsages.Beautiful flower arrangement-top-10-cut-flowers

6. Sunflowers-Sunflowers are a thing of beauty that has earned its way on the top 10 list. These flowers can surely brighten up any area and make you feel right at home.

7. Gladiolus-Gladiolus are very beautiful and can really show off its beauty and make a statement. This is a real shop stopper that has proven to do well as a cut flower.

8. Chrysanthemum-Chrysanthemum is not only beautiful and a good choice for a cut flower but Chrysanthemums are also used to produce botanical insecticides to control insects. This plant serves many purposes and gets thumbs up for its performance.

9. Peonies-Peonies are so amazing, I love the silky creamy colors that really catches your eyes. These flowers can really brighten your day and give a restful feeling.

10. Zinnia-Zinnia is a perfect example when you talk about color pop. The colors of Zinnia are so beautiful that even mother nature has to stop and admire their beauty.

These cuttings are perfect and can give that rainbow effect brightening any dull area by bringing it to life.

Final word

Cut flowers are really amazing and can really brighten up your world with their elegance and style. So the next time you are planning on that flower arrangement for the one you have in mind or brightening that area.

Remember these cut flowers are mostly used for their style and elegance that can brighten up that special someone’s day.


  1. Tom says:


    This is a great post for the enthusiastic flower lovers. I will be sharing this with my mother in law. Are there certain times of year when these are at their best? Also, how long can you expect cut flowers to last, or does this depend on the type of flowers?

    1. Norman says:

      Hello, Tom so good to hear from you. Cut flowers are really amazing and can do wonders. It all depends on the season so having some information on the best time to cut that particular flower will help. Cut flowers can last up to a week or longer once maintenance tips are followed. Hope this helps and all the best to you.

  2. Linda says:

    When it comes to mother’s day, I always wonder what type of flowers to get my mother or which to ask for myself. I know its supposed to be according to our likes however, I’ve always wanted to know what it contains to choose which to plant in gardens.  Not to mention, some contain natural things that can help our bodies. 

    1. Norman says:

      Cut flowers are really amazing and can brighten up our day especially when bringing them indoors which is a great way to connect with nature so happy to help and have a good day.

  3. Rus says:

    Great article, There’s nothing like a lovely big vase of flowers to brighten a room. Lots of great ideas here. My mother always used to have flowers everywhere. They’re so stylish!. I found your information on preserving cuttings very useful too, and I didn’t realise the benefits chrysanthemums have with regard to insect control. thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Norman says:

      Hello, cut flowers are really amazing and can work wonders. So happy to help and thanks for sharing. Have a good day.

    2. Norman says:

      Hello Rus so happy to help. Cut flowers are really amazing, all the best to you and have a good day.

  4. Fran says:

    Hello — I really like your post, as I love flowers.  It is not always easy to get flowers here in Alaska.  Juneau has flower shops, but I live a half-hour flight away.  Do you know if there is any service that can ship cut flowers to my location?  Not an easy question, because I’m so remote, but would like to find out.

    I love lilies, because they are so elegant.  Sad that it is sometimes hard to find them.  I read your thorough little post on how to preserve flowers.  That is so helpful.  What’s your take on putting an aspirin in the water?  I’ve heard that helps keep them fresh longer.

    Thanks for posting.  Perhaps you could do an article on perennials.  I’m always interested in a new flower that will come back every year.

    1. Norman says:

      Cut flowers are pretty amazing and do work wonders. Ordering them from Amazon is an option and here is a post on aspirin that may help.   


    2. Norman says:

      Hello, Fran so happy to see you. cut flowers are really great. for shipping you can check with Amazon they may help. I have written a post on aspirin you can check here hope this help and have a good day.


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