Using Paper In The Garden

7 Ways to Use Shredded Paper in the Garden

Using shredded Paper in The Garden-shredded-paper
Shredded Paper

What I love about organic gardening is the amount of money that can be saved while going all-natural ensuring that our garden plants are getting what they need without any side effects such as food contamination.

Sure there are many types of organics that are costly but then there are also other organic materials that are inexpensive and some you don’t have to spend a dime on.

For example, we all love to keep up with the news finding out information about what’s happening in society or around the world, now I will agree that radios and the television are great to keep us informed by the airwaves but besides these devices, there are also newspapers that can keep us just as informed.

Why throw the morning paper in the trash bin after use or using it to rap and store things even cleaning those dirty windows which are good, but do you know you can use that seem paper that cost probably less than $2.00 to reuse in your garden which I believe will really give you a bang for your buck.

This natural organic that did not cost you much or you may have gotten for free can make a big difference in your garden giving you a saving. This is what I call smart gardening and a win-win both for you and your garden.

Below we will be looking at 9 ways in which to have much garden success with these simple but yet effective ways in which paper can make life a lot easier.

9 Successful Ways to garden with Paper

1. Shredded paper as mulch

A great and inexpensive way to mulch your garden plants is with the help of shredded paper. Place paper around your plants covering the entire area. This shredded paper will suppress weeds, hold moisture, add nutrients to the soil as it breaks down, and will help in adjusting the soil temperature.

2. Sowing and protecting your seedlings

Using a bit of shredded paper to cover and protect your seeds from birds until seeds germinate is an inexpensive way that will save both time and money. Place enough shredded paper over the seeds to cover and hid from birds and you are all set.

3. Composting with shredded paper

This method of producing soils that are organic-rich has been around for ages and has proven to give good results. Adding small amounts of shredded paper to your compost bin will help in creating soil that is nutrient-rich for your garden plants.

4. Newspaper as mulch

Newspapers can be used as a  mulch to suppress weeds, just lay the newspaper down in sheets over the weeds followed by placing dry leaves or grass clippings over the newspaper to hold them in place so they don’t blow away. You have just used a method to hold weeds down that did not cost you a dime. And the good news is as the newspaper along with the weeds and leaves decomposes will add nutrients to the soil.

5. Protecting your garden plants from the winter frost

Aligning your cold frame garden with newspapers will help in acting as an insulation to protect your garden plants from the harsh winter frost.

Using Paper In The Garden-newspapers

6. Trap garden pests with newspaper

Garden insect pests will seek to make a meal out of your garden plants but to counter-attack, this bug problem such pillbugs, slugs, snails, and earwigs place damp papers in your garden just before nightfalls. In the morning remove the paper and you will find these garden insect pests hiding.

7. Worm bin composting

Give your worms a helping hand by adding kitchen scraps along with shredded paper to your worm compost bin which will help in producing nutrient-rich compost for your garden plants.

8. Newspaper and container gardening

Terra cotta pots are famous for drying quickly during the summer months robbing garden plants of moisture. Lining terra cottas with sheets of newspaper will help to preserve moisture.

9. Scarecrow on the job

Stuffing your scarecrow with newspapers is a great way of creating a homemade scarecrow to keep birds at bay.

Word of caution

Although using paper in the garden is good, and overuse can and will tie nitrogen up making it unavailable for plants so remember to use it in moderation for best results. A method that you can use is to mix weed-free grass clippings with paper to ensure nitrogen is released.

The final word on using paper in the garden

The use of paper in the garden is pretty amazing, who would have ever thought that paper (this natural organic) had this much benefit when it comes to the garden. This method of using paper has proven to give success and is a cheap way to give good results. The next time you are thinking about trashing the paper remember the many benefits along with saving a few bucks which I think is smart gardening.


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3 thoughts on “Using Paper In The Garden”

  1. You have given some good suggestions.  I’ve used a couple of them, but will make a note of some that are new to me.

    You did give me a couple of new ideas…trapping garden pests…that’s a great suggestion — or using them for worm bin composting.  I also read an article in the last day or two about using cardboard in similar ways.  

    Wish I had a shredder — I make many copies of research for articles that I post.  Usually I use a minimum of four references for each one.  I’ve been taking them out and burning them when they get to the overflow stage.  I should be using them in my garden!  Thanks for the idea.

    • it is so amazing that as simple as paper is, paper too can be used in the garden to benefit our plants. So happy that I could help.

  2. It’s amazing all the uses that paper has outside of just well being a tool used to write things on! I especially enjoyed number #7 as it is extremely environmental. Great tips!


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