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How to Remove Wallpaper Easily

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What I love about wallpaper is it can give that instant look bringing a real quick and easy transformation to an area that needs a facelift or upgrades, the challenge that so many people face however is the removal of this paper once the decision is made to go with a different look. The good news is the removal of wallpaper doesn’t have to be difficult these proven methods which we will be discussing will take the hassle out of wallpaper removal making your job easy. With that said let’s take a closer look at what’s the best way to remove wallpaper.

Doing some Prep Work before Attempting to Remove Wallpaper

  • Clear the Walls
  • Remove or Cover your Furniture
  • Spread Drops Cloths
  • The Removal of Wallpaper

Clearing the Walls

The first step in the right direction is clearing the walls of picture frames and other decorations you may have.

The Removal of Furniture

Protect your furniture by removing or covering them.

Spreading Drop Cloths

Old towels can be placed along the baseboards, and drop cloths that are made of plastic can be placed over the towels followed by taping to the baseboards. This action will discourage the floor from getting messy.

How to Strip Wallpaper with Water?

This method requires the use of a concentrate liquid stripper, apply the stripper to the wall with a sprayer or a brush. Going one section at a time work from the top to the bottom. Work in sections because what you don’t want is for the paper to dry while attempting to remove it, once the paper has soaked for a few minutes then start stripping the paper with a scraper.

Removing the Wallpaper

Based on the size of your project it may take a day or two to totally remove the wallpaper. To remove the backing that’s left applied a liquid stripper as was discussed earlier.

How to Remove Peelable Wallpaper?

There are some wallpapers that can be removed by peeling, the topcoat of these wallpaper is removed just like strippable paper. Once the top vinyl coat is removed by peeling follow the direction for stripping with water to remove the backing.

How to Remove Washable Wallpaper?

Because there may be some challenges with removing this type of wallpaper use scoring to create holes in the wallpaper, will make it much easier to remove the wallpaper by breaking through the plastic film that covers it so water can penetrate through. With a spray bottle spray water into the holes, and be sure to soak the area or the paper thoroughly. Wait about 10-15 minutes then with a putty knife begin to scrape off the paper.

For wallpaper that has been on for a while may be harder to absorb the water, if you find this happening to you then simply use a scoring tool or coarse sandpaper and scrape the wallpaper’s surface. This will cause the water to soak into the wallpaper, after soaking really well apply the liquid stripper again and let set for about 30-35 minutes before attempting again to remove it.

How to Remove Strippable Wallpaper?

The way to remove strippable wallpaper is from the corner with a putty knife near the bottom,  if the wallpaper comes up easily it’s strippable wallpaper. Hold the edge to the bottom with both hands and continue to pull until the wallpaper is removed. If in the event that the wallpaper is somewhat hard to remove use a sharp razor and make horizontal strips about 10 inches apart, loosen the paper and with your finger pull it free.

How to Remove Wallpaper with Steam?

Removing wallpaper by steam involves a tool known as a steamer, a steamer uses boiling water to loosen or softens the glue. The removal of vinyl-coated wallpaper with a steamer however requires the use of a scoring tool to punch holes in the wallpaper in order for the steam to make contact with the glue.

How to Use a Steamer?

  • Before pouring water into the reservoir ensure that the steamer tool power is off
  • Now Pour warm water into the reservoir
  • Next, turn on the steamer and wait for the water to boil
  • Place the steam strippers pad firmly on the wall for about 30-35 seconds, now move the pad. Once the pad is removed the paper should be loose. The wallpaper now can be removed with a scraper

How to Clean the Wall?

Once all of the wallpaper has been removed it’s time to clean your wall, use a wallpaper stripper to complete the job, simply spray on the wall to remove paste residue and let this solution set for about 25 minutes. Proceed with a scraper to remove the stripper followed by using a sponge and warm water to finish cleaning the walls, if needed repeat the steps until the walls are clean. Now with the use of a clean cloth dry the walls. A word of caution here, before applying the wallpaper stripper read and follow the manufactures directions for the best results.

In the event, there isn’t much paste residue to be removed then mix a solution of 2 teaspoons of dish liquid to a gallon of warm water, thoroughly mix this solution, and add to a spray bottle. Next, apply the solution to the walls followed by using a sponge to clean them. Finally with a piece of clean cloth dry the walls.

When using a steamer ensure you are wearing gloves and safety goggles.

The final word on the best way to remove wallpaper

I must agree that the use of wallpaper can create a work of art that will bring that wow however the removal of wallpaper can be removed easily simply by following this guide will help you along the way. So take control of the removal of that wallpaper project with these proven methods that will work wonders for you.


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    I realize after that it was not as easy as I had thought and I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts how to remove wallpaper as my sons used to be fascinated with sticking things on the wall and I would have to scrape and paint the wall fresh.  Now I know what to do if I have to do it again.  Thanks for your insight.


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