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You and Your Health

It is very important that we cultivate a healthy lifestyle because our health is very important and we should do all that we can to maintain good health. Many people have neglected the laws of health and because of this, they are now facing many health issues.

One of these issues is being overweight that can cause many complications from heart attack to stroke and so on.  But the good news is all is not lost, it is only a matter of following the laws of good health. It may take a while but you will get there.

In this article, however, we will be looking at using tea as a way to bring our weight under control.

The laws of health

The laws of health are as followed

1. Proper rest which is 7-8 hours sleep.

2. A balanced diet.

3. Exercise.

4. 6-8 glasses of water a day.

5. Avoiding or managing stress, getting involved in a hobby or some other activity where you can get away to ease your mind and get relax.

Weight loss tea

1. Iaso tea has so many benefits and offers a unique blend of all-natural ingredients design to deliver spectacular results. Iaso tea is formulated to cleanse your digestive tract and detoxify your whole body while helping you to experience weight loss. Iaso tea provides your body with essential enzymes, which are often destroyed by modern food processing and pasteurization techniques.

Matcha green tea powder is also great for weight loss, is loaded with antioxidants that are of great benefit to our bodies. Calms and relaxes the mind, great body detox, lowest blood sugar level and a whole lot more.

Peppermint tea also has its share of benefits, besides aiding in weight loss, mint tea reduce fever, ease stomach pain, settles an upset stomach, is an immune booster, helps with digestion and lots more. This organic tea work wonders.

Weight Loss Tea

One sure way to drop those extra pounds is to make weight loss tea a part of your diet and not just any tea but teas that are used and has been proven to keep you happy and smiling as you’re on the scale. There are many teas on the market that have gain recognition because of persons having success.

My wife also included one of these teas in her diet called Iaso tea and by far have had good results. In this article, we will be looking at five of these teas and how they can help with weight loss.

How to prepare Iaso Tea?

1. Iaso Tea is a herbal tea that is known as a miracle tea. Some of the benefits of Iaso tea is as followed, memory booster, improves digestion, eliminates parasites, detox the body and so on, This tea is prepared by bringing four cups of water to a boil, remove water from the stove, add two tea bags and cover.

2. Allow tea bags to sit or steep in the water for four-eight hours. Pour the tea into a 1- gallon jug or container. Add additional water to fill the one-gallon container. Keep in the fridge. Drink two cups a day preferably in the morning and evening. 1 -gallon jug should last for a week.

How to prepare Green Tea?

1. Green tea is a favourite of mines that can do wonders, some of the benefits of green tea includes, green tea is loaded with antioxidants that are good for our bodies, green tea is an immune booster, help to lower blood pressure, aids in weight loss, fight against cancer, help to improve brain function, lowers cholesterol and so much more.

2. Green tea is made by bringing a medium-size pot of water to a boil and then allowing to cool. Next, add 3 1/2 teaspoon of green tea leaves. Place leaves in a tea ball, Place tea ball in a glass container and add water. Place lid on the jar and allow to steep for 6-10 minutes or you can buy tea bags, bring a cup of water to a boil, add tea bag along with two teaspoons of honey or brown sugar, sweeten to your taste and enjoy.

How to Prepare Matcha Tea?

1. Another tea that has gained quite a bit of recognition is matcha tea. Some of the benefits of matcha tea include calming the mind while relaxing the body, is loaded with antioxidants, detoxifies the body, lowers cholesterol, Boost metabolism, lowers blood sugar level, burns calories and much more.

2. Matcha is made by adding one or two teaspoons of matcha powder to cup, bring water to a boil, add a few drops of water to the cup, stir powder and until it resembles a paste. Continue adding hot water to the cup, stir and enjoy.

How to prepare Mint Tea?

1. Another favourite is mint tea with its pleasant aroma and amazing taste. Mint tea has many benefits including mint tea is an immune booster, fever reducer, ease stomach pain, settles the stomach, helps with digestion, help in weight loss and so on. To learn more about peppermint use and benefits follow the link that has been provided. But how is the tea prepared.

2. If you are using the leaves make sure that the leaves are properly washed by holding the leaves under the tap and running cool or warm water over them. You can use 6-8 leaves. Boil about 4 cups of water, once the water comes to a boil remove from heat and add leaves. Let the leaves sit steep for about 6-8 minutes. Strain tea, add 2 teaspoons of brown sugar or honey or and sweeten to taste. If using tea bags repeat except you don’t have to strain.

How to prepare Lemon Tea?

1. Lemon tea has its place in helping with weight loss, benefits of lemon tea includes. Aids in helping to fight the common cold and the flu, can help to control blood sugar level, promotes weight loss, soothes a sore throat and more.

2. Bring one or two cups of water to a boil, add to teaspoons of lemon juice or cut a lemon in equal half and use one-half. Add two teaspoons of honey or brown sugar and flavour to taste.

The final word

There are so many other teas that can be included in our diet for weight loss, besides drinking these teas it is also good to follow the laws of good health as we discussed above to ensure that we are giving our bodies what it needs. So let’s make these teas a part of our diet and keep those extra pounds off.


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13 thoughts on “Weight Loss Tea”

  1. Great article. I plan on incorporating tea in my diet. I’m glad you mentioned the ‘laws of health’ in your post. I couldn’t agree more with your list. I’ve come to realize over the years that a balanced diet is 80% of the hard work. Exercising is only about 20%. The results come from a balanced diet and incorporating essentials like tea in your diet will lead to great health.

    • Hello Joey it is so good to hear from you, these teas are a great choice but along with that we should follow the laws of health. Thanks for commenting, I am glad that I could help, have a good day.

  2. very nice post!!! it will really help people in their battle to lose weight (i’m one of them). Is great that they are so easy to make and it sounds they taste good too.
    Is there any difference on the results if the tea is decaf or have to contain caffeine?

    • Hello it is so good to meet you. These teas are really easy to make and so beneficial. Teas are made from leaves that have caffeine, when you talk about decaf it is simply taking the leaves through a process where it is striped of its caffeine. caffeine is a natural part of leaves. Medical studies have shown that caffeine has its benefits also. What I want to suggest is drink in mordaration to keep everything balanced . Hope this helps, have a good evening.

  3. I totally agree with your laws of health ideas here. Most of the time weight loss comes down to the most simple and basic things, and for some reason we find it really hard to follow! I think once a person has dedicated themselves to the lifestyle changes that are needed in order for weight loss to happen, adding teas would be a very effective addition to a healthy routine.

    • Hello Liz. Thanks for commenting. These teas do work wonders and is a added benefit. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful morning.

  4. Hi Norman, I really enjoyed your article about tea. I’m a huge green tea lover and drink about 6 cups a day. I replaced coffee with my tea awhile ago now because the coffee was affecting my sleep, and I do feel much better for it. I’ve never tried peppermint tea or the laso tea before and if it can help you loose weight im willing to give it a try. Thanks again for your great article. Joanne

    • Hello rob, it is so good to meet you, these teas to really work wonders and green tea has so many benefits. The Peppermint and the Iaso is of great value with all its benefits. Thanks for commenting, I am glad that I could help and have a good evening.

  5. Your site is very informative. It looks like you were able to catch your viewers in a good way. They all want to try the tea and it makes me want to try it too. I think you did a very good job. I don’t really see too much that you need to work on. There is nothing to criticize on from me.

    • Hello Cathy Anderson it is so good to meet you, these teas are a good way to loose weight.. Thanks for commenting and for your kind words. I am glad that I could help. All the best to you and have a good day.

  6. I always learn something interesting on this site, Norman. Thanks!

    I will be looking for lasso tea now to try it. I was surprised that it steeps so long and gets diluted and chilled. I am curious what it tastes like.

    Also, the reminder about green tea and matcha tea were appreciated.

    I already drink lemon juice mixed into my water all day. :^) Keep up the good work here!

  7. I drink green tea, daily. I wasn’t aware drinking green tea is good for weight loss. I used to drink coffee, too much. I was told by my health care practitioner that I’d be better off drinking green tea for the acidity level my body was fighting. There are many green teas on the market these days, I’m wondering which brand is your favorite? I love looking over your site as it has tons of great information, all very valuable and interesting!

  8. As an English man, I’m absolutely crazy about tea! I must drink 6 to 10 cups per day lol. But I guess the caffeine can’t really be that good for me, not to mention the sugar that piles on the extra pounds.

    So now, I’m hoping to lose weight, and the weight loss tea here seems like it can definitely help me to cut back on the unhealthy tea I’m consuming.

    Having looked at the 3 different types of tea you’ve mentioned, I think the organic Peppermint tea sounds more appealing to me. I think it’s great that the tea also offers so many amazing health benefits.



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