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How to Grow a Healthier Lawn

Top Dressing Lawn-a-well-maintain-lawn
A well-maintained garden lawn

Garden lawns are the pride and joy of many homeowners because a well-manicured lawn that’s growing nice and healthy does not only enhances the beauty of a property but increases its value as well.

I have both seen and worked on many beautiful lawns that were just breath-taking. My former place of employment had such lawns.

The landscape of this five-star resort was painted with beautiful flowering plants of various colors where the garden areas were graced with lush green grass which created a garden paradise in a tropical setting that gave a restful and relax feeling where there was a continual flow that brought the entire landscape together.

But to have a lawn that fits this picture there are some things to consider. We all know that a lawn needs water, fertilizer, pest management along with keeping it at the proper cutting height to maintain its beauty.

And even though all of this is required yet there is still another key component that must be considered when seeking to maintain a beautiful lawn. Now before we go any further what I want to clarify here is that I have also maintained beautiful lawns without this key component which I believe many of you can attest to but despite this being the case it’s still a good idea to go ahead and include this component to your lawn especially if the evidence shows that your lawn needs it and that key component is topdressing.

How to topdress your lawn

Simple put topdressing a lawn involves the process of applying sand, soil, or compost evenly over your lawn area in the right amount which may be done over several seasons to improve your soil’s quality as well as having a healthy lawn that’s thriving along with creating an environment that will increase microbial activity.

When topdressing spread a thin layer of the material over the lawn’s surface anywhere from ¼ to ½ of an inch because what you don’t want is to smother your grass. With a rake lightly or gently begin to spread the material evenly over the grass.

The goal is to work this material into the grass so it can make contact with the soil. Areas, where there are holes of pockets, can be filled in also. Once you have topdressed it is good to lightly water the soil for the material to settle as well as giving your lawn a drink.

Grass reseeding

In my opinion, the best time to reseed is after topdressing to ensure that seeds are spread evenly.

Additional information

  • Topdressing should only be carried out when the grass is dried
  • Cutting the lawn first is also important
  • Ensure that all clippings are removed
  • If dethatching is needed then this process should be carried out also
  • Know the material you are using to top-dress
  • Applying this material in the right amount is also important
  • It’s  also good to have a soil ph test carried out after you topdress
  • Topdress lawns in the spring for warm-season grasses end in the ain the spring for cool-season grasses

The best material that’s used for topdressing

  • Compost
  • Sand- the sand that’s used should be free of salt and lime Weed-free topsoil

The benefits of lawn topdressing

  • Topdressing will level uneven areas
  •  Fill in small holes
  •  Improves water drainage
  • Will make the lawn healthier by adding organic matter increasing microbial activity
  •  Improves the soil’s structure
  • Will help soil retain moisture
  •  Will discourage thatch built up by encouraging decomposition
  •  Topdressing can reduce the need for fertilizers
  •  Using compost as a lawn topdress can help in reducing traffic stress
  • Lawn areas that have been damaged can be repaired with topdressing
  •  Can encourage grass seed germination

The final word of topdressing lawn

Lawn topdressing does have its place and is very effective when it comes to maintaining a beautiful lawn especially if your lawn needs it so don’t deprive your lawn of this important element because a well-maintained lawn will not only add beauty but will also increase your property’s value.



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8 thoughts on “Top Dressing Lawn”

  1. You are very right, having a good lawn is something everyone wants and there’s no way to make it look as good as it can be. I want to set the lawn in my home too and I feel it would be very cool to try out this tips you gave me. I hope I’m able to get it right so I can have an attractive lawn too.

  2. Although I do not own a lawn at the moment, I look forward to having one of my own some day. Top dressing is one practice many lawn owner overlook but it is highly essential. A lawn that is left without been dressed will either be busy or end looking sandy which is not good enough. A little addition of sand and compost in an even manner will go a long way to improve the outlook of you beloved lawn 

  3. It’s very good that you shared this article, one of the things that makes your home really beautiful is keeping a very clean and healthy lawn, not everyone knows how to do this, so it is very thoughtful of you to share this information, I love the procedures you’ve enlisted here and they’re easy.

  4. Thank you for this post, Norman. As someone who has a garden in their backyard, I can fully relate to everything you have said. Especially during this pandemic, all we can do right now is to stay at home and do plants. I actually done doing the top dressing in the past. That is correct that involves the usage of soils and plants to improve the appearance of the lawn. I usually do this to the balding part of my garden.

    • You are welcome and it is so good to know that you are taking advantage of working in your backyard. It is so good to get on outdoor sometimes. All the best to you.


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