Garden Tips for Recycling aluminum foil

Garden Plant With Aluminum Foil

And just when you thought there was no more tips and tricks with using products from your cupboards or kitchen pantry comes another great idea which is not only beneficial to garden plants but will help you in so many ways. Aluminum foil has found its place in our gardens and landscapes.

No longer is aluminum foil used to wrap foods keeping them safe and warm but can really work wonders in our landscapes and garden area. Using aluminum foil is a great way to save those hard-earned dollars while giving you good results.

Below we will be looking at ways in using aluminum foil to our advantage, why should aluminum foil wrap be limited only to our kitchen area when it can do so much more?

From the kitchen to our gardens

Keeping birds at bay

1. Wildlife can be very entertaining especially as they pay our gardens a visit but suppose your fine feathered friends are making a meal out of your fruit trees how can you keep them at bay, simple cut aluminum foil in strips of 6-12 inches and attach them to your fruit tree. This will sure keep them curious and afraid of course.

Snails and Slugs

2. Snails and slugs can be a real menace by eating holes in our plant’s leaves and nothing can be more upsetting than to see your healthy plants with parts missing destroying their beauty. Placing sheets of aluminum around the base of your plants will discourage these garden pest from making a meal out of your garden plant. The use of small rocks or small heaps of soil place at each end will help to hold the foil in place.

Putting Rodents to flight

3. Tired of rodents and want to put them to flight, then measuring out and placing a sheet of foil around your tree trunk will give them an unpleasant experience as they come in contact with it.

Reflecting the sunlight

4. Placing foils around the base of garden plants will reflect the sun’s light from the ground to the plant which will increase the plant’s ability to photosensitize (manufacturing their food).

Garden insect pests

5. Placing a band of foil aluminum around your plants in their early stages will keep garden insect pests along with cutworms at bay.

 Mixing mulch with aluminum foil

6. Mixing shredded aluminum foil with mulches and placing it around the base of your plants will help to deter garden insect pests.

Helping Seedlings to Grow

7. Place aluminum foil in a shoe box or a box for that matter, next line the inside with foil by gluing or taping the foil to the box. Ensure that the bottom of the box has holes, now place your seed trays or containers in the box. The foil will reflect the sun which will keep the box warm helping your seedling.

Other Garden Tips and Tricks

Eggshells in the garden

Eggshells are great to add to your garden after you have made that scrumptious breakfast or that delicious meal don’t throw away the eggshells but use them in your garden. Some of the benefits of using eggshell in your garden are.

1. As eggshells breakdown, it will add calcium to the soil which is beneficial for plant growth.

2. Breaking up and adding eggshells to the garden will keep snails and slugs away. As snails and slugs come in contact with these broken eggshells the jagged edges will cut into their bodies keeping them at bay.

3. Place soil and seeds in an eggshell as a seed starter. For more on eggshells in the garden continue to this link. Eggshell in the garden.

Aspirins in the garden

We take aspirins for aches and pains but do you know that aspirins can be used in the garden also, if you don’t believe then check this out.

1. A study was done many years ago and it was discovered that spraying a solution of water and aspirins on your tomatoes and other garden vegetables will increase their quality.

2. Want your plants and cut flowers to last longer aspirins are there to the rescue.

For more on the benefits of aspirin in the garden continue to this link. Aspirins in the garden.

Additional information for a successful garden

1. keep your pruning equipment sterilized after each use to avoid the spread of possible disease.

2. Keep garden tools such as hedge shears, hand pruners, and other pruning equipment well oiled so they can keep their sharpness.

3. All grass powered tools should be well oiled to give continual high performance, refer to the owners manual for proper maintenance.

4. Wear protective clothing and gear for your safety.

5. Always have a first aid kit on hand and nearby.

7. In hot weather especially during the summer months, take brakes when needed and rest in a shaded area.

8. Before using chemicals and fertilizers read and follow the manufacturer’s label because the label is the law.

9. If you need help with lifting do so, don’t attempt to left something by yourself that is heavy which can lead to injury.

10. When using a ladder to prune hedges and other tall garden plants ensure that the ladder is in good repair and have someone to hold the ladder to keep it stable.

11. Before starting in your garden get a good healthy breakfast.

12 Drink plenty of water.

The final word

There you have it, what are your thoughts? who says that aluminum has to be limited to the kitchen. We have seen how aluminum foil can be used in so many ways to keep your garden plants safe from unwanted garden pests so the next time you use that aluminum foil with the thought of throwing it away remember to recycle in your garden and landscape areas so give this method a try and see first hand how beneficial aluminum foil is to garden plants.

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