Using Coke In The Garden

A Classic Drink Which Works Wonders in the Garden


As a child, a soft drink that my family along with myself enjoyed was coca-cola which quenched our thirst. This classic drink has been around for many years and has made a name for itself. Coca-cola is sold worldwide in stores and restaurants of all sizes. Fast-food chains also offer this soft drink as a refreshing beverage.

But what I also found amazing about coca-cola is it can be used in our gardens which I think is pretty cool, the use of coco-cola in the garden is a great way to achieve your desired result while saving your hard-earned dollar, how is this done well let’s take a closer look at coca-cola in the garden.

Coca Cola in the Garden

Here are a few helpful tips which you will find interesting.

Snails and Slugs

1. Snails and Slugs can turn a dream garden into a nightmare, these garden pests do their damage by eating parts of the plant leaves but the good news is before you head out to purchase that chemical which can be so costly why not use coca-cola.

Fill a shallow bowl with coca-cola and bury a part of the bowl in your garden, the sweet sugar from this drink will attract the snails and slugs but what the slugs and snails don’t know is as sweet and inviting as this drink the acid will have an adverse effect eliminating them.

Composting with Coca Cola

2. Yeah I know this is an interesting one but it has been discovered that the use of coca-cola on your compost pile is very beneficial, It is said that the sweetness which is found in coca-cola will help in attracting microscopic organism which will help in the composting process while the mild acid will help in breaking down organic matter.

Indian Farmers

3. It is reported that Indian farmers use coca-cola to treat their crops, this treatment is said to be used as a pesticide because seeking to acquire garden pesticides is too expensive.

Eliminates Bugs

4. It is said that keeping an open can of coke in your garden will attract and catch them.

A garden myth

5. It is believed that using coca-soda on your garden plants will help to give them the boost which they need but it has been discovered that this is not so true because coke, as we know, contains sugar, adding this sugar to the soil will cause your garden plants to be dehydrated because the sugar will pull or draw water away from your plant’s roots.

Wasp Trap

6. Even though wasp brings balance to the ecosystem they can become a menace at times especially when they give a sting or painful bite, if this is the case you’re facing then here is a simple but yet effective way to get rid of them.

What you will need to construct this trap is a litter plastic coke soda bottle, cut the bottle in half or just below where the bottle is a bit wide. The top part of the bottle which was removed, turn upside down in the bottom part of the soda bottle.

Which means that part of the bottle where we pour the soda should be turned upsidedown with that part inside the bottom part which was separated. Add some sweeten or water mixed with sugar and you’re good to go, this sweeten water will attract wasp as well as other flying insects trapping them and guess what this trap did not cause you a dime except a small part of your time.

Ant Hills

7. Ants are busy little insects, it seems as if they are always working but if an ant feels threaten especially fire ants can deliver a painful sting. This has been my experience on several occasions working on many landscape and garden projects.

I have come across many ant hills that were huge but as far as I can remember I also avoided coming in contact with them which I am sure would not be a pleasant experience. If you ever take a stroll through your garden and have come across these hills a simple and easy way to eliminate them is to pour coca-cola on these hills. This will kill them off.

Eliminating Weeds

8. Weeds can really be distracting taking away the beauty of garden areas and walkways. It has been discovered that pouring coke soda in the cracks of pavements on a hot sunny day will eliminate weeds. This may be a sticky experience because of its sweetness but at least you would have gotten rid of those weeks the simple and easy way.

Additional information with Coca Cola

Vertical Gardens

1. The use of coca-cola cans and bottles has been used to construct vertical gardens. Vertical gardens are truly amazing and can fit into just about any spot and this is an inexpensive way to have that garden that you always wanted.

Seed Starters

2. The plastic bottles of coca-cola can be used by cutting and opening or a window shape pattern, add your soil, plant your seed and you are good to go.

Cut Flowers

3. I have seen soda cans that have been used as a vase for cut flowers, but what I would prefer is to use the clear coca-cola bottle by removing the label. This bottle will do fine.

A herb garden

4. The bottles of coca-cola can be used as a herb garden, lay the bottle on its side cut a large square in the middle of the opposite side of the bottle punch about 6 holes for drainage and you are good to go with your herb garden.

Watering Globe

5. The use of a coca-cola bottle can be used as a watering globe for your potted garden plants, this is a great way to ensure that your plants are continuously receiving the right amount of water.

Spray Bottle

6. The use of a plastic coca-cola bottle as a spray bottle for your garden plants will work wonders, whether you’re misting the leaves or getting rid of garden insect pests this is an inexpensive way to achieve your desired result.

The only thing you will have to do is purchase the plastic spray attachment or trigger to attach to the bottle and you are good to go.

The final word

So as you can see there are many benefits to using coca-cola in the garden, I am sure you may have heard of this or this may have come to you as a surprise the good news is you can save by sharing your coke in your garden areas to help your garden plants. Go ahead and give this a try you will be so happy that you did and your garden plants will love you for it.


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4 thoughts on “Using Coke In The Garden”

  1. I’ve actually heard of this practice before, but I never knew why people did it. It actually makes a great deal of sense, given its high sugar content. Something just occurred to me, though. You mentioned using it to trap wasps and that got me to thinking… I wonder if it would be effective against those Asian “Murder Hornets” people keep talking about that are supposed to be invading the U.S. While it doesn’t seem like they’ll make it to my part of the country for at least a couple years, it would certainly help to be more prepared for their eventual arrival. Anyhow, thanks again for sharing!


    • A soft drink that has had so many negatives based on what people have said but yet is still loved and drank by so many. The benefits of this soft drink in the garden is so amazing. It may also help against hornets I guess its all a matter of testing and watching for the outcome. Thanks again, hope this helps.

  2. Hi Norman, The tip to use coca cola to eliminate slugs is just brilliant. I’ve known about crushed eggshells that one can put around plants, but I have never heard about using coca cola. I will definitely use this idea. 

    We catch flies in a similar way to which you described making a trap for wasps and it has always worked very well. So a great suggestion to use coca cola for wasps as we do have a wasp problem in the summer when we have lunch outside. 

    I’m not sure what you mean about a watering globe, so it would be great to get more details on what it looks like and how it works. Thank you, Liné

    • Hello so nice to meet you and happy to help. Coca soda has so many benefits and can really help. For more on globes just do a Google search which will give a breakdown along with photos. Hope this helps and have a good day.


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