When To Plant A Garden

 Four Gardens that are Perfect for All Seasons

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Flower Garden

Constructing a garden can be rewarding both mentally and physically because installing a garden involves our minds and bodies. With our minds we envision what we want and then we put together a plan and with our bodies, the actual work is carried out so we are exercising our brainpower by putting it to work along with our bodies.

Another benefit of constructing a garden is reaping the rewards of our hard work, sitting back and enjoying our accomplishments whether it be a vegetable or herb garden or maybe a flower garden but whatever garden we choose we can reap the fruits of our labor.

My childhood experience

As a child, this was my experience when constructing my first garden and watching each day as my veggies mature. I was proud and did my best each day to ensure that my plants were well taken care of. I always planted a spring garden.

When to plant a garden

This question has been asked by so many people because if the truth could be told we want to succeed and not fail after we would have worked so hard. There are so many types of gardens and base on those garden types this question can be addressed. For example, spring gardens which include vegetables, fruits herbs, flowering plants, etc.. are planted during this time of the year because plants that fall in this category perform at their best and therefore make a great choice to plant in this season.

Then there are the winter gardens that are so beautiful with their snow-covered plants. While spring plants fall sleep or go dormant at this time of the year winter plants are alive and blooming.

So this question should be base on which plants are actively growing during each season.

The four-season as we know is Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Each season has 3 months so base on this we can decide when to plant our garden taking into consideration those plant groups that are actively growing during these seasons.

Garden guide on growing successfully

Below are other tips on how to garden successfully.

Four gardens

You can construct a garden based on the season. There are spring gardens, summer gardens, fall gardens, and winter gardens. So really depending on the question of when to plant a garden comes down to what garden is best for you and using plants that thrives best in that seasons. I know this may be a repeat of what I am saying but it is just to drive the message home of knowing when to plant a garden.

Hibiscus -plant-when-to-plant-a-garden

When to plant a garden

The perfect garden for all seasons

When it comes to gardening there is no such thing as the perfect garden. I know wouldn’t it be great to have a garden of this sort but unfortunately this is not the case there will always be some type of work going on.

The good news, however, is with the right knowledge we can maintain our gardens in such a way to be a thing of beauty or even look picture perfect.

More garden ideas

When it comes to garden construction and design there are so many to choose from. Here are a few.

For more information on garden design refer to the category section of this website.

When to plant a garden?

Base on what we discussed earlier these are some factors to consider when seeking to plant a garden. We can have a garden year-round just use plants that actively grow or in bloom in that season.

Your nurseryman is a good source of information when it comes to knowing which plants grow best in your zone and are active based on the season, this source of information will help you know when to plant a garden.

The final word

Starting a garden or knowing when to plant a garden is made simple by following these steps. So don’t get hung up but start a garden today and reap the benefits of your garden oasis.

Owning a home garden is a good investment. Like my former director said, “he who feeds the world rules the world” in other words by having a garden we are not only beautifying our surroundings but feeding both ourselves and our family.

With that said let’s start planning and working on our garden because nature is calling you can you hear it I know I can.


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