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Gardening Made Better with Coffee Grounds

Using Coffee Ground In the Garden-coffee-ground

Coffee Ground

A hot beverage that starts the morning of right which so many persons enjoy is a nice cup of coffee. The aroma of a fresh brew of coffee will excite your taste buds as you have a cup satisfying the soul.

But after you have finished drinking that fresh brew of coffee why throw away the grounds when your garden plants can benefit from this natural organic that has proven to work wonders.

Coffee grounds are a gardener’s gold so why trash the gold when this treasure can be used to promote the health of your garden plants.

9 Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in your Garden


A great method of getting black gold is through composting, compost is a gardeners gold that gives you a soil that’s rich in organics. Composting is popular, not only because of it’s richness but can also save you a ton of money. The use of kitchen scraps can help in building a compost pile that will have your plants flourishing. Your plants will love you for this, the use of coffee grounds in your compost pile will help in giving you this black gold.

Worm casting

Another popular method of creating the ideal soil is by worm casting, coffee grounds can help with this process. Adding a cup of coffee grounds per week to your worm cast bin will work wonders, what you don’t want is to add more than a cup per week which can have a negative effect on your worms because of the acid content.

Keeping snails and slugs at bay

Using Coffee Ground In The Garden-a-snail-on-a-plant

A snail on a garden plant

It’s believed that placing coffee grounds around garden plants will keep snails and slugs at bay thanks to the caffeine content.

Give your blueberries a boost

Adding 3-4 cups around your blueberry bush by mixing in the first few inches of soil will give your blueberry bush a boost.

Keep animals out of your garden beds

Coffee grounds can help in keeping your cat out of your garden but can be harmful to dogs.

Chang your soil ph

Because coffee grounds are known for its acid content is recommended to use when seeking to change your soil’s ph.

Plant nutrients

Coffee grounds contain iron potassium, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium which will supply your garden plants with these nutrients.

Using Coffee Ground In The Garden-rose-bushes

Roses bushes

Eliminate fungal disease

It is believed that the use of coffee grounds in the garden will help in eliminating fungal diseases.

Keep your rose bush blooming

The high nitrogen content that is found in coffee grounds will give your rose bush a boost. Sprinkling coffee ground around your rose bush or mixing in with compost and then applying to your rose bush will promote a fuller healthier plant.

Garden plants that love coffee grounds

Using Coffee Grounds In The Garden-hydrangeas

Hydrangea Flowering plant

1. Lettuce.

2. Carrots.

3. Radishes.

4. Lilies.

5. Hydrangeas.

6. Azaleas.

7. Gardenias.

8. Rhododendrons.

9. Begonia.

10. Japanese anemones.

11. Caladium.

12. Trillium.

The final word on using coffee ground in the ground

The use of coffee grounds has its benefits in the garden, why throw your grounds away when you can use it to give your garden plants what it needs. Coffee grounds are popular among gardeners and are used widely so the next time you make that delicious fresh brew of coffee remember that your garden plants can benefit from this treasured gold that works wonders.


  1. Jay says:

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful post on how to use coffee grounds in my Gardener. The first time that I saw something like this online, it was a friend that told me about how he uses it in his mom’s garden and how I see that there are different ways to use it. Which do you think is easier for beginners to use.

    1. Norman says:

      You are welcome and thanks so much for your kind words. Coffee grounds can be sprinkled around your plants or added to the top few inches of soil or can be added to your compost pile. Hope this helps.

  2. Priya says:

    What a nice blog post. I love my garden but never realized that coffee can be so beneficial for plants as well as help keep those pesky snails at bay! This is something I will definitely be trying in my garden, so thanks so much for sharing. It seems I will need to follow your blog closely to get some amazing tips for my own garden. 

    1. Norman says:

      Hello, I am so happy to help, and thanks so much for your kind words. Coffee grounds are really amazing and of great benefit in our garden. Wishing you great success, have a good day.

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