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Bleeding heart vine garden plant-vines
Bleeding Heart Vine

Vines are one of the plant species that I worked with for many years as an interior plantscape designer. One of the things I would often do is let the vine runners grow out or trickle down the sides of the decorative pot. It always gave that natural effect. There are many species of vines that I have worked with, but the ones that really stood out to me were the creeping Charlie or pothos vine, the butterfly vine, and the Algeria ivy.

I  spent a lot of time also in the plant nursery caring for these vines. Like other plants, vines also need their share of tender loving care.

So we will be looking at the care of these magnificent plants. Places, where vines can do well, is to be planted in hanging baskets. The added appeal to hanging baskets is to let your vines run or trickle down the sides of the baskets.

You can also do tricks with the vine runners. Vines are climbers so you can train the runners in every direction you want them to go. I have seen vines climbing up on tree trunks, growing along fences, growing along railings, and so forth. So it is amazing the many effects that we can get from vines.

Care of vines

Whether you are planting vines outdoors or indoors, it is best to plant them in good garden soil. The soil should be somewhat moist. Do not overwater because this can lead to root rot. Make sure to check the soil to see how much moisture it has before watering.

Fertilizing your vine

The most effective fertilizer that you should use on your vines is a slow-release fertilizer. For more on this, check out this link. Fertilizers contain plant nutrients that will give your vine that added boost.

Pest control

In working with pothos vines over the years the most common pest problem that I have dealt with was mealy bugs. To learn more about them and how you can control them check out these links mealybug identification and mealybug control

Mulches and barks

whether you are using vines on the inside or the outdoors you have a choice between mulches and barks. Normally on the inside barks are preferred to mulches and mulches are preferred over barks on the outside.
So remember vines can give that added touch of class to our offices, gardens, and interior plantscape.


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4 thoughts on “Vines”

  1. Hi Norman. Just commented about biennals. Love their names.

    Anyways, thanks for the tips and information about vines. I can tell that you love plant so much, as proven that work in a plant nursery.

    On the photos, do you take themselves? The Bleeding heart vines look beautiful because of the c

    • Thanks for those kind words. I do love plants have work with them from since I was a child. The pictures I got is from one of the websites where you can download for free. It requires some work but once you fine what you are looking for you just add to website the information though comes from years of experience that I have in the field of landscape, interior plantscape, gardening, pest control and working as a nursery man along with schooling. Thanks again for you support and have a good a day.

  2. Interesting article. Vines aren’t the first thing I would think of when setting up hanging baskets but now you mention it I’ve seen them work really effectively before on neighbours’ front walls.
    Is there a “best” time of year to plant vines, or can I give it a go anytime of the year?

    • Good day thanks for the follow. In warmer weather it is good to hang baskets outdoors. When it come to the colder weather you may have to move them on the inside to protect from the cold weather or place them in and area from the cold where they can get some light. Yes so climate can have some effect on your vines. Or what you can do is check with your neighbour to see how they go about caring about their vines. If you need anymore help just give me a shout. Hope this helps. have a good day.


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