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Water our Most Precious  Resource

One of the things that we need to be aware of is our need to conserve water. Our water supply should not be taken for granted because, without water, life would not be as we know it.

Without water, there would be no life. Every living thing depends on water from the tallest trees or biggest animals to the smallest micro-organisms.

Every living thing depends on water. I would often say that where there is water there is life.

I heard someone say many years ago in a movie that I was watching in reference to water one of the actors said that” water is the liquid of life.”

That saying stuck with me all these years because he was right. Water is the liquid of life so therefore we cannot separate it from life. All living things need water in order to live.

Water is so important to humans in that it is said that the body can survive for a few weeks without food, but can only survive for a week without water.

So when we talk about water management within the landscape, we are talking about looking at ways to save water. I have been an eye-witness over the years and have seen how water has been wasted within the landscape because of bad water management. So we will be looking at ways in which we can implement good water management.

Water management

1. Make sure that your water faucet is in good repair and not dripping water after you have turned the tap off.

2. Repair or replace any damaged hose that leaks.

3. Don’t leave water hose running while you go to answer the phone or to go take care of something else. Sometimes we get caught up and forget that the water is still running.

4. Choose plants if possible for your garden area that doesn’t require much water. Click on this link xeriscape to find out more about a low maintenance garden.

5. If you have an irrigation system make sure that it is in good repair and working properly.

6. Consider using drip irrigation in your plant beds.

7. Consider putting your irrigation on a timer.

8. I know that it may be fun for children but don’t send them to water plant beds without adult supervision because children don’t understand how to manage water and they could get distracted or waste water making a game out of it.

9. Grass can also consume a lot of water. Why not limit the amount of grass that you use or water your lawn when it shows signs of needing a drink. All it takes is knowing your grass type by signs that show when it’s time to water again.

10. When the rainy season approaches, reset the timer on your sprinkler system or turn it off so that it will not come on even after the rain or worse yet while it is raining.

11. Knowing your plant water requirements can help you to save water not to mention helping you to keep the cost of your water bill down. Another added benefit of knowing your plant’s water requirements is that by knowing how much water your plants need you will not over water your plants because overwatering plants can cause plant disease.

12. If you use an electric pump and you have any water leaks or you may be overwatering your plants, you will have a higher electric bill at months end.

13. Add mulch to your plant bed. Mulch will not only retain water for your plants which means that you would not have to water as much but mulches also keep soil temperature cool, keeps the weeds down, helps with soil ph and also as the mulch breaks down it adds nutrients to the soil which the plants takes up by its roots.

14. Do not water when it is windy because the wind will cause water evaporation.

15. Repair pipes that are leaking, no matter how small the leak. Over time that small leak can cause great damage.

Final word

These are just a few of the good management practices that we can put in place to help save our most precious resource. I am sure that there may be more but let us start with these.

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