When To Plant Perennial Flowers

Perennial Flowers Planting Guide

When To Pllant Perennial-a-flower-gardenFlowers
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Creating a flower garden that is picture-perfect requires some know-how, there is just something about a beautiful flower garden design that gives a good restful feeling. It has been proven medically that exposing patience to a  flower garden scenery helped or sped up the healing process. It’s no wonder why many homeowners have taken on personal projects investing in a home garden. In this article, however, we will be discussing when to plant perennial flowers.

When To Plant Perennial Flowers?

Although spring and summer have passed it’s still not late to add some beauty to your garden as the fall months approaches. In fact, the best time of the year to plant perennial flowers is during the spring and fall months.

Warmer soil temperatures

The advantage of fall planting is that the soil is much warmer during this time of the year and will benefit garden plants greatly. Warmer soils will increase microbial activity, speed up decomposition which will make soil nutrients more available to plants. The breaking down of organic matter will further condition the soil as far as its ability to absorb water and water drainage is concerned. Planting during the fall months (because of the warm soil) will encourage the roots of newly installed plants to establish quicker before the colder weather sets in.

Fewer insect pest

Although there are some fall insect pests that may be present their activity will not be as great compared to the spring and summer months which will make it easier to maintain your fall perennial flower garden.

Less weeding

Although weeds may always be present it is possible to weedless during this time of the year. Summer annual weeds emerge as soon as the soil temperatures warm up in the spring or early summer. Some species of weeds have been known to germinate throughout the summer under ideal conditions. Summer annuals weeds produce flowers and seeds but are killed by frost during the fall season.

Less watering

Depending on the part of the country where you live fall presents an opportunity where there is more rainfall which means that you will spend less time watering as nature takes care of your thirsty garden. Watering less can save a ton of money which is a big win for you.

How to install perennial flowering plants


Starting a garden from seeds is a great and inexpensive way when growing plants, but be very careful, however. Seed should not be planted directly outdoors after the last frost. A great idea is to start your plants indoors in seeds trays and plant containers during the winter months then once the temperature starts to warm along with the soil you can begin transplanting outdoors.

Bare root perennials

Bare root perennials are plants that are grown and then dug up from the field (field grown) when the roots are dormant. The plant’s roots are also packaged and kept cold until they reach your garden nursery. The best time to install these plants is during the spring months after the last frost when the temperature starts to warm up.

Container-grown perennial flowers

Container grown perennial flowering plants are grown in containers of various sizes, plants that are cared for with this method are much easy to grow. I have purchased plants in this fashion over the years and what I love about this method of planting is that once the plant is purchase it is so easy to install. It is all a matter of removing the plant from the container digging the hole and installing it.

Now your perennial plant type

Knowing your perennial plant type is so crucial in having success, these types are divided into groups.

  • Perennial for poor soils
  • Drought-tolerant perennial
  • Perennial for the shade
  • Perennial for the full sun
  • Perennial that can thrive both in the sun and the shade
  • Early blooming perennials
  • Late-blooming perennials

Knowing the location of where you want to plant your perennial flower garden and choosing the right perennial plants for the right location will ensure success.

Best flowering plants for fall planting

10 of the best plants to install during the fall months.

The final word on when to plant perennial flowers

I love perennial plants because they are so easy to care for, once you do the job the right way these plants will grow from year to year with the proper maintenance practices. Installing perennial flowering plants during the fall month is a great way to add that color pop so get in on the action why get left out spruce up your fall garden now.



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  1. Is it possible I have like a spring perennial and I fall perennial Black by the door could you plant like close together A Fault in a winner different colors, do you see where I’m going with this?

    During the fall both sides of your door will be one color and during the Spring it would change over to another color I totally agree with you, a nice laid-down perennial flower garden makes a house look so much nicer.

    There’s a nice brick home on the way up to the lake and their flower garden around the front of their house is just picturesque,

    I’m sorry I have never been one of those Garden guys now my wife when she was healthy she would be the one who wants to see this post.

    She’s had a bad stroke and she can’t get out and do this stuff anymore so I may just pull this to post up when she wakes up, just the letter see.

    I think any Garden is important around a housing wait times are going well I will be a time in the future that growing your own vegetables is going to be about the only way you’re going to have them.

    The wait times are going, I mean it’s a wonder they can even grow one single grapevine in the state of California right now because of all the fire and droughts. 

    So, in my opinion, I think your article is of some very wonderful reading and has a very important storyline.

    Thank You, 

    Bill Wright

  2. Like you Norman I love perennials because they are so easy to care for and you can enjoy them for years. I loved all the reasons that you gave for getting in the garden before the cooler days and planting. Fewer weeds, I never thought of that! I’ve lost many a plant to the heat and trying to keep the water up to new seedlings. I’ll be heading out to the tranquility of my garden now.

    • Hello Lily I am so happy that I could help, I hoping that you have much garden success this time around. Please let me know how it goes. Have a good day!

  3. I love coming back to this website as I always learn something. My gardening skills are not great, so this has been a great help.

    I wasn’t aware you could plant perennial flowers in the fall, so I am definitely going to try that next time. I want to plant some Sunflowers as they are sturdy and easy to look after. I just wondered how much water they need? The last lot that I planted in summer didn’t survive.

    • Thank you so much for you kind words I am so happy to help.Perennials are amazing plants that are so durable. The KEY in ANY PLANTS SURVIVAL is KNOWING Their Maintenance Needs. Keep that on mind and you will do just fine. Please let me know how it goes.


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